Tabs Versus Pants

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Tabs wins every single time.

I can’t even remember the last time I left the house without any bits of tabby fur on my clothes, le sigh.


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  1. LOL I don’t think it’s remotely possible to cat owners to be cat hair free. I just wear dresses with fabrics that doesn’t make the hair look so obvious 😉

    Look at Tabs’ cute little face in that last picture! He’s saying:” What? What’s wrong with me hogging your pants?”

  2. Heidi says:

    Oh yeah, this is why I’m usually wearing dark pants. Black cat hair is all over EVERYTHING around here!

  3. CrystalCandy says:

    Hahaha we find cat hair everywhere too, even in the fridge sometimes. ewww! But I don’t mind, love them so much! 🙂
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  4. Nina says:

    Occupational hazard for CCLs! 😀

  5. Kimberly says:

    I cannot tell you how many time I’ve gotten a face like that when I’m getting dressed in the morning!

  6. CallMeSu says:

    OMG about the fur!!! My husband and I are slowly surrendering to the ever-imminent fur! Our Titan is always with us! Love the look! I was thinking about sewing up some corduroy pants this winter? I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair and its a welcome change from jeans all the time. I’m thinking about a rich purple..Mmmmhmmm

  7. Chelsea says:

    He is so beautiful in that second picture, I want to snuggle him!

    Jiji is black, so it’s not too bad given my typical wardrobe, but Quincy sheds grey/white fur, and he’s shedding like crazy right now, and bunbuns have a lot of fur. He’s so sweet though, so I’m okay with it.

  8. Natasha says:

    You can’t stay mad at a face like that!

    I don’t have fur-free clothes, either. I avoid fur-attracting fabrics like velvet and certain fabrics with a high synthetic content and static charge… but even so, the fur is there. We have a light colored cat and a dark colored cat to cover all clothing possibilities. I like to think of it as a cruelty-free fur accessory…

  9. GKitty says:

    I, too, feel your pain, LOL. With my huge furboy–a bluepoint Ragdoll (my house looks like the scene of a western, except the blowing “tumbleweeds” here are made of masses of pale fur)–in the picture, I’ve taken to wearing my beloved black mostly if I’ll be gone all day. Like, on vacation, LOL. (And yeah, the LOOK on Tabs’ face kinda-sorta says it all, doesn’t it? ;))

    • Karen says:

      Hi GKitty,

      Aww, I love Ragdolls. I’m convinced that Tabs has a little bit of Ragdoll in him. What is your little furguy’s name? And how long have you been his assistant? Tabs and I have been together since 2007.

      • GKitty says:

        Boomer is my gorgeous boycat extraordinaire, and I’ve been his faithful assistant (devoted slave, paid-with-purrs lackey, etc.) for almost six years. (And if I knew how to install a picture in the anonymous icon’s place, you’d see him in all his splendor. 😉 )

  10. musical says:

    OMG! Look at that babyface in the last picture! Don’t just want to cuddle him?!

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