kristin perry bar chain earrings

For Rosy Golden Goodness, There’s the Kristin Perry Bar and Chain Earrings and Dainty Rock Necklace

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kristin perry bar chain earrings

Dear 2013,

Thanks for resurrecting rose gold from the depths of obscurity and thrusting it back into the mainstream metallic metal spotlight.

Love you. Mean it,


It’s been two full years since rose gold officially returned and became a thing again (gosh, time flies!), and the trend is still alive and kicking.


I figured it was one of those trends that I would eventually get tired of, and maybe I will, but as of now, I’m still into it. I like how it looks on my skin, and it’s neutral enough to wear with almost anything.

kristin perry bar chain earrings

Lately I’ve been all about these dainty rose gold-colored Bar and Chain Earrings ($18) and this Dainty Rock Necklace by LA-based indie designer Kristin Perry. I like that they look related, design-wise, but aren’t too totally matchy-matchy.

These Bar and Chain Earrings (they’re stainless steel in a rose gold tone) are my latest accessory fave. The front and back are attached by a tiny chain, which is kind of genius. Maybe I won’t actually lose these (knocks on wood). I swear, I can lose jewelry even when I’m just sitting at my desk… It’s my superhero power.

I also like how the chain hangs down and looks like a mini hoop. CUTE!

kristin perry bar chain earrings

Both the Bar and Chain Earrings and Dainty Rock Necklace are $18 each, and you can find them now online at

While you’re there, check out the rest of Kristin’s jewelry. I flat-out adore her stuff! Think “Kate Spade goes to Coachella.” I have several of her pieces and wear them a lot.


Actually, my tabby baby probably wears Kristin’s jewelry more than I do, but that’s only because I know better than to refuse Tabs when he wants something…

It’s unwise to refuse a diva when it comes to his/her jewelry. 😉

Kristin Perry Webbed in Turquoise Necklace

Tabs wearing “his” Kristin Perry Webbed in Turquoise Necklace

In other news, what are you up to tonight? It’s very hot here right now, so all I can think of is an air-conditioned movie. Or maybe dinner. Or maybe I’ll get a loaf of French bread, grab those fresh tomatoes and rent a movie on the couch. Hmm… Sometimes it’s the easy decisions that are hard. Isn’t that weird?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. I hope rose gold is here to stay, because my wedding band is half rose-gold, half platinum and I want to keep on wearing it for a little while!
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Recent Reads – “The summer we all ran away” by Cassandra Parkin

  2. Kwmechelle says:

    Love both of those pieces but I especially adore the earrings. Politely taking myself to visit her page right meow.

  3. MonicaP says:

    I love dainty jewelry like this … <3

    MonicaP recently posted … Denim on denim

  4. sarahc says:

    Oh I love rose gold! Thank you for posting about Kristin Perry. Her jewelry is lovely and affordable and she has free shipping. 😀

  5. Fancie says:

    I’ve been loving rose gold myself lately. It’s so darn pretty! I really like that necklace. It’s small and simple. Perfect for layering!
    Fancie recently posted … Want Long, Thick Hair? Try Jamaican Black Castor Oil!

  6. Pretty! When the whole rose gold trend started I didn’t like it all that much but it really grew on me! ROSE GOLD ALL TEH THINGS!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … NOTD | Silver and gold in the mix

  7. Cindy Simmons says:

    I am staying home with my heart dog Trixie.

  8. Kelly B. says:

    Tabs is too cute! I also love rose gold anything so this jewelry would be perfect for me!
    Kelly B. recently posted … The One Polish You NEED: Sinful Colors Supernova

  9. Angel says:

    This is so random but I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and I just watched one of your youtube videos….you have such a pretty talking voice, you sound like Reese Witherspoon to me!!!

  10. Kim says:

    I was in a dept store in PA last week and saw a bunch of rose gold (and thought of you). I also realized hoop earrings must be all the rage because there were a kazillion pair. 🙂

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