Kitty Claws

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Tabs on my lap this morning.


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  1. Those are some really sharp kitty claws! I trim Tango and Muffin’s just so that they don’t hurt each other/us/the furniture. Last time I let Muffin’s grow out a bit too much, she accidentally put them out when she as chilling on my lap and I panicked because they dug into my knees. Of course she also panicked and in the process of running away, some more little claws dug into my knees. Long story short: they will be regularly trimmed now!
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  2. Minnegirl says:

    Our cats’ get like that too. We put off trimming them for as long as possible because they both hate it!

  3. Sarah Greff says:

    Someone needs a spa day and a pawdicure! Our girls aren’t fans of nail trims either.

  4. Marian says:

    I had to tell you….I had one of my kitties clipped into a lion cut on Tuesday. OMG…she looks so funny!
    She’s a bit “rotund” and was having problems grooming “back there”. She’s a long hair and it wasn’t pretty, so off to the groomer she went!

  5. nekosan says:

    Yup, that looks like clawsie clipsing time (so it’s called in our house)! Our cats don’t like it much, but they get lots of kitty treats afterwards, which seems to totally make up for the invasion of personal space.

  6. jen. says:

    Uh oh… better stay on Tabs’s good side. Maybe slip him some extra gravy?

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