Cat Town Cafe Oakland

The Oakland Cat Town Café and Adoption Center: The Nation’s First Cat Café

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Cat Town Cafe Oakland

So I finally made it out to the new Cat Town Cat Café in Oakland last weekend (2869 Broadway in downtown Oakland, CA), and for starters, it was everything I imagined and more! 🙂 Coffee, smiling faces, adoptable felines, cupcakes and macaroons. With a business like that, how can you go wrong??


I walked in without a reservation, which you can make by phone or online, so I had to wait a little while for the next available appointment. You can peruse the cafe and sip a tasty beverage while you wait, which is what I did, because they only let a few people into the cat part of the cafe at a time.

When we got there in the early afternoon, the cats were pretty sleepy, and I got the feeling that they probably party all night long. After the humans go home and that play area is nothing but cats, I bet it’s total cat carnage/mayhem.

Knowledgeable volunteers and staff members are available to answer your questions about teh kittehs in the cat area, too, and the cats are all adoptable, so you can actually bring one home if you find your feline match.

I know my employer pretty well…and I didn’t find any new potential employees on this visit, but I’ll be going back.

Highly recommended if you like coffee, cats and you’re ever out this way.

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland


Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland

Cat Town Cafe Oakland


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  1. Jaa says:

    The close-up of that cat’s face! So adorable! Thanks for sharing this, Karen! It totally made me smile! 😀 Did you get to try those macarons? I’m a big fan of macarons so yeah, I had to ask. LOL.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jaa,

      You’re welcome. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      The macarons were good, although I think they were a day or two old, lol. I’ve had fresher ones. These were by far the cutest though!

  2. Agata says:

    What an awesome place. I didn’t even know such places exist? I hope you will find a companion for Tabs soon!
    Agata recently posted … Does Rimmel Wonder’Lash Mascara Make My Lashes Look Wonderful?

    • Karen says:

      I’ve read that they are popular overseas, especially Japan. 🙂 This one seems to have a good model — I was happy to see that there were so many volunteers on hand to help out. Also, it’s a good way to meet potential kitty employers, lol.

  3. Syah says:

    Singapore has lots of cat cafes! Can’t wait to visit when I go back to visit fam in the summer 🙂

  4. Sunny says:

    Aww man, this looks like so much fun! We just got the first cat cafe in Belgium, and it’s the same idea (all the kitties are adoptable). Those cupcakes look goood, and man, so many cute kitties!
    Sunny recently posted … A Chanel Coral-Fest

  5. Christina says:

    OMG! Love that place…how amazing. I used to live in Oakland many years ago.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Christina,

      *waves hi from the North bay*

      Next time you visit the Bay Area you have to stop by! It is so much fun. And the coffee is good, too. 🙂

  6. Rachel R. says:

    What an awesome place. I hope these catch on. Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      It is my new favorite cafe. 🙂 If you’re ever in the Bay Area you must visit!

      • Rachel R. says:

        If I’m ever out that way, it’s on my visit list. As I child I lived there for a few short stretches, and visited a lot. I haven’t been there much as an adult, unfortunately. Stupid life getting in the way. 😉

  7. Debra says:

    This venture cat-alist sure beats the SPCA Thrift Store in Davis!!

    Those little boxes are adorable. You must have been pinging from all the feline vibes!

    • Karen says:

      You crack me up, Debra! You know I love a good play on words.

      Oh, and seriously, that was some of the most stylish cat furniture I’ve ever seen. Tabs would love to have some of those kitty towers in our/his living room!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Awe, so cute. I went to a cat cafe in Korea. They also had a dog cafe. I could go every day if I had the chance.

  9. Rachel says:

    Best idea ever! I hope more like this pop up in other cities!

  10. What a wonderful recap of your visit, Karen! We’re still waiting on a cat café here in Edmonton, so I’ll be living vicariously through you for now 😉

    Those cats all look like total sweethearts — and I love the little buildings the cafe has set up for them to hide in! Hope you have better luck finding a friend for Tabs the next time you visit. 🙂
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … MUFE Graphic Liner, Marcelle Double Precision Liner reviews, swatches, photos | High vs. Low: Two pen-tipped liners you need to know

  11. Laarni says:

    I don’t think we have any cat cafes here. Coffee+sweets+cats=Brilliant!
    Laarni recently posted … Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Warm Me Up

  12. HollieH says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s such a great idea with a heart. I would go every day too for my morning coffee if there was one near by.

  13. Eesha says:

    Oh man! What a lovely place to be to hang out with those cute kitties. Lovely recap of your visit. We are still waiting for a place dedicated on pet theme here in Mumbai. The instructions card is so innovative and I noticed and read it first in your post 😀
    Eesha recently posted … Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Exposed’ – Hate >> Love Story

  14. Chic Lapin says:

    I went to a couple bunny cafes while I was in Japan… It was super fun and an utterly adorable experience! Wish We had something similar here. Love your pictures, thanks for sharing!:D
    Chic Lapin recently posted … Birthday GIVEAWAY! YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in shade 6 “Peach me love”

  15. They need to open one of these here! I’d probably end up living there. In one of the cat houses.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Make-up look | Tripping on acid green with MAC

  16. Chelsea says:

    I keep trying to get the husband to look at your pics but I think the cat lady in me is annoying him, LOL! I want to go! Macarons and kitty cats!

  17. hanna says:

    I wish there were one close to me!
    hanna recently posted … What to Wear if you’re Working Outdoors

  18. Kim says:

    Everything about this is awesome. What a beautiful play area and so many sweet kitties! I hope they all find wonderful homes. 🙂 I also like how it was Cupcake CATurday. Great minds think alike!

    • Karen says:

      I hope to go back when the cats are more active. And who knows? Maybe I will find an assistant to you-know-who. 🙂

      Sending you some California sunshine on this lovely day!

  19. Pamela says:

    Ahhh, those cats are so cute!! I’m heading to San Diego in March (I’m from Toronto Canada) and there’s a Cat Cafe downtown that I can’t wait to get to!

    I’ll be getting two siamese kitties soon, so I’m looking forward to seeing the cute kitties at the Cat Cafe.

  20. Julie says:

    I also dig those shoes.
    If we had a cat cafe in Toronto, and believe me people are trying, I am afraid I would have to quit my job and just roll around with kitties all day.
    Julie recently posted … Winter skin care with Amie Petal Perfect and Bright Eyes

  21. Erin says:

    That grey tabby with long fur reminds me of my Zaphod. I miss that cat. She died back in 2010.
    Erin recently posted … NARS Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil

  22. Iris says:

    What a wonderful idea, and I love how the cats are adoptable.

  23. Amy says:

    That place looks absolutely adorable! I wish we had a cat cafe around here.

  24. Majick says:

    I didn’t have time to read all the comments, I’m at work and have to get out of here BUT…


    If you post about it on FB and I see it I will definitely share it. WHat a great idea. THanks Karen!

  25. Jennifer says:

    I want to take them all home, soooo cute. I love the orange one making biscuits on the rug.
    Jennifer recently posted … Weekend Cooking Plan + A Tiny Ball of Sweat

  26. Jennifer D. says:

    I just shat myself in excitement.

  27. Wiebke Kuchel says:

    Hi Karen,I think this is a wonderful idea to connect these things, having a nice quiet place to relax in a clming athmosphere and the opportunity to get to know a perhaps-partner-for-live-cat :-)) because if a cat searches for human you’ ll never get away. Believe me we had it once before and it was the most wonderful thing I ever got to know. However I think that this is not already institutet in Germany may be probably in berlin (think I read about in a German Style magazine) but it s even better than to go to an a Asylum where grownup cats have to wait for new Partners for so much longer.
    This makes me happy to read about and your Photos make it even better Thanks for your wonderful article
    Greetings from old Germany Baltic Sea

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