Budget Beauty Booty: 5 Drugstore Bargains Worth Checking Out

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1. Hairy Beast Be Gone! Neutrogena Rainbath Shower and Shave Body Wash

“I was cruising around my ‘hood the other day when I saw the above poster in front of a salon. It conveys how I’ve felt practically *every day* since puberty. Seriously, where does all the hair come from??? It’s like I’m a Play-Doh Mop Top Hair Shop!


The only good thing about being a hairy beast is that it always gives me a valid excuse to try new hair removal accouterments.”

2. Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

Being called cheap and easy are compliments if you’re a bottle of Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, $7. It removes all of my eye makeup quicker than you can say ‘fierce,’ and it does it without stinging my pocketbook or my sensitive peepers.

3. Kashuk Tools: 3 Bargain Makeup Brushes that Rock


Bargain brush goddess Sonia Kashuk’s gone and done it again. Her Synthetic Flat Top Blusher Brush won me over a few weeks ago, and now I can’t live without several of the brushes from her Kashuk Tools line. I’ve been reaching for the Powder Brush ($19.99), Large Eye Shadow Brush ($12.99) and Angeled Eye Shadow Brush ($9.99) so often that I might as well have all three surgically attached to my hand. Here’s why I love ’em, and why you might, too.

4. Get Green with L’Oreal, Maybelline and Lancome Eyeshadows


“Ever since MAC Parrot eyeshadow entered my life I’ve been a little obsessed with greens, and I’m not talking collards or peas, girl. Behold my current green shadow crushes.”


5. Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer: No More Sticky Neck

“Lotions tend to make my neck feel sticky (I can’t stand that feeling!), but I don’t want to end up with wrinkled turkey neck. I’ve tested different moisturizers over the years and finally found one that doesn’t cause sticky neck: Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer ($29).”

Happy Hump Day! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiera says:

    I can’t wait til Target opens here in Hawaii and I can get my hands on more Sonia Kashuk!

    Tiera´s last blog post..Three Good Deals at ELF!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Tiera,

    Oh yah! I hope you like them. Sonia makes a really great brush. 🙂

  3. Indian Girl says:

    Drugstores !! Ooh Milani also has some awesome greens…

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..Whoz mush is this?

  4. rita says:

    oh karen I just saw your videos, I love your voice and your attitude.. your friends are lucky.. and El Hub is lucky too 🙂

    rita´s last blog post..jewellery

  5. MusicFer says:

    Wow Karen, I would love to have that Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover…I have a mascara that is reaaaally dificult to take off but I just love it so everytime I use is a battle to take it off…I will surely look on the internet to buy this one, it’ll help me a lot!!

    MusicFer´s last blog post..Bolsas…e as celebridades claro…!

  6. tania says:

    I can totally relate to your hair situation. Nair for face is like my BFF! I didn’t get to post my “Le List” this week but I feel ya on spinning some B.I.G. The bio mom and I want to check out NOTORIOUS after the hype dyes down a bit. BTW have you checked out “The City” yet? omg so dramatic isn’t it? Call me crazy but I really like stoic DVF guy she lunched with.

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Indian Girl,

    Sadly, I can never find Milani in my neck of the woods! I’ve heard some of the products are really fab, though.

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks, girl! Videos are fun. 🙂 Let me know if there’s ever a topic you want me to cover.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Karen says:

    Hi MusicFer,

    Is your mascara waterproof? If you can’t find Rimmel, another great one for really tough eye makeup is Lancome Bi-Facil. 🙂

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,I

    It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magainze… LOL! I want to watch that movie, too! Have you seen the promos?

    And yes, I’ve been watching The City. I did like how the accountant dude just went for it!

  11. Camellia says:

    i love the rimmel london eye makeup remover (: and sonia kashuk brushes (:

  12. Vanessa H says:

    Hi Karen!
    I have to try the Rimmel make up remover!
    Can you recommend any good medium coverage foundation? I use studio fix powder but I’m kind of tired of the uber matte look…and want something a little more natural looking…

  13. Smarie says:

    I have been wanting to get some of the Kushak brushes for a while. Only thing stopping me is not having an actual target store in town. But I may have to go on a trip… lol
    Do you know if they are sold online?
    .-= Smarie’s last blog post… Mini Walmart Haul =-.

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