There Is Beauty Everywhere

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You just have to keep your eyes wide open so you can find it.


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  1. Love Orchids!
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  2. Nina says:

    Gorgeous flowers!

  3. L e n a says:

    white orchid with purple lips are my favorite but this one looks so exotic and unique.
    have an awesome weekend. 😉
    (love your new blog layout!)

  4. Lana says:

    This is so beautiful I had to share it on FB. I cant take my eyes away….hummm nice tattoo idea too

  5. I grew to like orchids after I came to Belgium. Back home they’re a bit all over the place and I never noticed them! I have this plant here but the flowers haven’t come back yet. Guess I need to be patient :)
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  6. Marit says:

    Hi Karen :) Been reading your blog for a long time, love it. I got this exact type of orchid a week ago from my mom when she came visiting. So pretty!

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