He’s Husky and He Knows It

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Tabs working it with his tubes of the new Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Glosses, $16 each.

Tabs and the Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Glosses


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  1. And you know you love him for that ;)

  2. Joyce says:

    Tabs looks like he’s guarding them FROM you. hahaha.. He’s adorable!
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  3. Sophie says:

    …..And he’s not afraid to show it…..What song am I thinking of? I think it’s the kindergarten song If You’re Happy and You Know it… I have to get this darn song out of my head now. ^^

  4. musical says:

    “Dem are mine, meow”, said Tabs…
    Cuddly baby, Tabster =^.^=

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