Take Your Cat Lady-Ness to the Next Level With Foreign Language Feline Magazines

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Do you aspire to be the craziest cat lady of them all? Take your cat lady-ness to the next level by reading foreign language cat magazines.


Ideally, your magazine of choice should be plump with pictures of cats and contain speech bubbles (which you may or may not understand).

Profiles pages dedicated to individual kitties in their respective workplaces are great, too.

Obviously, cute kitten pics are a must. 🙂 Extra bonus points for sad tabby kittens, as they are (arguably) the best.

Your magazine may also include step-by-step instructions on how to construct clothing for your cat.


Consider crafting this custom couture outfit for your precious kitty, since those “One Size Fits All” cat costumes at Petco are a total joke.

Last, but not least, if there are any cartoons of cats dressed as ninjas, be sure to point them out to your husband while you “read” your magazine at night. 🙂

P.S. Anyone out there understand Japanese?? I would sure love to know what the title of this magazine is, LOL!


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  1. xuvious says:

    Omg, so adorable! I heard there’s also a cafe in Korea where you eat and pet cats!
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  2. Heather says:

    The title says Neko Koro. I think it means Cat Time. I don’t know much Japanese right now but Neko is definitely cat and I believe Koro means time. I’m not 100% sure, though.

  3. Sunny says:

    LOL now we can be cat ladies on an INTERNATIONAL level!

    The magazine is called Nekokoro (I don’t SPEAK Japanese, but I know a bit about their writing system). You can find it on Amazon, but other than that I can’t seem to find a lot of information about it.
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  4. Eli says:

    Adorable 😀 Never even though there were magazines specially for cats!

  5. Lindsey O. says:

    It says “Nekokoro.” I think it means cat time? I’m not sure though! Sorry!

  6. Juliet says:

    I’m pretty sure this must be a pun – neko is cat and kokoro is heart/spirit. So mush them together and you have…cat spirit?!

    Japan sure loves cats. When I lived there I visited a cat cafe and also noticed there were often cats roaming around the shrines and temples. My photos were obviously of the cats. LOL.

  7. Luna says:

    Hi Karen, a Japanese reader of your blog passing by! It says Nekokoro which is made up of two words “neko=cat” and “kokoro=heart”. So this magazine is for ppl who love cats too much and want to understand cats even more??
    P.S. I love your blog!!

  8. Ms. Heathen says:

    Nekokoro? Could be “cat love”? I think “kokoro” is heart or feeling, so a portmanteau of neko and kokoro? Took me a while with a hiragana chart to get the name, the font is very stylized, so I may be wrong.

  9. Rhea says:

    Aww cats. Some time I’m going to Japan in the next couple of years. Karen guess what they have there? Kitty cafés!
    Rhea recently posted … ☼ Hello Summer ☼

  10. Kim says:

    The kitten with the Puss in Boots expression needs no translation. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Or, in Tabs’ case, turkey dinner. 🙂

  11. Sylirael says:

    Aw, sad tabby! So sad, yet so cute! You just want to cuddle them…
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  12. The magazine is full of prettyy cat pics.. especially those kittens.. 😀 :D..
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  13. Erin says:

    I find this a little wierd!
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  14. Beth says:

    Cat lady desserts:


    Thought you might enjoy this!

  15. That’s so cute! I’d love to flip through the Japanese cat mag, love all kitties things.

    @Eli Yes, there are magazines about cats 🙂 I publish the Australian national cat magazine called Ozzi Cat 🙂 It’s fantastic to know cat lovers from all over the world!

    xoxo Natalie
    Natalie @ Ozzi Cat Magazine recently posted … Melbourne Cat Cafe Opens in July! 2 Reasons Why We’re Proud of Them

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