Kiss Me, You Fool!

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Whatever tabby wants, tabby gets.


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  1. Biba says:

    Awww, just look at this sweet and adorable face!

  2. Rads says:


  3. Sunny says:

    Hahaha mine always look super harassed when I kiss them. If you blink slowly at Tabs does he blink back though? I heard this is the cat equivalent of kissing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Marian says:

    what a handsome boy!

  5. nekosan says:

    Okay, I’ve gotta get some pictures of my kitties online. Especially Finder, aka Goony Kitty. He has a scar on his face that prevent him from opening or closing one of his eyes all the way. He looks like such a wacko!

  6. Sophie says:

    OMG, he looks like he could be twin brothers with my male Maine Coone, Taz! He has the same expressions and look. Tabs’ fur is beautiful with all his shadings and stripes.

  7. DalaLuz says:

    O my! Tabs… you handsome devil you!

  8. Kelly says:

    I too have a “Tabs” at home…short for Tabatha. I just adore her. She’s the first cat I’ve every owned and I too thought I was a dog person until I adopted her from a local farm. She’s just as sassy as can be. No doubt she runs the entire house.

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