Shadows: Mother Nature’s Charcoal Pencils

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Call me easily amused (“Hello, easily amused.”), but I get a big kick out of taking pictures of shadows.

Just ask El Hub. He’ll be in the other room and hear me exclaim, “OOH! Now that’s a good one…”

Then he’ll shout back, “What? What’s a good one?”

And I’ll say, “The shadows!”

Like this picture here of leaves on the curtains from a tree outside.

Look at those soft edges and the crisper ones down below…

Something like this would take a long time in Photoshop, but Mother Nature did it instantly.


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  1. Fancie says:

    I love how you find the beauty in everything! It’s nice to step back and admire mother nature sometimes. These pics are beautiful!
    Fancie recently posted … Manicure Monday!

  2. Erin says:

    I’m very similar. I find beauty in little stuff and take it’s picture! Nice shades btw!
    Erin recently posted … Stinky Situations: Old Spice Wolfthorn vs. Dove Care Clean Comfort

  3. Sylirael says:

    You’re not alone! I love the way the light casts shadows on curtains early on late summer mornings – the light is all pale gold and the shadows are, as you so eloquently put it, like charcoal sketches :-)

    We rogues know a lot about night-time shadows though. Conoisseurs, we are… ;-)
    Sylirael recently posted … Blood and Mist… Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Raisin Rage (#250)

  4. Nik says:

    Ahhhhhhh! Me too, I love stuff like this, it fills my heart with wonder and joy XD Karen I want to hug you, you gave me my first smile today :) I loooooooooove your photography posts, where we get to experience the beauty you see, you have a gorgeous heart and soul! :)

  5. hanna says:

    Interesting photos.
    hanna recently posted … OOTD: Oasap Batwing Cuffed Sweater

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