The Red Balloon, Part II

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Remember the red balloon I saw in the middle of the road? Later on in the afternoon I spotted it again, this time tangled in the branches of one of the oak trees on my street. If you look closely you can see it in the center of the pic.


Once again, more symbolism…


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  1. LOL I was playing “spot the balloon” in the first picture for about 5 seconds. And yeah, this balloon is getting extremely symbolic!

  2. LOL I was playing “spot the balloon” with the first picture for about 5 seconds. You’re right. It’s so symbolic. I’m sure someone with more talent can make it into a postmodern saga :p

    • Oh great! So the system is REALLY messing with me! When I clicked on “submit comment” it gave me an error message. Came back, couldn’t find the comment so I left another one. Now you’ve got two! grr. Sorry for spamming!

  3. corallista says:

    you have a lovely view of the sky and trees from your window!
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  4. Marian says:

    “Ballon!!!!! Ballon!!!!!”

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