Sleep Well, Doughnuts and Pizza

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target doughnut pizza pajamas 1

I’ve been on this low sugar/carb, high protein temporary meal plan thingy for a couple days because I have to take something called a glucose tolerance test tomorrow (#pregnantladythangs), and I think that’s why these cray-cray pajamas from Target are looking EXTREMELY delicious and comfortable to me right now.


How cute are these though!?

I admit that they’re a little insane…but who cares? They’re pajamas, and Tabs says that I can wear whatever I want.

The button-down one with the doughnuts and coffee is a nightgown ($17.99), but the one with the melty slices of pepperoni pizza on it ($21.99) is a two-piece ensemble.

Between the two of them, we’ve covered breakfast and lunch. πŸ™‚

target doughnut pajamas

target pizza pajamas

target doughnut pizza pajamas 2

In other news…how do you feel about grownups wearing pajamas in public?

Normally, I’m not a fan, because dude, I don’t need to see some grown-@ss man hoofing around Costco in his plaid flannel bottoms (seriously). Keep that to yourself, buddy.


Buuut I’m contemplating breaking that rule and wearing the doughnuts and coffee shirt with a pair of leggings.

Because it’s classified as a “sleep shirt,” and I read somewhere (I think it was Glamour or Allure) that sleep shirts are actually considered perfectly acceptable daywear attire.

So I’m going with that. πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Monica P says:

    In general, no PJ’s shouldn’t be worn in public, but pregnant ladies can do whatever they want πŸ™‚

    Monica P recently posted … Stitch Fix No 7

  2. Agata says:

    The donut PJs are really cute but I agree with Monica, no PJs should be worn in the public!
    Agata recently posted … A Pumpkin Spice FOTD feat. Makeup Geek Pigment in Vegas Lights

  3. Rachel says:

    Those pjs are adorable! Pretty much all my pajamas are from Target, I love them! The other day I was changing and I put on jeans but still had my pajama top on (a button up with a real peacock print) and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and it almost looked like a legit outfit!

  4. Rachel says:

    *teal peacock print I mean!

  5. jessica says:

    Oh those are CUUUTE!

    THE ORANGE STUFF! You have to drink the nasty orange stuff!!! BLEH!
    jessica recently posted … Old & New

  6. Ruchita says:

    These are so fun! Donuts and pizza are always in style. πŸ™‚

  7. Hehehe, too cute and funny πŸ™‚
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Personal | Even though the leaves have fallen…

  8. Felis says:

    I have some Opinions about pajamas in public, but I’ve got to say I agree that pregnant people can do whatever the hell they want. πŸ™‚

  9. hanna says:

    These are so cute!
    hanna recently posted … All Black Yoga Outfit Inspiration

  10. Rachel R. says:

    I’m not a fan of pajamas on adults in public, but I’m less of a fan of fashion rules. If wearing PJs in out makes one happy, and the sleepwear isn’t see-through, who am I to judge? If the sleepshirt can pass as day wear, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think the donuts shirt would be fine.

  11. Kim says:

    First of all, I hear you on the low carb thing. I did it for 2 weeks when Atkins was all the rage (almost 20 years ago, now?) and I literally cried in the bread aisle at the supermarket. That’s not an exaggeration. I was not meant for low carb. πŸ™‚

    You know that I’m the queen of running pants so you can take my fashion advice with a grain of salt but, here is my opinion on what it’s OK for adults to wear. I would vastly prefer to see someone in full on PJs that covered them, loosely and completely, than to see them in tight, unflattering “fashionable” outfits where half their bare parts were hanging out. I understand that PJs in public may seem like “you’ve given up trying” but, I still think it’s better than “you tried but now I need to bleach my eyes”. I guess I just think folks should wear clothes that fit and cover. πŸ™‚

  12. Alexis says:

    Ugh – HATE that test!!!

    Cute jammies though hahahahaha

  13. Tulipthecat says:

    Sometimes PJ tops from Target can work as regular tops but I would say no to the PJ bottoms out in public. I know of a couple of people who have cheated on that test.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I didn’t have to take that test, or at least, I don’t remember having to take it, maybe I did??

    Anyway, I would take the donuts and coffee jammies and while I wouldn’t normally condone wearing a sleep shirt in public, I say whatever pregnant chick wants to wear, she wears and no one says a word about it.

    I have to put my foot down on women or men wearing pajama pants in public. I was covering a sentencing last week and the dude’s girlfriend showed up in fleece pajama pants, uncombed hair and, I think, a hoodie.
    This was just not appropriate my boyfriend is being sentenced today attire. And she was well over 30. She should have known better.
    Jennifer recently posted … Links You Need to See Mid November

  15. Tatiana says:

    I have to admit I am guilty of stepping out the front door in my PJs to retrieve the mail. Other than that… Nope, PJ bottoms should never be worn in public. Tops as long as they’re clean and not wrinkled I’m ok with. Visiting my daughter on campus when she was a freshman in college was an eye opener. So many young girls walking around in their PJs. Thankfully, my daughter learned well, that you dress appropriately for each occasion. Frankly, the Dear Husband would have had a hissy fit if she didn’t dress modestly and neatly.

  16. Why are you supposed to be on a special diet before your test? I thought it would be performed while eating as usual to determine whether you are at risk?
    But that aside, I get really mean if I don’t get my carbs, so for the sake of my family I hope I never have to do any kind of low carb diet…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Old wives mill – The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate

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