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The MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eyeshadow Palette: I’ve Been Grabbing It All the Time Because It’s Just So Convenient!

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mac nordstrom naturals eyeshadow palette

The MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eyeshadow Palette ($85)

Even though the MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eyeshadow Palette has been on counters for a couple months now, I think it’s worth another mention because of the value. For $85 you get 15 full-size MAC bestsellers from the permanent line, which would otherwise cost $150, not including the cost of the package, based just on refill pans purchased separately.

If I were a MAC neophyte, I’d be all over this like gravy on biscuits.


Heck, even after a 20-year MAC obsession, I still think it’s a great value. This palette checks off almost all of the boxes on a good must-have MAC eyeshadow wish list, and it does it in one fell swoop (at a cost breakdown of about $6 per shadow).

mac nordstrom naturals

The MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eyeshadow Palette

It has so many of the classics! — the must-have MAC shades you hear about over and over again. It couples some of the all-time great workhorse shades like Carbon, Brun, Omega and Saddle with flashier, shimmery neutrals like Woodwinked, Honey Lust and Beauty Marked, although to be honest, I’m kind of surprised that Soft Brown and Shroom didn’t make the cut.

But maybe that’s ’cause I’m playing favorites. 😉

Depending on the shadows you already own, this palette, while pricey up front, is a really great deal.


The $85 MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eyeshadow Palette includes…

  • Vapour — a peachy pink with violet pearl and a Velvet finish
  • Honey Lust — a bronzed peach with a Lustre finish
  • All That Glitters — a beige with golden pearl and a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • Saddle — a golden orange brown with a Matte finish
  • Mulch — a reddish brown with bronze pearl and a Velvet finish
  • Ricepaper — a shimmery, peachy gold with a Frost finish
  • Amber Lights — a shimmery, peachy brown with a Frost finish
  • Woodwinked — a warm antiqued gold with a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • Wedge — a soft muted beige-taupe with a Matte finish
  • Brun — a muted blackish brown with a Satin finish
  • Omega — a muted beige-taupe with a Matte finish
  • Satin Taupe — a taupe with silver shimmer and a Frost finish
  • Embark — an intense reddish brown with a Matte finish
  • Beauty Marked — a blackish red with pearl and a Velvet finish
  • Carbon — an intense black with a Matte finish

mac nordstrom naturals

The MAC Nordstrom Naturals Eyeshadow Palette

As much as I like it, I do have to say that some of the textures seem ever-so-slightly different here than they do elsewhere.

Like Woodwinked, for example. The version here in the palette doesn’t feel quite as soft as, and is a tad less shiny than, the individual pan I purchased a couple years ago.

You may not even realize it, because the difference isn’t dramatic, but I’ve gone through four freaking pans of Woodwinked over the years, and I swear there’s a difference.

But I’m a freak that way… If you’ve been wanting to grow your MAC collection and just get ‘er done, freaking do it. You’ll get a ton of use out of this palette.

mac nordstrom naturals

Swatches of the MAC Nordstrom Naturals palette from the left in Vapour, Honey Lust, All That Glitters, Saddle and Mulch

mac nordstrom naturals

Ricepaper, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Wedge and Brun

mac nordstrom naturals

Omega, Satin Taupe, Embark, Beauty Marked and Carbon

The palette is limited edition, so it won’t be around for long, but it is available now exclusively at Nordstrom stores and


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  1. danimcneil says:

    I purchased this right as it came out! I am loving it. I honestly did not own even one mac shadow! Also, the other 2 mac x15 (the warm and cool ones) had way too many light shades that I would never use. When I saw what was offered here, I was sold. I am loving having all of these classics and getting so many mac loves all at once!

  2. Pavithra says:

    I saw this at a Nordstrom about a month ago and really wished I didn’t already own many of these. It is such a perfect compilation of everyday shadows. It would also make a really cool gift!
    Pavithra recently posted … Lipstick Love – NARS Moscow

  3. Rachel says:

    I recently did a review of this on my blog, love it for the value and selection!

  4. Debra says:

    I’m getting the vapors over Vapour! That’s one single I don’t own but I do own a lot of these shades.

    For a starter-finisher kit though, this palette will do a newbie-to-MAC just fine!

  5. Virginia says:

    So…I’m not gonna lie. I keep a running list of MAC Eyeshadows that I want, and 99% of these are on the list. However spending 85$ on them all at once, (even though it’s convienient) is not very wallet friendly. I think I’ll stick to treating myself every so often…

  6. Kirsten says:

    I’m just waiting for ebates to double down on their Nordstrom rebate, then this puppy will be mine!

  7. Fancie says:

    Don’t remind me about this palette. It’s been on my list forever lol. I don’t have a lot of MAC eyeshadows so I figured this would be a damn great start. One day I’ll stop buying other makeup and finally order it lol
    Fancie recently posted … Too Faced Melted Metallic Violet Lipstick Review

  8. Kwmechelle says:

    Believe it or not, I hadn’t seen this. But I do think it’s such a great value. Especially for a certain someone who missed out on the Brooke Shield palette. I am, however, still contemplating about the MUFE Nudes You Need palette. I need another nude palette like I need a hole in my head (what can I say? I’m a sucker for nudes)! But the formula of the MUFE shadows is calling me 🙂

  9. BlushableMe says:

    I own about 1/3 of these and the other 2/3 are shades that I’ve been wanting! *I don’t need it***I don’t need it***I don’t need it* Must. Resist. Although the price tag is a bit hefty, it’s a great value for MAC shadows, and I reach for my MAC palette far more than any of my other palettes or eyeshadow quads/duos/singles.
    BlushableMe recently posted … The Brush Set to Rule Them All + The Most Bizarre Online Shopping Experience

  10. Divya says:

    This has so many eye shadows that I DONT have! 😀 except may be for mulch everything is something I’d love to finally own in my stash! Lets see if this ever trickles down here!
    Divya recently posted … Bottles In My Bath!

  11. I really love the look of this palette! If I had easier access to it I might be tempted!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Video review | Gillette Venus Snap razor

  12. Tatiana says:

    I’ve been trying hard to pass on this and save money. But for some reason I find myself returning to MAC for my makeup. Maybe because they seem to fulfill every “need” as well as want. So thanks for creating another lemming. Leaving town tomorrow for a 10 day trip. If it’s still around when I return (and if I haven’t blown all my money overseas) I’ll know it’s meant to be.

  13. Estefania says:

    Dang. Now I’m thinking I should’ve gone for this instead of the MACx15 Cool palette… Love all these shades!
    Estefania recently posted … For Artists That Are Feeling Spendy… The MAKEUP FOREVER Flash Palette Neutral

  14. I got this as soon as it came out for fear of it selling out quickly since it’s such a great value on well known shades. I’m still surprised it hasn’t gotten much buzz! Their singles are too high for my liking price wise without having a formula I love like MUFE or the like, but $6 a pop, dang! Yes please. 🙂
    Nicole – Beyond the Pale and Freckled recently posted … A Little Update/News

  15. Rachel R. says:

    The pricing is really good, and the shades look great. I don’t need any more nudes/neutrals (even before buying the new MUFE one), but if money weren’t an issue, I’d grab it anyway.

  16. JenniferI'll says:

    I’ll admit I’ve been on the fence about buying this, but after seeing the swatches, you may have just made a believer. I’ll see if it’s still around this weekend. Thanks so much, Karen!

  17. Kiyanna says:

    I end up buying the warm palette from Mac & I do love it, Maybe I should have waited to get this one.. However I can always come up with an excuse to buy this one too. This will go on my wish list!!

  18. MB says:

    I have been debating about this one vs the warm neutrals palette….plllsssss heeeellllpp which one???

  19. sarina says:

    I bought the cool and warm palettes, which I absolutely adore beyond words! I have 7 of these shades already and swore I wouldn’t buy this as well. However after seeing the other palettes and loving the shades I have from this palette, this would be the perfect travel palette. Having all the best shades in one handy place at a fraction of the full retail…what’s not to love?!

  20. Not even MAC can tempt me when it comes to palettes…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Inspired By … Dior Tie Dye Summer 2015

  21. Trude says:

    Oh wow I’ma need this. I have a bunch of Mac face products but have never gotten into the eyeshadows for some reason. And these colors are right in my wheelhouse. Thanks for the tip!
    Trude recently posted … May Desktop Background

  22. Ayanna says:

    I am so glad you pointed out the difference in Woodwinked–I thought it was just me! I purchased Woodwinked for the first time in 2008 and loved it (I wore it daily). When I used it up and purchased my next / current one, the color just didn’t seem the same (looks darker / not as bright). So now, Amber Lights has become a favorite because I look more awake. 🙂

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