Summer Project Update, July 5

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My summer project to depot my MAC eyeshadows = NOT GOING WELL.


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  1. jen. says:

    Oh man. I had the worst time depotting like, four eyeshadows (after that, I just started buying them to put in a palette). I can’t imagine getting through all those! Good luck!

  2. snoopysteph says:

    The trick I like best is using a lighter on the bottom side of the pot to melt the sticky stuff attached to the base of the eyeshadow pan. Hold the eyeshadow pot over the flame for a few seconds then use a butter knife to pop out the pan.

  3. Emmaline says:

    Do you depot your mineralized eyeshadows? If so what do you put them on? I recently depotted 45 eyeshadows over the course of 2 days using the enkore method. I have to say once i got the hang of it, in went rather quickly. A word if advice: buy the round magnets, they are more expensive but make the pans sit much nicer in the palette. I need to do another marathon depotting session soon.

    • MUA Lindsay says:

      Where do you buy your magnets? I got my previous ones from Stars Makeup Haven, but I have ran out and they don’t seem to carry them anymore. The only ones the same size (3/4″ x 1/16″ round) I have been able to find are from a craft supply store [online] and are $4.00 for 30 plus $5 shipping. It seemed they were cheaper from Stars Makeup Haven and I got a lot more.


  4. Emily says:

    I have always had luck using a flat iron. Pop the plastic insert out with a knife and let it sit on the heat while you’re preparing the magnet and peeling the label. (I even heat the label for a second or two to make it easier to peel.) Use a push pin to push through the bottom of the plastic insert and the pan should pop right out. The only time I’ve ever messed one up was when I didn’t let it heat enough. I pushed too hard with the pin and actually pushed through the metal pan. Didn’t even know that was possible, but it cracked the blush and put a nice pin-sized hole straight through it!

  5. Want to hire me as an intern? I’m an expert at depotting! If you need any help, I have a tutorial on my blog.

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