Pink Stuff in the Fishing Department

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There’s more than you might think.


El Hub keeps dragging me to go look at fishing equipment, and surprisingly (at least for me), a lot of it is pink. There’s a lot of pink “girly” fishing stuff out there, like these tackle boxes and fishing poles I saw at Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Petaluma last week.

LOL! Notice the pole on the left where it says, “Crappie.”

Yes, I am easily amused (but you know this already). 🙂


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  1. Chelsea says:

    Those might make good makeup cases!

  2. Sylirael says:

    I’m gonna need a Princess Jasmine rod, if I’m going fishing 😉 Wouldn’t an Ariel rod be a bit…inappropriate though? 😛
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  3. Erin says:

    I think that might make a good makeup organizer!
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  4. These will look prettyy in the makeup dresser.. <3
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  5. Tashy says:

    You know what’s funny… Those barbie/Disney kids fishing pole works really well. I remember spending weekend with my sister in law and her family.. They fished by the lake use nothing but those kiddies pole. It caught fish EVERYTHING!!!! lol

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