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Hey, friend. Sorry if I’ve been MIA today. I had to take some time off to run some Christmas errands, so I’ve been out and about. I was thinking of you, though, ’cause I saw a few things that made me laugh, like this sign…


You know it’s the truth! πŸ™‚ I saw it at some random tchotchke store at the Corte Madera Village mall today, but I know I’ve seen something similar on Etsy.

I also ran into Z Gallerie to see if there were any Christmas ornaments on sale (not yet, darn) and saw this plate, which totally made me crack up.

#word #stretchypants #pajamajeansyo

Then, at Urban Outfitters, this book…

On my must-read list

Haha! It makes me think of the time my friend Cindy’s grandma mistakenly turned the channel to MTV and was very confused by the Peaches & Cream video by 112 (she actually asked, “Is this a commercial for fruit?”).


Also, FYI, this is what happens when your husband makes you go to REI to look at knives for the bajillionth time. You notice things…

Highlight those inner corners, Bear Grylls!

Things like how dirty Bear Grylls is on this package for a survival knife… Notice how his face is muddy, but his arm is not?

So weird. It almost looks like he’s doing a Glam Glow mud mask?

And why are the inner corners of his eyes and lower lash lines totally mud-free? Was he purposefully leaving them lighter to brighten his overall look? Because if so, big ups, Mr. Bear Grylls! πŸ™‚ I highlight my inner corners, like, every day. Works like a charm.

Is this dude ever clean?

Anywho, I hope you had a nice day today. Onward to Friday!


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  1. camille says:

    Oooooh! Good finds!

    I stayed home today, and how did you know that I was checking your blog for something new to read? LoL. I want to go after-Christmas shopping for ornaments and decor, but The Man and I will be on the road πŸ™

    I guess I should have searched for eyeliner posts on your blog. I tried using eyeliner again. It was OK. Still on the fence about the prep time needed and the effort to use make-up remover. :/

    I will keep on!

    Have you finished your Christmas shopping already? Catnip and gravy for tabby Tabs? πŸ™‚

  2. I am waiting for today to be good, aahaha. Sigh.
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … BLACK FRIDAY HAUL: Sugarpill Chromalust!

  3. Sylirael says:

    Oh my – REI and knives – a rogue’s dream store! It would be my mothership if we had them in this country. If someone would be kind enough to hybridise Sephora and REI into one ubermegastore, then I think there’d be something for everyone…and double for me! πŸ˜€
    Sylirael recently posted … Hand over Foot – or vice versa? The Body Shop Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment

  4. Narine says:

    I wanted to go out today so bad!! I’ve been sitting in the bed the entire day! It’s just so cold and all the pets are around making it even more cozier. Love the, eat-love-pray plate! πŸ˜€
    Narine recently posted … Lollitint, lip and cheek tint from Benefit

  5. Alison M says:

    I love this! I’m hunkering down and trying my darnedest to stay in. Swarms of people holiday shopping freak me the heck out. I have to brave the grocery store today and then (fingers crossed) I am done with all forms of shopping until the 26th.

    Your finds have me cracking up, especially the unmuddied arm. I’m sure that face was totally PhotoShopped!
    Alison M recently posted … 2013 Favorites: Most Loved and Most Used Products of the Year

  6. Kim says:

    Oh, those are too funny. It’s so nice that you can notice things that make you laugh even when you’re running boring errands. πŸ™‚ I snapped a pic for you the other day and haven’t uploaded it yet. I’ll set the scene: kitten surrounded by white, Christmas lights that he just pulled off the lower branches of the tree; standing over ornament that has also been pulled off the tree; looking at me, like “oh, noooooooothing”. πŸ™‚

  7. Lisha says:

    ha ha thanks for this post! I had such a terrible day today and this just put a smile on my face <3
    Lisha recently posted … The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter Review & Swatch

  8. Ghah πŸ˜€ Awesome find, Karen, tee hee.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Valeur Absolue Sensualité, Harmonie & Joie-Eclat parfum

  9. Sarah S. says:

    LOL… Cheaper to put mud all over Bear’s face instead of hiring a makeup artist πŸ˜›

  10. Chelsea says:

    OMG, Love your Grandma and the 112 song! That’s hilarious!

    I got two books for my parents for Christmas, “I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs” and “I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats,” so funny!

  11. Iris says:

    Love the friendship sign. It’s totally true for me. Haha!

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