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Muppet Show flashback alert! This totally reminds me of Animal.


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  1. YadiQ says:

    i loved animal he was always my favorite muppet!

    my sister used to tease me when i was a kid and called me miss piggy

    these days she calls me miss piggy and my fiance kermit

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yadi,

      Girl, you need to give your sister a Muppet name!

      I always wanted to hang with the Swedish Chef, LOL!

      And is it just me, or is Janice (the guitar player in the band) a total stoner?

  2. Solé says:

    Ha ha, that totally does look like the back view of Animal’s head! I love the Muppets. I guess I’m a typical child of the 80s. My favorite was Rowlf the piano playing dog. That’s pretty random isn’t it. Oh, and Janice wasn’t the only stoner – the whole band was! Except maybe Animal – I think maybe uppers were his drug of choice.

  3. erica says:

    my faves are swedish chef and bunsen and beaker 🙂

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