Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasures Brush Set: Carry On

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sonia kashuk hidden treasure brush set brushes in bag
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasure Brush Set and Bag

For the life of me, I can’t travel light.


I like to be prepared, which is my excuse for overpacking. πŸ™

The last time I went somewhere on a plane, I thought I’d been good ahead of time and packed what I thought was the bare minimum of makeup and beauty, only to be told at the airport that I’d have to check my bag (and pay the $15 check-in fee) because of weight.

And I thought I’d been so good… Go figure.

Next month, come hell or high water, I’m determined to pack lighter than usual, and it boils down to limiting the makeup and beauty products I bring.

Having to leave things behind feels like cruel and unusual punishment, but I think I can do it with the help of Sonia Kashuk’s Hidden Treasure Brush Set ($20).

sonia kashuk hidden treasure brush set bag
Fits in the palm of yo’ hand!

New for spring, the Hidden Treasures Brush set comes with six essential makeup brushes with sassy faux silver handles and a cutie-pie orange and white coral print bag.

sonia kashuk hidden treasure brush set all brushes
The whole clan of Hidden Treasure makeup brushes

These brushes feel much softer against my skin than other travel brushes I’ve tried from MAC and Smashbox, and the long handles fit better in my hand.

Included in the set…

  • Powder/blush brush: This brush head does triple duty as a powder, blush and bronzer brush. To keep it clean, I plan to take a few individually wrapped Wet Ones Wipes with me for impromptu brush cleaning.
  • Brow brush: This brush isn’t as good for detailed work as my MAC 266 is, but it works just fine to fill in my brows.
  • Crease brush: The rounded tip on this brush allows for detailed crease work and feels surprisingly soft, too!
  • Small eyeshadow brush: This soft, small brush head smudges eyeliner on the lashline like a pro and precisely applies eyeshadow color in the outer V.
  • Concealer brush: A soft and compact synthetic head, this bad boy applies concealer quickly and with mad precision.
  • Large eyeshadow brush: This soft and fluffy brush head works great for fast application of powder eyeshadow on the lid and into the crease, and does a great job of blending, too.
  • Orange and white travel bag: CUTE! Small but roomy, she holds all of the brushes without squishing the heads.

sonia kashuk hidden treasure brush set crease brush
Crease brush

sonia kashuk hidden treasure brush set face blush brush
Powder/blush brush

sonia kashuk hidden treasure brush set small eye shader brush
Small eye shader brush

sonia kashuk hidden treasures brush set lip concealer brush
Concealer brush

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasures Brush Set

Price: $20
Use: A complete travel makeup brush set with a cute-@ss bag
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

It’s a fantastic set for the price. The brushes average out to about $3 each, not including the bag, which is a total steal considering the quality of the brushes and how sassy and unique everything looks.

Plus, the whole bunch weigh next to nothing, adding hardly any weight to your bag. If you’re looking for a travel brush set that covers all the necessary bases, I think this is it!

You might like the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasures Brush Set if…

  1. …you need a travel-friendly brush set that covers all the basics,
  2. …you like bargains,
  3. …you prefer long-handled, lightweight brushes,
  4. …you’re trying to travel light.

Makeup in exchange for sit ups = genius!

I may have hit pay dirt with my latest experiment into psychological self-trickery. I call it the “makeup in exchange for exercise” concept.


I’ve already finished my sits ups for the day, and now I’m only five more sessions away from the Urban Decay lip liner I promised myself.

I wish I’d thought of this sooner, LOL!

What’s on your plate today? Got anything exciting in the works?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. cloudburst says:

    WANT – who will do a cp for me ;)?

  2. Anne says:

    I wish Target shipped to Canada πŸ™ I want these brushes!

  3. sarahPUFFY! says:

    The brush handles are just too damn ugly for me. I got a better deal at Claires for travel sized brushes that don’t double as weapons. I can’t even get into the clutch that these things come with. I dunno what’s wrong with me, because normally I jump for joy at the thought of a SK brush. ;-;

    sarahPUFFY!´s last blog post..Puffy’s Skincare Routine

  4. Indian Girl says:

    Good luck with the packing ! Lemme know if you want any tips. I am a super light packer ! For me, the though of carrying anything heavy is enough to take a couple of items out πŸ˜‰

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..Monday Reflections at AIMB

    • Karen says:

      Hi Indian Girl,

      I desperately need tips! I use packing cubes, roll sh*t up, put stuff in smaller containers… nothing seems to work! I NEED YOUR HELP!

  5. Holly says:

    Oh gosh I want this :/ but there are no Targets in England and none on eBay. Sob.

  6. Merylynmagic says:

    Hey Karen!
    I must thank you for introducing me to the Sonia Kashuk brushes… I LOVE the powder and blush brushes (both the white handled and green ones).. they are soo soft πŸ™‚ I don’t know if its just me but my MAC 150 is kinda poky πŸ˜›
    Anyway.. are you looking forward to your Hawaii trip?
    Talk to you soon!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Merylynmagic,

      You’re welcome. They are fabulous brushes for the price, aren’t they? I have a few MAC SE brushes that are kinda pokey (boo).

      I am really looking forward to seeing my family and being in warm water. I am NOT looking forward to being in a swimsuit. I’ve been neglecting my fitness and so now I’m feeling a little chunky monkey. Oh well, at least this gives me an excuse to work out, right?

      How has your Monday been? Anything exciting on your end?

  7. Citrine says:

    ( reply to 12. )Custom purchase…

    I have 5 Sonia kashuk brushes so far (one black squiggly, 1 metal limted edition, 1 metal retractable and two white handled ones…)I hate four of them…(and the squiggly handle has been getting on my nerve as well) I think I am just a bit disturbed by the weird shape…

    To me,those limited edition brushes look like pedeggs with feet …(geez, I think I need to see a shrink…)

    Citrine´s last blog post..Jemma Kidd Cream Shadow

  8. nicole says:

    oh god, I can’t pack light either! I’m traveling around for a couple months, and my MINIMAL makeup is a roll, a box, a bag, and two brush rolls >.<… I even had to send some of my other makeup back home (I’m moving out of my dorm).

    I cannot pack light. not clothes, and definitely not makeup. how am I supposed to know if I’ll need that Urban Decay liner when I’m on the road… in 5 colors….

    nicole´s last blog post..Poison Ivy look

  9. Merylynmagic says:

    Well, I am looking forward to a good, spicy home-cooked Indian meal, that I am in the process of making!! πŸ˜€ Do you like Indian food?
    Btw I think your make-up in exchange for exercise thing is so cute! You really have good will power to stick with it too- Go girl!!

  10. Heather says:

    I got this set and that crease brush is just AWESOME – better than any of the (many) brushes I have at the moment. it’s an amazing deal.

    Heather´s last blog post..Drugstore Beauty Sales – April 26 – May 2

  11. Liz! says:

    I do the same thing, but I bribe with BEBE workout outfits. Working out is just so much more fun when you can wear cute clothes, yeah? It’s like a snowball effect. Work out, get cute clothes, want to work out more, more working out means even more cute clothes… and on and on and on

  12. Denisa says:

    I have this set and I love it! I use it almost on a daily basis and I am one of those brush addicts too! I love the little clutch that it comes with, I carry it with me pretty much throughout the day =) Def. a good bargain and I actually just purchased them because of the design- I think it’s really unique and perfect with it’s summer/coral theme!!

  13. Milan says:

    The last thing I need is more brushes but these are super cute….I may have to grab them for my summer travel. πŸ˜‰

    Milan´s last blog post..Urban Decay Cream Shadow/Face of the Night

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