A Blue, Pink and Silver Eye with Clarins So Sublime Quartet

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Have you seen the fall makeup look e-book on the Clarins website? I downloaded it earlier today (14 pages long, 22.6MB Adobe PDF) and couldn’t believe my eyes!


The book showcases five dazzling looks featuring makeup from the company’s new Jazzy Colours fall collection. Each look is accompanied by how-to instructions, and every other page features art by Margot Mace. I’d never heard of her before, but I think her work really fits the tone of the different looks.

The art of Margot Mace

I drooled over the pages for a while and then busted out the So Sublime Quartet ($40) to try the Trendy Makeup look (page 12).

The book’s reference pictures help with proper placement of the shadows and made this blue, silver and pink eye look really easy to do. I hope Clarins continues to release these books with their future collections.

I didn’t think I’d be able to use the colors in the So Sublime quad when I first saw them a few weeks ago because they seemed too bright, but playing with them today changed my mind. I like the results. I think I’ll include this eye in my regular rotation of work friendly (yet colorful) looks. Yes, Virginia, you too can wear hot pink eye shadow!

Other stuff up in this mix…

That’s Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Dust on my cheeks and Creme Gloss Lumiere in Petit Four on my lips.

What do you think of this look? Too bright or just right for work?


Wow! I can’t believe it’s already 10:30. After going for a run when I got home from work tonight I browsed the web for a little while. It’s been an uneventful night. I think I’ll do a little chilling and reading before bed.

We’re almost to Friday, woot!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Don’t rush off before seeing the Benefit Cosmetics Holiday 2008 Sneak Peek! πŸ™‚


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  1. parisb says:

    That is a gorgeous look on you! I’m going to try to dupe it πŸ™‚

    parisbs last blog post..Review: Makeup: Guerlain Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow – Perle DÒ€ℒArgents 480

  2. Christina says:

    Oooh that looks so pretty!
    Not too colorful for work at all! It’s amazing how well the pink works. It doesn’t make you look like you have pinkeye, which frankly, is always my fear with hot pink shadow.

    Luverly look!

    Christinas last blog post..and the flowers bloomed in rapid succession…

  3. Fia says:

    ooooh, you’re so pretty Karen, I think this is one of your best, I love the colors, very flattering on you. and I like your hair esp in the first pic!…haha, I’m in awe, please don’t think I’m weird…haha, to continue, I also like the way you placed the different color

  4. Lynn says:

    Wow! You look gorgeous in the first photo! goodness hot mama haha πŸ™‚

  5. Lehea says:

    The colors look a bit bold in the quad, but on you it’s subtle and pretty! How much does it run for? Not that I’m looking into buying more eyeshadow (believe me, I have enough to work with), just curious. πŸ˜›

  6. Karen B says:

    That looks great. I think it’s just the right punch of colour for work. Of course it depends what you do but I like it.

    Karen Bs last blog post..Oh my effing Iker

  7. Julie says:

    OH MY KAREN! My favourite FOTD of yours ever πŸ˜€ The combo just works πŸ™‚ And you look so gorgeous.

    Julies last blog post..Swatches instalment #1 *picture heavy*

  8. Fie says:

    Ah damnit Karen D: You’re making me want this! Sadly I can’t buy anymore or use my makeup until I reach to the UK. I’ve packed everything up to put in my luggage. I say it’s just right for work! It makes you look fresh and young! Probably my fav look on you. πŸ™‚

  9. Sexy Sadie says:

    Looks totally great!

  10. Shockingpink says:

    You look so beautiful with that make up:)

  11. Eru says:

    You totally rock the look, girl! πŸ˜€
    I love the blending, absolutely flawless ^-^
    I’m really feeling like getting this quad but I already have the Cool Eyes palette by MAC from last Xmas, so I think I don’t really need it.
    Still lemming for it, though!
    Hugs! :3

    Erus last blog post..Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Review

  12. Brittany says:

    Ooooh…I really want that palette. It’s so bright, but on you it’s not loud at all, which I like. I’m loving the hot pink color in it and the navy blue. I love the look, so pretty!

    So happy that it’s Friday! I’m finally hitting up Ulta tonight to check out their sales. I really need to stop buying makeup πŸ˜›

  13. Vero says:

    You look so pretty! I think you combine the colours perfectly! I always read your reviews and I have to thank you because they are very useful!

    Oh! I think that look is not too bright for work!


  14. Dao says:

    I think you look good for work. You look radiant! Now work it, work it, work it! Vogue, vogue, vogue πŸ™‚

    Sorry I watched too many ANTM episodes πŸ˜› I’m so happy Clarins did a book that’s so detailed. I’m going to download it soon, thanks Karen!

    Daos last blog post..Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Perfume: Forever Summer

  15. jojoba says:

    I can’t believe how many people are into Clarins now! I am too and I recently just bought the eye colour quad #40 forest for my dear sister in law. That is a beautiful combo that you can definitely wear!

    but, your new quad is most excellent! it’s gorgeous! I have no idea when this quad will arrive but I want it for myself too.

    now you have to try Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara if you haven’t…

    great review and great pictures!

  16. Steph says:

    Definitely yay! great look for work – that’s not too over the top. Adds a pop of color to basic black. Have a great friday πŸ™‚

  17. yadiQ says:


    I say wear it to work

    if you have creativity i say let it show!

    my office is very laid back so i can luckily play with crazy color combos and not feel like a tool

    my assistant is just as addicted to makeup as i am (i am a very bad influence on her lol)

    so between the 2 of us we keep the colors flowing!

    makeup is an art i personally dont get the opportunity to paint as much as i used to now that all my art based work is computerized so this is my outlet!

    how do you feel abt clarins texture in terms of the pigment??

    i had tried them out a while ago when clarins first came out with their makeup line but i wasnt enthused back then i felt they were a little oldish feeling – i dunno maybe its changed i will have to visit my friendly clarins lady she saved my face from a bad facial their gentle cleansing cream rocks!

    also karen to answer your question from the neutrogena post – we should finally get married this late sept or early october we’ve been together for 7 years and engaged for abt 4 of them (yesi know pathetic) i am too busy for wedding planning and our families are so small is almost kinda pointless

    so our plan – we will have a bad ass honeymoon (we are going on a 10 day much needed vacation) cruise for 7 days throught the carribbean and then 3 days in puerto rico

    we will tie the knot and have a chic dinner party with close friends and relatives prior to our trip down in the soho area in nyc prior to our trip

    we plan to surprise everyone with the news at dinner lol

    our idea is to have a photo shoot in the middle of times sq and one in the bklyn bridge to create a cool announcement to all our more distant friends and relatives

    (90% of our lives revolves in the city since we both work there and we live in brooklyn lol)

    so thats the plan in our work positions the time for a wedding is just not possible
    this is our route – plus it saves us money to buy a home! (which to me in this day is just way more important!

    loving your pics with clarins!!

  18. KristyQ says:

    OMG KAREN!!!

    I agree – you look PHENOM in this!
    BTW, you look FAB in that cozy black sweater, and your hair is awesome here…

    You rock. *le sigh* What did El Hub think??

  19. CC says:

    Wow, honestly this is the best eye look you’ve ever had. It is gorgeous!

    Looking at the palette before, I would never have considered being able to wear those colors but you do it beautifully.

  20. Louise Gray says:

    Simply stunning!!! Offices are so-o-o conservative and boring, too. Sometimes you need to shake things up a little. I think that it just comes down to a matte of taste, which, of course, Karen dear, you have. The model for the Clarins Jazz collection with the platinum blonde bob, smokey eyes, berry lips and nails-gorgeous. That is my hair color and my hair style is similar. So perhaps I need to check out this Clarins line. I like the directions that they give for the different makeup looks for those such as myself who are cosmetically challenged. Have a great weekend? Are you doing any retail therapy? Love to you and Tabs.

  21. You look absolutely gorgeous in here Karen. All dolled out and cute! Peace back at you sister!

    Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.nets last blog post..MAC New York Fashion Week Facecharts | 9/10/08

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Parisb,

    Thanks! What colors are you going to use?

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Christina,

    LOL, I have that fear, too, when it comes to pink shadow. πŸ™‚

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Fia,

    Thanks girl! I had a surprisingly good hair day. They happen about once a month, LOL.

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks hon! Happy Friday. πŸ™‚

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Lehea,

    It’s $40 for the quad; the textures are fab, pay off is great and the shades blend easily. I really like this quad think I’m going to pick up a few more!

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    Thanks! What colors have you been wearing to work lately?

  28. Karen says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks! I hope you try this combo!

  29. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    I didn’t know you were moving. Will you be going to the UK for school or work?

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Sexy Sadie,

    Thank ya!

  31. Karen says:

    Hi Janelle,

    Thanks, hon! Have a good weekend. πŸ™‚

  32. Karen says:

    Hi Shockingpink,

    It’s a great quad! I hope you try it. πŸ™‚

  33. Karen says:

    Hi Eru,

    I know you are a Clarins fan… what are your favorite quads?

  34. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    LOL, you and me both, girl. I am going to have to start wearing multiple looks a day.

    What are you thinking about checking out at Ulta?

  35. Karen says:

    Hi Vero,

    πŸ™‚ I’m so glad that you find the reviews useful. I really like to help people so that is always good to hear. Have a good day!

  36. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    I haven’t been watching this season. I get my Tyra fix these days by watching her talk show! Anything good happen so far in the new season of ANTM?

  37. Karen says:

    Hi Jojoba,

    I want to get a few more quads so I will have to check out #40. I’ll put the Double Fix on my list, too! Thanks!

  38. Karen says:

    Hi Steph,

    Thanks, girlie! You have a great Friday, too!

  39. Karen says:

    Hi YadiQ,

    That’s great that you work in a creative environment where you can express yourself through colorful makeup!

    Regarding the Clarins pigments, they’re really great! The shadows have the softness of Shu Uemura and the payoff of Chanel. Next time you are at the makeup counter you should totally go and play! I used to think Clarins was a bit stuffy and old lady, too, but I think within the last year they’ve really stepped up their game to appeal to a younger audience. The last few collections have been really fun and youthful with beautiful use of color. If you haven’t seen it already, here are some things from their summer collection which I loved:

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It sounds like it’s going to be intimate, classy and fun. Do you have your makeup planned yet?!?

    Your honeymoon sounds like it’s going to be amazing, too. I have a never been on a cruise! I’m so jealous!

    BTW, what do you do? I take it you work a creative field…

  40. Karen says:

    Hi KristyQ,

    He liked it! Which is kind of interesting because he usually likes me in the “no-makeup” makeup look, LOL.

    Are you having a good day?

  41. Karen says:

    Hi CC,

    Thanks! I felt the same way about the palette at first. You just never know until you give it a go!

  42. Karen says:

    Hi Louise Gray,

    I remember you telling me a while back that you had that same snazzy hairstyle. Work it, girl!

    You will definitely need to check out the Clarins line. The shadows remind me a lot of Chanel, as a mater of fact. πŸ™‚

    Do you have any plans for the weekend? I’m so ready to tackle cleaning my home office. It’s a HOT MESS right now.

    Tabs sends you kitty hugs and a big batch of purrs!

  43. Karen says:

    Hi Mrs. Lynne,

    Thanks! Happy Friday. πŸ™‚ Have you started your new gig yet? I hope you like it!

  44. p. potter says:

    Hey Karen,

    I love the blue on you…it looks great with your eyes!

    I went to Sephora last night and wanted to relay two things:

    1. Napoleon Cosmetics are 75% off @ the store located in Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. I don’t know if the line is carried in other Sephoras, or online, but this one is in the Bay Area (and I thought you might be interested!). It was pretty picked-over, but there were a lot of pots of eyeshadow left.

    2. I picked up some of the Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder. I’ve never used this brand before (something about the name turns me off) but the powder felt very smooth, almost wet when I applied it. It’s translucent and supposed to give your complexion a boost. I think I like it, but I’m going to have to get used to using it and see if I notice a difference. I would be interested in seeing what you think of it.

    Happy Friday!

  45. yadiQ says:

    hey karen

    i will def check out some clarins makeup tonight

    i am a trained fine artist ( been formally trained since hs) then through college i studied advertising and graphic communications – came out of college and have been working as a graphic designer/ photo retoucher/ production manager in a printing co here in nyc

    ironically my specialty is color – i can color correct the heck outta a picture and make it look flawless lol i am one of those people everyone hates because of the “perfection” of models the magazines/print campaigns

    my color scheme i have planned for my announcements will be chocolate so i am thinking golds and chocolate brown for everything even my makeup!

    i am trying to get my paws on some chocolate decadence by estee
    i think its sold out !!

  46. Luv J says:

    Hot! Two myths you busted with this look! As an NC30 I always steered clear of e/s pallettes with bright bluexpink tones (a.k.a. “The Olivia Newton-John circa 1985 – Let’s Get Physical music vid!”) and I was talked out of JC Rose Dust because I was told it won’t compliment my skin tone! But these colors look amazing on you!

  47. Daya says:

    I love those colors-not bright at all! πŸ™‚ Yesterday, I attempted your gold smoky eye from a few months back.

    Have a great weekend!!

  48. Fie says:


    I’m going to be studying a degree course there. I’ll only be there for a year or so. More if I can get a job. Due to my credit transfers from my Diplomas, I get to jump into 3rd year.

  49. Karen says:

    Hi P. Potter,

    I didn’t know you were a Bay Area girl. I can’t remember if my nearby Sephora carries NP — will have to check that out when I head there next.

    Make Up Forever has some really good stuff! They’re false lashes are a real steal. I have tried a few things from them and liked them, but haven’t given the powders ago. I have added it onto my list. πŸ™‚

    Have a good Friday! Got any plans for tonight?

  50. Karen says:

    Hi YadiQ,

    Oh how cool! The “language” of good design interests me very much. I don’t know a lot about it — when I do stuff there’s a lot of trial and error (mostly error, LOL). I can always tell when feel like when something looks off/ or doesn’t feel quite right, but I have a hard time articulating what makes something “right.” I hope in the future to learn more about the subject, as it’s fascinating.

    I used chocolate in my wedding colors too (they were brown/Tiffany blue)! I’m sure the look you will pick will look beautiful… and that you’ll have some kick ass wedding pictures!

    That Estee collection was quite snazzy! I really hope you can find some bits, as the colors are so beautiful, elegant and wearble!

  51. Karen says:

    Hi Luv J,

    LOL, I was just watching that video this morning.

    My undertones are pretty neutral, which is why I can get away with some of the cooler tones. You should totally get JC Rose Dust! It’s such an easy to wear pink!

    BTW, do you have MAC Blushbaby?

  52. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    Oh, nice! How did it turn out and what shades did you use?

    You have a fab weekend, too!

  53. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    That’s really exciting. I’m very happy for you. How do you feel about moving? It’s always a bit nerve-racking to start over…

  54. Daya says:

    I used Club,Ricepaper and Stars N’Rockets (it was the closest I had to what you used :)). It turned out a lot simpler than I expected but the SNR made it pop just a little.

  55. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    NICE! Club is one of my favorite colors. It shows up much more green on me…

    The look is surprisingly easy, yah? πŸ™‚

  56. Ellery says:

    You look amazing, & I love the eyeshadow look!

  57. Karen B says:

    Nothing colourful. McDo is pretty warm so it would just melt off. A base of Bare Study pp all over the eye, stila major major lash mascara, some concealer and some peaches blush.

    Karen Bs last blog post..Oh my effing Iker

  58. okyanus says:

    Karen…I have a crush on you.

    I LOVE this look.

    call me πŸ˜›

    Lol I hope we’re at that point in our cyber relationship where I can joke with you like that mwahahahahahaha

  59. Brittany says:

    Urban Decay has their 24/7 liners in a “travel” pack and I want to check those out. Also, I’d like to check out the Sugar I Dream of Makeup kit, which I’d get a GWP of one of their shadow wallets if I end up buying that. It just looks really nice. I also want to check China Glaze’s fall colors, they’re on sale right now. Plus, they have Moisture Maniac from Bedhead on sale for $3.99 or something, which is super cheap and I use it all the time. I also might pick up some Ulta brand stuff because things like Ulta’s eyeliners are on sale for like $1 each.

    Basically, I plan on buying quite a bit. My birthday is next month, so, um, it’s an early b-day present to myself πŸ˜‰

  60. Loni says:

    I love this combo on you. In the best way possible, it reminds me of the eye shadow look that Barbie and her ilk used to have when I was growing up–glam and feminine and a little 80s. Because of your skin tone, it doesn’t look like too much. It just kind of pops.

    I just tried the placement myself using a Covergirl quad, and I’m really pleased with the results. Great post!

  61. Tami says:

    Hi Karen,

    OMG! You look amazing!! I have never purchased any product from Clarins but after seeing your picture I might have to make a visit to their counter πŸ˜€

  62. Eva says:

    Hi Karen!
    I am reading your blog for quite some time now (I enjoyed it so much I even went aaaall the way to the beginning and read the whole thing through :o)).
    I just wanted to tell you that this has to be one of the top 5 looks you´ve done! Defintely work-friendly! Classy, yet colourful – love it!

  63. Amanda says:

    STUNNING! and your skin looks freakin’ fantastic in the photos.

  64. laura says:

    hi karen!
    your makeup looks great and you look very beautiful in turtlenecks =)

  65. Michelle says:

    Wow that’s really a beautiful eye look. And your hair looks great in that pic! I’m so going to get this quad.

  66. Allie says:


    such a pretty eye look and soooo wearable. i’m going to have to try it.


  67. Allie says:

    I LOVE it! You look stunning. I’m so going to download that e-book.
    Have a good weekend!

  68. Martha says:

    wow karen, awesome! i saw and right away copied, need to brush up on the look once more but basically it’s office-ready! thank you! bighug!

  69. perfect for work! love it, karen!

    tokyostargirls last blog post..Tsubo – Pressure Point Gloves

  70. Shefali says:

    HOLY COW!! I don’t like anything Clarins…but HOLY COW!! This is an amazing look…I might have to buy this quad.

  71. shin says:

    you look gorgeous!! this is definitely your colours and look πŸ™‚

  72. Marisol says:

    Wow I really like this look. I never thought you would get that color combo.

    Hope you had a great Friday!

    Marisols last blog post..A Day of Remembrance

  73. Beth says:

    You look absolutely stunning in this picture – love the eye makeup, love the whole look. Its gorgeous and I may just copy the look for myself!

    Beths last blog post..Blah

  74. Jamie says:

    I definitely need to buy this palette!! you look soooo pretty in these pictures! your makeup is always so perfect!

  75. Dao says:

    There’s a transgender contestant in ANTM, that’s all I heard of. I get my Tyra fix from her talk show as well, not so much from ANTM πŸ™‚

    Daos last blog post..Hair Setting Tutorial

  76. *Jen* says:

    Karen I just had to say that while you always look beautiful, you’re looking especially gorgeous today!

    *Jen*s last blog post..Did You Get Saks Mystery Money?

  77. Rylee says:

    This look is beautiful, Karen! Definately nice for work.

    It makes me want to buy one now! hehe

    You’re skin looks flawless, btw. =]

  78. Fresh says:

    That look is stunning!! I’m going to try it tonight!

    Freshs last blog post..Tyra Does V Magazine

  79. Noreena says:

    I love the look, it’s gorgeous on you. I just bought a bunch of eyeshadow from Estee Lauder and Urban Decay. I think I may need to try this palette because it’s really pretty.

    Noreenas last blog post..

  80. Vandana says:

    a little bit late…but i love this look on you, absolutely beautiful πŸ˜€

  81. Karen says:

    Hi Vandana,

    Thanks! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. πŸ™‚

  82. jojoba says:

    Just dropped by again to THANK YOU as this (and #50 So Chic) are finally in our stores! so slow i know but so great! both of them! I waited for long but well worth it.

    thank you again. your review is most accurate. πŸ™‚

    jojoba´s last blog post..Review: Clarins Lip Color Tint

  83. mag says:

    Stunning! This eye is so well blended yet defined in its own way! πŸ™‚

    mag´s last blog post..Watsons GLOW Magazine

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