NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stain

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NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stains, $4.99 each. Available now at drugstores and also online.


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  1. Katy says:

    I think Tabs in trying to enhance his pink nose! 🙂

    p.s. love the new essie advertisement…. it makes me want to buy nail polish real bad!

  2. Linnea says:

    Hahahaha. My cat has to smell EVERYTHING that comes into the house. I call her the Customs Enforcer. This reminds me of her! Tabs is just making sure these pink things are okay to enter his local.

    • Karen says:

      LOL, they’re so funny that way, aren’t they? Does your cat like to smell your breath after you eat? Tabs is not afraid to get all up in your grill to find out if you’ve had garlic for lunch.

      • Linnea says:

        Hahaha. My cat will get up in the plate that you’re eating to check that out. And if you have minty breath? She’s up in your grill INSTANTLY. She ate toothpaste once.. hasn’t done it again, but she will eat the paper gum wrappers and mint leaves. 🙂

        • Karen says:

          That’s so funny! Tabs only investigates plates when there’s sliced turkey involved. He’s a ho for turkey… I swear the second I open up the cold cuts drawer he appears out of nowhere, like some sort of ninja kitty.

          What kind of cat is your little toothpaste eater (LOL)?

          • Linnea says:

            My mint lover is a tabby cat, just like yours. She used to be as big as Tabs, but she’s getting older and has lost some weight. I used to pop a peice of gum in.. she’d be in another part of the house, and suddenly shes in my lap trying to get the gum out of my mouth(it gets interesting, thats forsure!)

            My dog will come running when you open the cheese drawer. He knows whats in there. 😀

          • Karen says:

            Aw, she sounds sweet. 🙂 How old is she? Tabs is about 5. I was looking at old pictures of him a few days ago and noticed that he was, um, definitely less robust when he was a younger kitty.

          • Linnea says:

            Hahaha. Yeah, Pepper(thats her name) was way more shall we say wide? when she was around that age. Not saying she wasn’t active! Now she’s 13, she’s slimmed down a bit.

          • Karen says:

            Aww, she’s an old girl! I hope to be lucky enough to have Tabs around for that long. Have you had her since she was a kitten?

          • Linnea says:

            You betcha! She was a farm cat(she still likes to brag about that..) next door, but we scooped her up when she was young. Unfortunately, we got her declawed, so she’s never been able to go back. When she was a kitten, she was evil, attacking people, other cats(we tried to bring her a friend.. apparently she didn’t feel she needed to share our affections), etc. But in her old age, she’s calmed down a lot and basically lives to be brushed, fed and to nap in someones warm lap.

          • Karen says:

            Pepper sounds like she was a hell raiser back in the day, LOL! But now she sounds like a total sweetheart. I love it when kitties crave spending time with us, you know? Having them nearby makes everything better.

            I can’t even imagine how nuts Tabs is gonna be when he gets older, because right now he’s really demanding. For the last couple of weeks he’s insisted on being carried around like chubby, hairy infant. He crawls into my lap, gets up on my right shoulder (it’s ALWAYS the right shoulder and never the left) and then refuses to move! It’s annoyingly cute.

          • Linnea says:

            Haha Right shoulder. sounds like a cat. My cat has a very strict schedule(she isn’t aware that the world doesn’t revolve around her). If she doesn’t get fed by 4 pm(she has dry food all day, and gets wet food around 4) she LOSES it. LIke she figures shes dying of hunger 😀 She also demands to be brushed at a certain time, and if you don’t want to? You’re busy trying to get ready in the morning? She will jump up and put her hands on the shoulder of the hand that contains the brush, and tries to drag the brush into her fur. You don’t’ get ready without brushing her!
            My boyfriend has 2 cats, and the one just likes the jump on your back to travel.. ESPECIALLY if you’re going outside!

            Cats are hilarious! Annoyingly cute INDEED!

  3. Lauren says:

    The brown would look stunning on Tabs :3
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  4. Trisha says:

    I love lip stain, and I especially love it when they have these felt tips, like markers. And for the price, I really don’t have a good reason not to try this. And I was really looking for a reason… 😉
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  5. Barb says:

    Oh, pretty (both the stains and Tabs :)) Will we be seeing swatches anytime soon?

    • Karen says:

      LOL… he’s so greedy when it comes to makeup! I wouldn’t be surprised if he “borrowed” these permanently, like he did with my Shu Uemura lash curler.

  6. i know this is about the lip stains but i can’t stop looking at tabs’ chubby paws! so cute <3.
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  7. Charisse says:

    LOL I love Tabs and his flair for makeup! Lookin forward to these swatches 🙂

  8. Advah says:

    Tabs’ nose makes my heart melt every single time. Sigh.

    At the risk of sounding corny, a cat nose is the ultimate example of beauty 🙂

  9. Arummmanis says:

    Hi Karen,

    Do you have swatches or pictures of you wearing any of these lip stains?
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