NARS Enters the False Eyelash Fray With the New NARS Eyelashes False Eyelash Collection

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nars eyelashes

The new NARS Eyelashes, $20 each

We should totally make False Lash Fridays a thing.

You know, like how people do Flashback Fridays on social media? Like that, but we’ll all wear false lashes, and then go about our regular business.


We could posslby even start with these new NARS Eyelashes ($20 each, and being added to the permanent collection).

Wait — say whaaaat!?

Yup, NARS is jumping into the false eyelash fray with a new line of reusable, natural-looking, natural-fiber lashes coming out next month (available in eight styles). How very Shu Uemura of them, right?

They’re all supposed to look reasonably natural, or natural-ish, so there are no insane glitter styles with rainbow gems at the tips.

They also don’t come with lash glue, just as a heads-up, so you’ll need to already have/procure some. A lot of the department store brands (MAC and Shu come to mind) don’t include lash glue with their falsies, so it’s not uncommon…but sometimes it’s still a little inconvenient.

The new NARS Eyelashes ($20 each)

nars eyelashes numero 7

nars eyelashes numero 7

nars eyelashes numero 7

nars eyelashes numero 7

nars eyelashes numero 7

The new NARS Eyelashes: Pictures of styles 1-8

Oh, hello, Numero 1. I saw you winking at me from across the room! 🙂

This one — number one — was designed by the man, the myth, the legend himself, Francois NARS. It’s an everyday, but far from boring, little-black-dress style designed to complement all eye shapes. I popped ’em on this morning, just for fun, and they’re super lightweight and comfortable.

I like that the lashes aren’t too long but are still noticeable. The band, however, is a bit long for my eyes, so I have to trim the ends a smidgen.

nars eyelashes numero 1

NARS Eyelashes Numero 1

Numero 2’s lashes are a bit longer and the same length on each side. Great for a full, lush fringe.

nars eyelashes numero 2

NARS Eyelashes Numero 2

Meow! Cat eye looks will pair purr-fectly with Numero 3. The lashes gradually increase in length along the band from edges and have lots of lift/curl.

nars eyelashes numero 3

NARS Eyelashes Numero 3

If you’re looking for more va-va-voom, look no further than Numero 4’s long, lifted curls.

nars eyelashes numero 4

NARS Eyelashes Numero 4

For gals/guys who love wispy lash looks (myself included), there’s Numero 5, which has bundles of wispy, delicate lashes and dramatic curls.

nars eyelashes numero 5

NARS Eyelashes Numero 5

I wish I had a black-tie event to go to where I could rock Numero 6. With long, luscious volume and length from corner to corner, it’s one of the most dramatic styles in the collection. This one will stop traffic.

nars eyelashes numero 6

NARS Eyelashes Numero 6

A fanned, dense lash line is always a good thing in my book. Numero 7 gets you there.

nars eyelashes numero 7

NARS Eyelashes Numero 7

How funky does Number 8 look? This delicate style is actually for your lower lash lines. Pair it with any of the other styles to open up your eye looks even more.

nars eyelashes numero 8

NARS Eyelashes Numero 8

Look for these fun new falsies next month when they arrive exclusively at NARS boutiques and

Your friendly neighborhood beauty false fringe addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    I like these! Either number 1 or 3!! Can’t wait to see them on you for reference.
    Agata recently posted … Lazy Day Hair

  2. Fancie says:

    Okay NARS! I’m excited to see them start offering falsies as I’m addicted to them lol. Number 3 and 6 look right up my alley
    Fancie recently posted … NYX High Voltage Lipstick Roundup

  3. Kwmechelle says:

    Numbers 1 & 4, please Alex! These look great. Loving all the options

  4. YAS to #’s 1 and 7! LOVE the way he packaged these – so elegant! Also, loving your photography so much here! Everything just pops!
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted … Makeup Collection! | Urban Decay Revolution & Sheer Revolution Lipsticks

  5. sarahc says:

    I can’t wait to try these! Karen how many times can you reuse them?

  6. I really have to wear Falsies more often. Number 1 and 3 look like I would Love them. And number 6, of course, whenever I hit the Red Carpet. Which is probably never, but you have got to be prepared.
    Not feeling the undereye ones, though? Are they comfortable?
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Now that the snow has finally melted – Spring/Summer 2015 in Makeup

  7. I never wear falsies. Ever. I’d love to though. But I always mess it up 🙁 These look good though, there’s so much choice!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Blumarine Ninfea eau de parfum

  8. Erin says:

    i’m liking #4. I don’t wear them but if I was going to, I love that shape!
    Erin recently posted … Lust List: Spring 2015 Fragrance Edition

  9. Janine says:

    I was so surprised to see this post. This is the first I’ve seen and heard of the NARS lashes. They look nice. Definitely hand knotted. I have this thing about lashes though. I’m finding they ALL (and I do mean ALL) seem to be made Indonesia. It’s as if the same lash is sold under different names. So, I am hesitant to pay 20.00 when I swear Numero 5 looks exactly like Red Cherry 747M. I really would like to compare them side by side and I’ve gotten used to the feel of mink lashes which are AMAZING. I’m a lash addict.

  10. Janine says:

    A Numero 3 dupe could be Red Cherry 523. I was looking closer and comparing to my inventory.
    Janine recently posted … Beauty Tip: My Dirty Little Skin Care Secret!

  11. Kim says:

    Oh, hello, #6. Can’t wait to see some of your FOTDs with these NARS styles. 🙂

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