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I’m back from the parade and feeling much better. It helped to walk around outside, get some sun and see happy people and kids, and oh! — animals.


Yeah, seeing animals always does wonders for my soul. Any day you see a pet pig wearing Mardi Gras beads in a stroller can’t be too bad, you know?

(It made me feel like less of a crazy cat lady for wanting to get Tabs a stroller so we can cruise the mall.)

Team Canine was definitely in the house! There were lots of dogs, and many of them were dressed up for the occasion.

This girl was my favorite.

See the crossed paws action? πŸ™‚

FLAWLESS. She has “International Doggy Supermodel” written all over her.

Quite a few horses out and about, too. They were dressed for the occasion in glitter, bows, body paint and stars.

Yup, it’s official. If I ever have a horse, I’m dressing her up in sparkles and bows on the regular.

A good time was had by all…

I think this is actually the best I’ve felt in days.

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling that great mentally, and over the past seven years of blogging, I’ve learned that I really have to come to the keyboard in a good state of mind; otherwise, I end up writing steaming piles of cat poop, which is why I haven’t been writing as much as usual.

Plus, I don’t ever want to bum you out or bring you down. The world is already hard enough as it is, and MBB has always been my safe and happy place.

That usually works… I can usually get myself to see the bright side, but not so much lately. I haven’t been able to get my sh*t together.

First, these past few weeks have been physically uncomfortable for me. I’ve had an ache in my lower back, my breasts have been extremely sore, my lips have been unbearably painful and dry (notice how I haven’t been taking any closeup lip shots?) and none — I’m talking NONE — of my clothes fit.

I’ve pretty much been living in stretchy pants.

And then…the mood swings.

We’re talking out of control, completely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs cray! Probably the worst I’ve ever had. One minute, I’ll be fine and functional; then, suddenly, I’ll feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Pretty soon I’m balled up on the couch crying uncontrollably.

With all of this craziness happening with my body and mental wellbeing, I actually thought I might be pregnant, and for a second, I was hopeful.

But it turns out I’m not, and I am a little disappointed and sad about that. I’m still working my way through it…

It’ll take at least two tubs of ice cream and half a pound of chocolate this weekend to recover.

At least I feel like joking again. πŸ™‚ And smiling a little bit, too. Those are good signs.

My mom says that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you, so I’m trying to find those small things, those reasons to smile, like making silly faces when I see myself in the mirror, watching kids run around and play, seeing happy dogs on walks with their people, and going to a parade on a sunny day.

Anyway, that’s basically why I haven’t been around so much. I’m sorry about disappearing without an explanation. It’s just been kind of hard for me lately, that’s all. But it’s getting better.


When I woke up this morning, I thought I’d feel like doing makeup reviews, but I’m not quite there yet. How about if we do an open thread instead?

Ask me anything — makeup stuff, blogging tips, pet dilemmas — whatever’s on your mind. Just leave a comment. I’ll be around the rest of the day.

I hope all is well with you.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the parade pictures. Back in the olden days in Novato the parade was on “Western Weekend.” The carnival was in town, and the “Gypsy Jokers” who were I think rivals to the “Hell’s Angels” always made an appearance at the dive bar that was located where WestAmerica Bank is now. The parade was always fun especially if you got to be in it. At 5 years old, I was Miss “A” (there was a Miss N, a Miss O, a Miss V, etc.)which stood for anatomy. My older sister was so upset she didn’t get to be in the parade my mom had to pull a few strings to get her on the Wells Fargo stage coach. Let’s just say that the sibling rivalry has never stopped. Thanks for the great memories!

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for keeping it real, Karen! I feel you on the mental stuff. I struggle with anxiety on the regular, and it can make the day really tough to get through. Hang in there!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve gone through patches like this and what gets me through is knowing it will pass eventually.

      What do you do to help manage your anxiety? With me, I find that exercise helps a lot. I always joke and say the only reason why I run is because I like to eat ice cream, but it’s mostly because I know it will help stabilize my mood. Those endorphins. They’re little miracle workers!

  3. Amy says:

    Your blog is my fave, BTW. Us makeup fanatics/crazy cat ladies have to stick together. Love your writing style and your pics–though occasionally they’re bad for my bank account! πŸ˜‰ Can I ask, do you use a standing ring light for your photos?

    • Karen says:

      I do. Although I sometimes use clamshell lighting, but it’s been months…I get too lazy to do the setup, to be honest. The ring light makes it easy, although I prefer the catchlights I can get with clamshell.

  4. Agata says:

    Oh Karen, it’s ok to have worse days, happens to all of us and it’s ok to take a break!

    I went to Ulta for a second today, to pick up my Lorac Pro2 palette and I want a new foundation so I was testing around and I felt like Tarte foundation would be good, I swatched the color on my hand and I thought it was a perfect match. Then I left the store and it the natural light, the color was way too dark. How do you pick a good foundation color when samples are not available? I am thinking of going to a Mac counter and getting matched for face and Body foundation but they matched me wrong at the Mac counter before so it’s all a little discouraging…
    Agata recently posted … How to summer proof your makeup.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agata,

      You can test either on your neck or next to your ear (the flat space that’s between your ear and your upper cheekbones). I’ve done both, and find that that usually that they both get the most accurate results (next to the ear might be a smidge more accurate). Ideally you want your foundation to match the neck, so you get that uniformity between your face and neck.

      You’ll also have to keep in mind that some foundations oxidize (darken) over time, so you may have to go a half or half a step down, too.

      I’d go into the store without any product on those areas of your face, then try a little bit on, go out into natural light, and then go with whatever seems to blend naturally. Wear it around for the rest of the day to see if it darkens, and to see how it settles with your skin.

      Also, with MAC, sometimes it takes a few tries. Don’t give up. I’ve also heard that Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is also great and comparable to Face and Body (it does have SPF though so you my risk a little flashback), so if F&B doesn’t work you might want to jump over to Chanel.

      HTH! Happy to help, and ask me any follow up questions if you have any!

  5. Rachel says:

    Hey Karen,
    Sorry you haven’t been feeling great lately. I’m also sorry your not pregnant, if that’s something you wanted I’m sure it will happen. I truly believe everything happens for a reason! Honestly I’ve been a little bummed out lately because I saw a picture of my ex with a new girl. I broke up with him and it was about a year ago, but it still kinda stings. I guess I thought I would be the first one to move on! Anyways that parade looked super fun! I love animals, which is part of the reason I’m a vegetarian. When I lived in Cali, Santa Rosa had this thing called the Harvest Festival with an Alpaca parade and baby Pygmy goats! Soooo cute!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for your kind words. It would be nice if it happened, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      I’m sorry to hear that about your ex. Even though I haven’t seen her, I know you’re 10000000 times cuter. πŸ™‚ Also, these things, as you know, take time. Even though I’ve been married for a while now, I still remember how that sting felt. With one ex, it took me years (seriously…almost 10 years before I could even think about it without it hurting my heart a little). But trust and know one morning you will wake up, and it won’t be there any more. It’ll come.

      Oh, so how long have you been a vegetarian? I eat veg about half the time (still eat seafood because I love it too much). Do you have any favorite websites/books for yummy vegetarian recipes? I’m always looking for new things to cook.

      • Rachel says:

        Yeah as soon as I saw that picture I sent it to my cousin who was like “You’re obviously way prettier and remember how immature your ex was? And you don’t care what he’s doing!” She always knows the right thing to say! I’ve been a vegetarian (pescatarian, technically, I can’t live without sushi! and salmon!) since I was about 15, so sixteen years now! I don’t do a lot of cooking, but usually I just look on the internet for recipes if I need a new one. The Moosewood Cookbook is a classic, and I like to borrow from the library to see if I’d actually use it before investing!

        • Karen says:

          Your cousin sounds like a cool chick! Are you two close?

          Thanks for the recommendation for the cookbook; I’ll check it out. If you ever need quick and easy veg recipes the Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Carole Raymond is great. The meals are simple and tasty — fab if you need to whip up a meal and you don’t want to go to a lot of effort. I don’t do a lot of cooking either, but this one has saved my butt many times. πŸ™‚

          Also, happy Saturday! πŸ˜€ Right now I’m doing laundry (I’m always doing laundry, sigh), and then I’m going to run. After that, groceries. Fun stuff, LOL!

          • Rachel says:

            Hope you got all your laundry done and had a nice run! I went to my aunts lake cabin for the day, which was fun, but I got so sunburned! I haven’t been outside all summer it seems like because its been so rainy and cold so far here in North Dakota.
            My cousin and I go through phases when we’re close, then other times we don’t talk much. We were actually roommates when I lived in California, and I know I can always go to her when I have a problem, especially when it involves the opposite sex!

          • Karen says:

            Sunburns are never fun. Get yourself some aloe gel if you don’t have it already! Whenever I get sun or wind burnt it works miracles.

            When did you live in California? Did you live in Nor Cal or So Cal?

            Happy Sunday! πŸ™‚

  6. Meredith says:

    Sorry you’ve been having a rough time! Hope things pick up soon! I sent you an Instagram pic of my 5 (yes, 5!!) kitties. They always cheer me up πŸ™‚ I’m mgand2kids on there.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Meredith,

      When did you send it? I didn’t see it for some reason. Would love to see you and your five kitties. You’re so lucky! How long have you been their assistant?

  7. Amy says:

    I’ve been having a terrible time finding a foundation that looks good while holding up well on my combination oily/dry skin. So far MAC Face and Body is the best, but not perfect. Any suggestions?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amy,

      What kind of coverage are you looking for? And what’s your price point? I’ve heard that Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua is comparable to MAC Face & Body (I’m actually testing it right now). It does have SPF though and I haven’t tested it in pics so I’m not sure if I can recommend it for photography.

  8. Amy says:

    Hi, Karen. I should try exercise as well, but I do take a small dose of an SSRI called Cipralex to help with the anxiety. It really helps!

    • Karen says:

      It can be such a struggle, so I’m glad to hear that you’ve found something that helps you!

      I got the idea to exercise from a friend who struggled with depression. I asked him one day what he helped him and he said exercising really helped to manage his moods. I figured, heck, it’s free so why not? And it seems to make a really big difference with me.

      Maybe try a little bit of walking? I find that even short 10-15 walks work wonders when I start to feel off.

  9. Amy says:

    Thanks for the lighting advice! πŸ™‚

  10. Tiffanie says:

    I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling yourself lately, Karen. We all go through those slumps (my last and biggest one was in the fall) and they are so hard to snap out of. I hope you can quickly!

    Ooooo…what a fun idea! Okay, my question is which cult-classic makeup items do you think every makeup lover should own?

    • Karen says:

      Thank you, Tiffany. πŸ™‚

      OK…cult classics. I guess the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. I *really* wish it was easier to find here in the US. It’s the best one out there. Doesn’t pinch, keeps the lash curl and it fits the shape of the eye perfectly.

      And even though it probably hasn’t been around for long enough, I have to say that NARS Pro Prime Smudge-Proof Eye Primer will probably be one day viewed as a cult classic, because it’s really freaking amazing. A total must-have. I keep trying other eye primers and nothing comes close to it.

      What other questions ya got for me?

  11. Johanna says:

    Feel better Karen you are a gem! Now go shine!

  12. Lena L says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Karen. πŸ™‚
    Hope you feel better soon both mentally and physically. I don’t think I’ve had it like you, but I do understand the lack of energy and occasional mood swings.
    Being able to share like this is a brave thing, and you’ve already proven to the world that you’re a very strong and positive person. Keeping something great like this blog for 7 years speaks for itself.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Lena L recently posted … Review – L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

  13. Alison M says:

    Sending you huge hugs! Sunshine and exercise help with my anxiety, but sometimes it really gets rough. As I read your symptoms I totally thought, “Girl, pee on a stick already!” I’m inspired by your honesty about what you are going through. I have baggage, but can’t open up like you.However sharing with others is always cathartic. Don’t ever apologize for things beyond your control. You can only make do with what you have when you have it! If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me and I make a pretty great listener/reader <3

    Do you ever step away from it all and read blogs or study artist tips for a fresh take and new inspiration?

    What kind of ring light do you use…fluorescent or LED?
    Alison M recently posted … Summer Essentials Giveaway With Key West Aloe

    • Karen says:

      I will take those hugs! Sending you back the same along with a few kitty snuggles from the resident feline. πŸ™‚

      To answer your questions…

      Do you ever step away from it all and read blogs or study artist tips for a fresh take and new inspiration?
      Yes! Sometimes I like to feed my mind with different food. When I need a different point of view, I think fashion blogs are for inspiration. Tech blogs too. And believe it or not, restaurant reviews and movie reviews, because some are freaking hilarious! They’re great jumping off points.

      Also, books on writing always help. A favorite is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Coincidentally, she lives nearby in Marin County. I saw her in a bathroom at the movies once, and all I could do was stand there and stare at her with my mouth hanging open like a crazy nut. What I’d give to go back to that moment and tell her that her book changed my life, le sigh.

      What kind of ring light do you use…fluorescent or LED?

      What else ya got for me? πŸ™‚

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry to hear your pregnancy hopes were shot down. That’s really tough to handle.

    So, let me ask you a makeup question, how old were you when you first started wearing makeup and do you remember what you wore?

    I was allowed to wear clear lipgloss in the 7th grade (this was 1983, a much different time) and then before I went into my freshman year of high school, my mom took me to an Elizabeth Arden counter at department store and bought me blush and lipstick in Mauve Dreams. It was a fabulous, natural looking color. And of course, since I was 15 and glowing, I had no need for foundation or undereye concealer. I’m thinking I should have enjoyed those days more!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you. I’m working my way through it and feeling a little better every day.

      So, to answer your question…I was in seventh grade when I started wearing eyeliner on the downlow. Technically I wasn’t supposed to, but you know, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I had a single forbidden purple kohl liner and it was my most treasured possession, even though I’m pretty sure I looked a hot mess because I had no idea what to do. (“What’s blending?” LOL)

      Eventually I was allowed to officially wear makeup, and that was my freshman year of high school. My story’s very similar to yours. My mom brought me to the Clinique counter, and I picked out a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. I also got foundation, too, although looking back, I should’ve skipped it. I’m so with you — I should’ve definitely enjoyed those days when I could get away without concealer!

      What makeup brands are you loving these days? πŸ™‚

  15. B says:

    sorry you’ve been having a tough time karen, sometimes you just need one of those days to just veg out and watch sappy movies to get through it. On a happier note the parade looks like a lot of fun!

    on a side note have you gotten the chance to swatch the new mac MSFN colors?

    • Karen says:

      Hi B,

      Oh gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reminding me! I have literally had this on my to-do list for weeks. OK, now I have another excuse to go back to the mall!

      I have been using the shade Medium Tan and can give you a mini review. They are absolutely FABULOUS. Silky, easy to blend and looks really natural on the skin. Really beautiful on top of Face & Body.

  16. Lacey says:

    Hi Karen,

    First, you are a fabulous lady and a superb writer. I hope that the blues that are following you around soon disappear. Your blog makes lots of people smile (including this crazy cat lady right here) and I hope that you get lots of enjoyment out of doing it.

    Quick Question- I am a very fair skinned, chubby-faced, platinum blonde. I looove makeup but have always steered clear of bronzer because I feel it looks muddy. What areas of my chubby face should I bronze up? I already have good brushes and bronzer but I am struggling with just where to put the color. Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lacey,

      From one cat-haired covered crazy cat lady to another, thank you. πŸ™‚ I’m feeling a lot better today. I just gotta let it pass and keep on keeping on. Oh, and I have to hug my Tabby boy. He’s the best therapy. (Tabs says hello, by the way.)

      So, for bronzer. Sounds like you found one you like! Which one is it?

      As for placement, I would do the following:

      1) Load your brush with your bronzer, and then buff it on the back of your hand. You can also buff it into your palm if the back of your hand is already covered with product from doing your makeup, which is typically what I end up doing since I use the back of my hand as a palette.

      Anywho, what you are aiming for is working the powder into the bristles (so the powder will evenly apply on the skin, which helps to reduce the muddiness).

      You also want to take most of that powder off the brush, because it’s much easier to start bronzing with very little on the brush and then build up to the color you want in layers. I find this also helps minimize the muddiness. If/when you need more color, you can always pick more of it up from what you’ve got on the back of your hand.

      2) Take the brush, and place it next to your ear. Imagine a line that runs from the area where the top of your ear connects to the side of your face, and down to the edge of your mouth. Here it is on RyGos for reference.

      You want to run your brush gently along this line, but not dip too far below it. Otherwise, the bronzer can visually drag your cheeks down. You want to aim to lift your cheeks up, if that makes sense. Doing this adds warmth and structure to the cheekbones.

      Try not to press too hard on your brush, just go back and forth in wide, sweeping motions blending as best as you can. If you have trouble blending the edges out, you may want to powder your skin first. This helps the bronzer glide along the skin better.

      3) Next, place your brush next to your temple, then sweep it down toward the outer corner of your eye, following the edge of your face Again, use a light touch and wide, sweeping motions and/or little circles.

      Here is the area on RyGos once more:

      This adds definition to the sides of the face.

      4) Now, take your bronzer along the top edge of your face.

      This frames the top section of your face.

      5) After you do this a few times and get used to the placement and motion, you can connection all those parts into one sweeping motion. Think of it kind of like making a number “3” on the side of your face.

      6) Repeat on the other side of your face.

      7) Now, sweep the bronzer along your jawline and then down onto your neck if you need too.

      I hope this makes sense! The trick here to keep it from getting muddy really is to use a light touch, blend the edges of that mo-fo out (LOL!) and to build up slowly, and in layers. If you have any more questions please ask.

  17. Elena says:

    So sorry you have been down! I know when it comes to hard stuff like that, you just gotta take time for yourself. Whenever I am dealing with stress, or like two years ago when I went through a terrible breakup, I kind of go through phases (the eating ice cream phase) to then channeling that energy into something positive like really tearing it up at the gym and working on art and whatnot. I love your blog. It is always a highlight to visit it every morning before work. You have such personality on the blog and it really comes across with you and Tabs! I hope you feel better!

    By the way, I ordered the Givenchy loose finishing powder with the giftcard I won from your weekly giveaway and I LOVE it! Thanks for continuing to do that contest! It is awesome! Everytime I put it on I think of how I only had to pay $3 out of pocket thanks to MBB!

    Question for you: How does Tabs deal with fireworks? I have a 130lb beastly shepherd and he hates it! I am dreading when it gets dark out and people start going crazy with the fireworks. My cat at my parent’s house goes into hiding too. Do you have to do anything special with Tabs or does it not phase him?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Elena,

      I’m feeling much better today, thank you. πŸ™‚ I’m also happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying your Givenchy loose powder. I’ll definitely have to give it a look next time I visit Sephora (haven’t tried it yet), so thank you for the recommendation.

      Wow…your dog sounds like a lot of lovin’! How long have you two been together, and what’s his name? Is he difficult to walk? He sounds HUGE! If you have a pic I would love to see him, and your cat too, of course.

      As for Tabs and fireworks, they’re not permitted in the county that I live in, so it’s not a big deal. Sometimes people do end up popping the renegade firework or two far off in the distance, which doesn’t really freak Tabs out. I was up late with him last night watching Under the Tuscan Sun for the millionth time (have you ever seen it?) and heard some popping in the distance, and Tabs was totally chill.

      • Elena says:

        I love Givenchy! It is an amazing setting powder! Smells so good too! I still feel like I won the lottery winning that giftcard!! Thanks again!

        I have had Atticus since he was a puppy and he will be 4 in October (time flies! omg!). He is usually fine to walk (he needs an XL harness haha). I usually take him to the off leash park nearby! It’s been super hot so he can go swimming there since he has long black fur.

        Lucky you! I wish fireworks weren’t permitted where we live! When they go off, I have a big ball of beast come hurtling towards me on the couch. The last two days I had to sleep with him on the couch so he will stay somewhat calm-I even gave him rescue remedy to help calm him. At my parents house they have my big fluffy Maine Coon kitty Mario and he just hides out for the duration of the fireworks. I watched that movie with my mom! It is super awesome if I am remembering right haha! I love anything to do with Italy, I went there in college a few years ago and it is a beautiful country!

        Can you upload pictures in comments? Maybe I am a noob…lol. I can always send you one via instagram of my dog! He’s pretty much all I take pictures of anyways on there!

  18. Katherine M says:

    Love the pics (especially of the horses, of course!)! I celebrated Independence Day on my motorcycle with my hubby and my uncle. It’s so freeing to ride and see beautiful scenery and back roads. My bike represents my Independence Day from things that held me back in life. Today was a beautiful day, too, not too hot, and not chilly at all. One day I’d love to go to DC but to go anywhere around here for fireworks means you have to be there all day and battle big crowds. One day I will do it, though, just see it up close and personal and to say I’ve been. The battlefields around here (Antietam and Monocacy) do big Independence Day celebrations with cannons and everything. It’s pretty awesome!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine,

      I hope that you make it out here someday to do a bike ride in Napa. When I drive out there on the weekends, I always see people on their bikes, and they always look like they’re having a great time. The rolling hills and the grapevines…it’s almost unreal. I think you’d really like it. πŸ™‚

      What else are you up to this weekend?

  19. Ruchita says:

    I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts and kitty purrs your way. Thanks for all the great work you do with your blog. It’s one of my favorite places on the intarwebs. πŸ™‚ I think you’re a really sweet, good person and I wish you the best in everything. *hugs*

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ruchita,

      Thank you so much for this. I’m feeling better today — the purrs and positive vibes helped, for sure.

      Oh, and believe it or not, Tabs has been taking good care of me. He’s chilling on my bed right now (on top of the pile of clean clothes I have to fold, OF COURSE). But he let me go in for a second helping of “delicious belly meat,” so it’s all good.

      How did you spend your Fourth? Did you guys do a BBQ or fireworks?

      • Ruchita says:

        Glad to hear you’re feeling better today! We had a pretty low key 4th at home. Some friends came over and we grilled some food. And my husband mixed up some margaritas. πŸ™‚ Getting some extra belly meat is always a good thing! Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

  20. Katherine M says:

    I also wanted to say that I understand not wanting to connect with people when you are down. This week I celebrated (well, not really. More like had oh-so-lovely memories) year 6 since I have been through something very traumatic and life-changing. It definitely hit me hard last weekend (the anniversary is July 1), and has hit me hard this week. Whenever anyone goes through trauma of any kind, you learn better ways to adapt but you never totally forget the pain. I alter between wanting people to understand me and not wanting to talk to people when this time comes around each year. I’ve tried to turn each anniversary into something empowering. This week, it was taking a much longer ride on my motorcycle than I’ve ever been on, and tackling tougher roads than I would have attempted on my own. I am glad that today you had a happy day, and you can e-mail me if you’re down and want to talk sometime.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you for this, Katherine. I’ve had traumatic things happen to me in the past where I’ve felt the same thing — that sense of both wanting to talk, but also wanting to retreat inward. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

      I also want to tell you that I admire you for taking that anniversary and turning it into something empowering. I bet it has also helped to reframe what that day means in your mind. You’ve made it another year, and you’ve come that much more far. Thank you for inspiring, seriously.

  21. Tiffanie says:

    What do you do with the massive amount of makeup that you have accumulated? Do you feel that as a blogger you have to keep it all or do you end up tossing the old stuff?
    Also, how often are you recognized when you’re out? Are you more recognized at makeup counters?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tiffanie,

      Thank you for your questions! Here are the answers.

      What do you do with the massive amount of makeup that you have accumulated? Do you feel that as a blogger you have to keep it all or do you end up tossing the old stuff?
      I donate some of it to up-and-coming makeup artists (younger people I know looking to build their kit). Some I end up passing it onward to friends and family. I also archive a lot of it, in case I need to refer back to it for research purposes. I have a lot of vintage MAC and Chanel sitting around in what I call “deep storage” just in case.

      Also, how often are you recognized when you’re out? Are you more recognized at makeup counters?
      I guess it happens a few times a month (the last time was two weeks ago at the Chanel counter), and it happens more in SF than in Marin county. The funniest time was in the beauty department at Neiman Marcus in SF, where I was just cruising through and a gal suddenly pointed and said out loud really loudly, “I just saw you this morning on youtube!” Another memorable time was when I was in Vancouver a few years ago. Somebody chased me down on the street when I was walking to dinner.

      It’s always so fun to meet people who read the site! Everyone’s been very friendly and kind. πŸ™‚

  22. Janet S says:

    Hi Karen, As much as I love your fun makeup posts, I think I love your ‘real life’ stuff even more! When you post about where you live, places you’ve visited or restaurants you’ve been to, it makes me want to come visit California & check out all these places I’ve never been to (I’m an Aussie).

    The pregnancy stuff is so painful – my hubs & I are trying for our first and just last month I was actually pregnant for a week before losing the pregnancy. I really thought it was going to happen that time, and just adjusting to the reality that things aren’t turning out as you thought they would is hard. Luckily I have great support from hubs, my Mum. & my bestie, plus my furkids to keep me distracted. So on we go, sad for a little while but moving forward positively. <3

    • Karen says:

      Hi Janet,

      I really do hope you make it out to the Bay Area someday. I think you would love visiting, especially SF, Marin and Napa county. The City is so vibrant and interesting, and there’s lots of natural beauty in the surrounding areas, too.

      Also, thank you for sharing your story. I hope that you and your hubby are able to grow your little family very soon. Let me know when you have good news, or any news, OK? That way I can keep up with you and cheer you on.

      How many furkids do you have by the way? For now it’s Tabs is my only.

      • Janet S says:

        A few years ago, before I met my husband, I shared a big house with my Mum, and we had 3 cats & 2 chihuahuas! When hubs & I settled here south of Melbourne, I kept the dogs & my Mum & her new husband have the cats. Only 2 cats now, as my Meg has gone to the rainbow bridge. So yep, currently in our house it’s just the two dogs, George & Millie. I’d love to get a cat again soon. I always get rescue kitties, in my humblest opinion they’re the best kitties!

        • Karen says:

          What a lovely extended fur family. (And I’m sorry to hear about your sweet Meg…I’m sure she’s having fun chasing butterflies at the rainbow bridge.) I have to agree with you on rescue kitties. If Tabs ever decides to take on an additional assistant he or she is going to be a rescue cat. πŸ™‚ Either that, or another stray will probably walk through the door one day and call this place home (which is what Tabs did).

          I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  23. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down. No need to apologize; you’ve brought us all a good deal of happiness over the years, and you have every right to be unhappy (and to take a break if that’s what you need).

    By the way, have you found anything that helps for sore breasts? I’ve been having the same problem for the past few months–my breasts start hurting almost exactly two weeks before my period, and the pain doesn’t let up until then. Being in constant pain, even if it’s not severe pain, can really take its toll on your mood.

    Oh, and I saw your comment about Bird by Bird. I like that book, too! It’s been a while since I last read it, but I vividly remember the part about the radio station called K-FKD. I have a hard time switching to a different station sometimes. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I wish I could say that I’ve found something to relieve the pain, but I haven’t. πŸ™ I have found ways to make it somewhat more bearable though. Like, when I run, I layer on an additional sports bra. It hurts getting them on and off but when I’m running those suckers don’t move.

      During the day I also end up putting on another layer of support on top of my regular bra. Not anything major, just one of the Kensie ‘Jamie’ Bralettes that I found a while back at Nordstrom. These bralettes are wonderful! I usually wear them by themselves when I’m chillin’ at home, but when my breasts hurt, they add that extra layer of support without leaving me feeling confined or restricted.

      At night, I actually put on one of the Jamie Bralettes underneath my pajamas. They really help to relieve the pain.

      I guess my point is bralettes help a lot!

    • Janet S says:

      Hi Auxiliary Beauty, I found that taking Evening Primrose Oil helped my pre-menstrual sore boobs & migraines a lot. Obviously check with your doctor/pharmacist that these are right for you, but I had a huge reduction in the severity of the headaches I get, and I very rarely get sore boobs at all any more.

  24. jenna n. says:

    Karen, obviously I dont know how you’re feeling or what could be going on, and it’s not my business to give advice I’m sure. But meds and therapy really helped me personally. (Especially meds!). Anyway I wish you the best. I’ve been a loyal reader for 6 years now, and whenever you are blue I wish I could do something to help! In other news, I got engaged in Venice in May. Looking forward to reading more of your blog to get wedding day ideas. Take care Karen!!!

    • Karen says:

      Jenna, congratulations! I am so happy for you. I almost can’t believe that all this time has passed…I still remember when you just got into law school. Are you practicing now?

      • Jenna N. says:

        Yes, I am a practicing lawyer now πŸ™‚ I do mental health and elder law, it’s great work, albeit a bit stressful and high pressure sometimes!!

  25. Charlotte says:

    Hey, Karen πŸ™‚ thanks for letting me vicariously soak in the sun and the sights. Sooo, my question is: What is the brand of the harness that Tabs wears on his walks? I have a fat kitty who I’d love to take on walks with me, but my husband is afraid she’d get spooked and run away (that happened to her brother, but luckily my husband found him after he was missing for two days). Happy 4th to you and your family!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      OK, you’re going to laugh, but ages ago, I bought a cat harness for Tabs from Petco (I think it was the Petco Nylon Leash).

      Anyway, El Hub had to actually doctor it up so that it would fit Tabs properly, because he was, um, way too husky for the harness. He had to lengthen the center section (the piece that connects the neck to the tummy) in order to increase Tabs’ range of motion.

      He’s backed out of the leash I think once when he was really fired up. It’s not easy for him to get out of it, but you know cats. Where there’s a will they will find a way.

      Maybe try keeping the area where you walk your kitty restricted to a specific space? I used to take Tabs around the circle, but have since then stopped and just keep him to the hill near my condo. He’s less likely to get spooked back there.

      How long have you had your cats, by the way?

  26. Heidi says:

    Hey, Karen!

    So sorry you’ve been having such a hard time. If you got my email the other day, you’ll know that I’ve been having a real “special” time lately, too. Hang in there my friend. One thing that has been helping me lately is going to all the free summer concerts around here. That’s so healing for me. Any Saturday that you and El Hubs don’t have any plans, come on up! Tomorrow is 80s music and I can’t wait!

    So, for my beauty question… what’s your favorite eye makeup remover for when your eyes are feeling really sensitive? Dang allergies have made my usual method, which is just to use my regular facial cleanser, not possible.

    Hugs from Missy, and she says to tell Tabs not to let the evil firecracker sounds get to him tonight!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Heidi,

      I’m sorry if I haven’t responded! I have been MIA from my keyboard for the past few days. I did read it though and have been thinking of you. We should get together sooner than later, yeah?

      So, I totally feel your pain in regards to sensitive eyes. I’ve been using the Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Face and Eye Makeup Remover and LOVING it. It’s kind of expensive for the amount you get, which is annoying, but it takes everything off, it doesn’t sting, even on the waterlines, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. They have it at Nordstrom in Corte Madera. Next time you’re down here let me know! We can stop by the counter and then get lunch at Cheesecake Factory.

      • Heidi says:

        Thanks for the recommendation!

        Girl, you have GOT to get yourself up to Santa Rosa for one of the free concerts! The one I went to today was so much fun! Here’s a link to the schedule for the rest of the month and beginning of August. Rebel Yell and Tainted Love are the most fun if you’re looking for great, cheesy 80s music. While you’re on that shopping center’s site, check out the restaurant Viola’s. It’s my absolute favorite brunch place in town. So so good! Of course El Hubs is more than welcome to join us if you find a show that sounds interesting and fits your schedule.


  27. Hi Karen, I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time. Thank you for being honest and sharing with us. There have definitely been times in my life where I’ve gone through really rough stretches and it was just tough to feel “normal” for quite awhile after that (my dad passing a few years ago, for example). I sometimes also just feel like retreating into my little “shell” at times — I’m a definite homebody and sometimes if I feel down, the only person I want to hang out with is my hubby (who is also my best friend by far)! I really hope you feel better soon and start to feel more like yourself again. I’m definitely a fan of exercise and endorphins, but sometimes what I’ve found is a good cry can be helpful, and so can just treating yourself extra well during this time!

    I’m a new makeup blogger and was wondering if there is certain photography equipment you recommend to take good product photos and also face shots? I saw in the comments here that you use a flourescent ring light. May I ask if that’s for product photos, face photos, or both? Is there anything else you’d recommend as well? I’d love to have a setup that would allow me to take good, accurate photos that wouldn’t depend on natural lighting, so I could take these photos at any time of day.

    Thanks so much Karen, know that we are all rooting for you!! I hope the rest of your summer will start looking up really soon :). BTW, that pig in the parade was adorable!
    Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup recently posted … A Few Nail Polishes I’m Loving This Summer

    • Karen says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for your lovely note. I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s passing…sending you a hug.

      As for camera equipment, I use a mishmash of things; it really depends on what I’m doing that day and what look I’m going for. I like to change my environment often because I just don’t have it in me to take the same type of pics every single time, day after day. That would freaking bore me to tears, and I just couldn’t do it.

      Right now I shoot with a Canon 70D, Canon Rebel T3i and a Sony DSC-RX100. My favorite lens is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. For lighting, I do several setups, and like I said earlier, it really depends on the look I’m going for. Generally I combine natural light with something — speedlight flash, ring light, etc.

      To be honest though, I can’t say that there’s a magic bullet out there in terms of equipment when it comes to photography. When I first started, for the first two years I shot with a point and shoot (the Canon PowerShotSD95012). That was it. And it was great for the time (took amazing macro shots).

      I guess the best advice I can give you is to shoot every day and take a lot of crappy pictures for a really, really long time (I have literally taken a picture almost every day for the last seven years). Eventually you’ll get to a point where they get less crappy, LOL. Like any skill, you just keep at it, and you keep learning along the way. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to write such a thorough response to my photography question! You make a good point that it’s much more interesting to vary backgrounds and change things up. I really appreciate your advice. I’m glad to read that your day today was much better! I hope that things continue to improve and that your wishes come true soon. Although it hurts right now, perhaps it will make it that much sweeter when the time comes? Take good care of yourself! πŸ™‚
        Carolyn @ The Makeup Writeup recently posted … A Few Nail Polishes I’m Loving This Summer

  28. Stephanie says:


    I grew up in Novato so I remember going to the parade as a little kid, it was always the best part of the Fourth of July.

    I hate it when I get down and I can’t shake it. I agree with everyone else, it happens to us all. I always try to talk myself out of it but sometimes you just have to go with it. Running definitely helps but for me it doesn’t last. I get a break from my funk but sometimes it comes back.

    Shopping usually chippers me up. I always like getting new stuff. I wish I could send you kitten pictures. We are fostering two 5 week old orange kittens, they are SO cute.

    I hope Tabs is giving you a break.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Shopping always cheers me up too. I went to the mall the other day to see what was on sale at Anthropologie. Didn’t find anything, so I ended up at Nordstrom…by the way, do you still live in the Bay Area? That mall in Corte Madera is fancy pants these days! They got rid of Express and Victoria’s Secret a while back and now it’s super ritzy.

      Also, please send me your kitten pictures. I would LOVE to see the orange babies. I never got to see Tabs as a kitten (he was about a year old when he started coming around), so I have to live vicariously through other cat ladies.

      Hope you had a lovely Fourth. πŸ™‚

      • Stephanie says:

        I do still live in the Bay Area, we live in Petaluma. I was really sad to move from Novato but I’ve come to love Petaluma more than Novato. Novato has grown so much since I was a little kid, Petaluma still has that cute small town feel for the most part.

        I went to The Village a few months ago and I felt like I was in another world. I had a good laugh, I saw two small “purse dogs” get into a “fight” at The Gap. (I say “fight” because I think they were smaller than my cats). I do like how every clothing store is in one place.

        I took my friend to Sephora on the Fourth and we got 45 minute makeovers. It was really quiet so they ended up spending about 90 minutes with us. It was her first time at a Sephora and she LOVED it. She always rolled her eyes at my makeup problem, but now I think she gets it.

        We also went to Alcatraz yesterday, that was a lot of fun. We took a night tour, it’s really cool, there is so much history there. I highly recommend one of the night tours, we got to see the sun setting and the fog rolling in. The views are amazing. We walked about 4 miles!

        Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better! I hate it when I can’t shake the blues, but like you said it will pass. You and Tabs have a great Sunday.

        • Karen says:

          My husband and I recently started hanging out in Petaluma and we love it! We call it “Friday Night Lights” because of that small town feel. Do you have any fave places to eat and shop? I’ve only eaten at a handful of places (the Japanese sushi place near Baskin Robbins, Taps brewery and the Petaluma Pie Company) and would love to find more yummy spots. πŸ˜€

          OK, yeah…The Village is so weird and wonderful. I once saw a guy pushing a pink stroller decorated with pink ribbons, and when I looked inside, there was a bichon frise with pink ribbons on its ears. El Hub once saw someone walking their cat. I’m waiting for the day when I see someone with a pet pig.

          Which Sephora did you guys go to? The one in Novato?

          Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the Alcatraz tour! I grew up in the Bay Area and have actually never been to Alcatraz. A night tour would be so much fun.

          And yes, I’m feeling a lot better. I met my brother for lunch (we went to the food trucks at Larkspur Landing), and then afterwards, El Hub and I went to Rodeo Beach. It was sunny, but windy and kind of chilly. Still nice to see the ocean though.

          I hope that you and your orange kitty babies had a good day. They are SO cute, by the way. I watched the video of them jumping around about six times in a row, LOL!

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, Karen. The hope (even a small hope), and the discovery that you are *not*, is a crushing blow of humiliation and loss. You are not alone. All you can do is forgive life for being a jerk, hold your head high, and be joyful anyway.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for this. I’m trying my best to find the joy, and today ended up being a really nice day. The first good one I’ve had in a while. πŸ™‚ I hope yours was nice, too. Are you doing anything this weekend?

  30. Daphne says:

    Hi Karen, I am so sad to hear that you have not been feeling well, especially since your blog always makes me so happy, and I look forward to it every day. Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures and your very funny and inspiring writing. I hope all the good wishes and encouraging messages your readers have been sending are helping you to feel better. You deserve to be happy – you bring so much happiness to all of us who follow your blog. Here’s to better days ahead!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you for this; I just got back from the movies to find your comment (along with all the other nice comments here). I’m feeling a lot better now. πŸ™‚

      How was your Fourth? Did you do anything fun out there in the ATL? I went to a parade earlier today, came back home and hung out with Tabs for a bit, then El Hub took me out on a date. We ate Puerto Rican food (I’ve been craving it) and then watched a new indie sci-fi film called Snowpiercer. After the movie we stopped by an ice cream shop and got some cones, and it was still warm enough in the evening to eat outside (it’s been hella hot here in the Bay… Do you still say hella? LOL). All in all, I had a good day.

  31. Amy says:

    Thanks, Karen! I’ll try the Chanel. And walking does help–I need to remember to try that before the chocolate. πŸ˜‰

    • Karen says:

      You’re welcome, Amy. Do you live near a Nordstrom or any store that has samples? You might want to try getting a sample first before committing to it as it’s quite pricy. That’s what I did. Oh! And I learned from my fave Chanel lady last week that the foundations with the “0” at the end of the name are yellow-based, and ones with the “2” are pink-based. I’m somewhere between a 40 and 50, if that helps. Also, from my experiments so far I’ve found that fingers work great for application. No need for a brush!

  32. haley says:

    Hi Karen. Long-time reader, first-time commenter here. I really appreciate your honesty on subjects like this, it’s so refreshing. I’m going through a similar period, my 7-year relationship has unraveled due to cheating and drugs, we just signed a lease and im here alone. It’s so awful, I’m at a loss, but I can’t lie and say that reading your story didn’t help me find solidarity. I hope things look up for you soon, and you do what you gotta do.
    Happy 4th,

    • Karen says:

      Hi Haley,

      I appreciate your honesty too, and I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this right now. Please know that you aren’t alone. Although we’ve never met in person, you’ll always have someone on the other keyboard to listen and support you if you want/need it.

      Even though things are hard for you right now, I hope you can still find small things during your day to make you happy.

      And also…are you a pet person? If your lease allows animals, maybe you might want to consider getting a companion. My cat Tabs always seems to find a way to make me feel better when I’m feeling sad. He makes my home a happier place.

  33. Aracely says:

    Have you thought about utilizing therapy? Can’t hurt

    • Karen says:

      Hi Aracely,

      I’ve done it in the past and it’s been helpful. But it’s been a few years.

      Have you done therapy before? Did you find it helpful?

  34. Bella says:

    Karen, it’s only natural that you’re feeling down at such a disappointment. Indulge yourself for a bit! The parade looks like a fun time. And if it’s any comfort, just yesterday I had to guffaw out loud at Nars Orgasm going to prep school and coming back as Chanel Malice…LOLOL! You’re funny without even trying :).
    I hope your wish for a baby will be granted soon. Have you been trying for a long time? (No need to answer, it IS very personal).

    • Karen says:

      Hi Bella,

      I hope so too! Hopefully sooner than later.

      How has your weekend been so far? Are you here in the US and celebrating the long weekend?

  35. Rekha says:

    Hi Karen.. I wish you happiness, joy and peace…. Peace in your body, your mind and soul… And I wish you a lot of laughter nd giggles … You make my day a lot brighter!!! Greets from Holland!!

  36. Rekha says:

    Good grief! My reply sounds so gooey and mooshey… I’m not like that! I a down to earth kind of type… But anywho’s I’ve been follow MBB for a white now and you always make me smile… Just wish the same for you…

  37. Sara says:

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for entertaining us all these years. I hope, and know, that better days will come! Btw, you are not alone in struggling for a baby. I’m about to enter the IVF circus once again in the hope for a second child.

    • Karen says:

      Good luck to you, Sara. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

      How is your weekend going so far?

      • Sara says:

        Thank you, Karen. I’ll do the same for you.
        The weekend? Well, the timing of things weren’t perfect this weekend. We finally had some nice and warm summer weather here in my part of the woods. But my husband had to work all weekend and left me with a heavy cold/fever and a 1,5 year old full of energy. Yes, I felt very sorry for myself. Very sorry, indeed. Haha, next weekend will be better!

  38. Icequeen81 says:

    See animals also do wonder for me, I want those things moms wear when they wear thetir baby in their back or in front is a kind of back pack to carry baby, I want one like that to carry the pups.

    like your outfit

    • Karen says:

      They definitely have the power to heal. Sometimes I think of Tabs like my therapy cat. He’s a really good listener, that’s for sure.

      How have you been? Are you having a nice weekend so far?

      • Icequeen81 says:

        They have that wonder for sure, they always make me smile

        My weekend has been fine tell now. Gonna make tomato cheese paste later.

        Yesterday we saw tranformers it was ummm ok >(

        how was your weekend?

        • Karen says:

          It was great! I watched a movie, too, called Snowpiercer. Have you heard of it? If you like sci-fi you have to watch it. It’s really good!

          What is tomato cheese paste? It sounds like something to put on bread. MMM!

  39. Alli says:

    Hey Karen,

    I have had a weird emotional week as well! I am currently planning my wedding, which will be next summer, and I am starting to understand why people say wedding planning is so tough! Random people have very strong opinions on things, while others who should have very strong opinions are not even seeming to care. It is all very stressful, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it at the end! Your blog makes me laugh like no other, and has introduced me to MAC cosmetics. I love you and your writing style, and take some comfort that you weren’t the only one that had some June Gloom/July Cries this week!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alli,

      Yes, it’s definitely challenging. I remember being very stressed out when I got married. How far along are you in the planning process? Do you have anyone to help you?

      • Alli says:


        It made my day that you replied! I am pretty far along in the planning. My cousin who works at the hotel where we are getting married has helped find vendors and such. My future MIL is just not as involved as we thought she would be, so that is sort of a bummer! For my day of makeup, I am thinking Old Hollywood Glamour. I am looking for a bold lip, maybe not exactly red, but close to it. Do you have any suggestions? What was your wedding day makeup like? LOTS OF LOVE!!!

        • Karen says:

          Hi Alli,

          That’s great that your cousin has been able to help! It really helps to have a hotel connection…it makes finding everything easier, I’m sure. (I remember that being challenging.) I actually didn’t do my own makeup on my wedding day! I hired a makeup artist, mostly because I just wanted to relax on the day of. It was natural and vaguely smoky, LOL. So, I love the look of old Hollywood glamour, but with red or bold lips, you have to do a lot of planning. I’m not sure whether you’re taking pics before or after (a lot of couples do it before so they can spend more time with their guests…I kind of wish we did that), but if you do end up going with red during the ceremony and plan on taking pics after, you’ll definitely have to spend time fixing/touching up the lips before you do the pics, because chances are they’ll get messed up after you kiss. And while red lips photograph beautifully but you really have to have them perfect, otherwise they can look a little off. You’ll also have to be sure to take all traces it off of your sweetheart after you’ve said “I do,” because any trace of red will pick up on camera. I would suggest going with something matte and long-wearing finish rather than a cream, because creams are high maintenance. Definitely get a lip pencil up in the mix there, too, and a lip brush. HTH, and let me know if you have any more questions! I’m happy to help.

  40. Debra says:

    Every thing happens for a reason, Karen, although most of the time, we don’t know why!!

    Don’t forget to meditate and let “it” all out.

    Thanks to your website, I saw the Chanel Joues Contrastes “Malice” — which I’d missed caused I was busy, maybe trying not to feel malice!!

    Today I go buy the lovely, and send best wishes to you!!

  41. Stephanie says:

    Hi Karen, I’m writing this a day late with a cat laying herself out over my lap… and my left wrist, so thankfully it’s already in typing position. Today I’m grateful that she’s here for me, because it’s been a few days since she’s wanted to snuggle with me, and it’s left me feeling a little broken. Your blog is wonderful, and I am so glad you don’t force yourself to update when you aren’t feeling it. That can turn it into the biggest soul suck.

    I should get working on my to-do list that I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it has to do with dreaded mopping and vacuuming. The best thing about today is that my boy is coming home from a week and a half out of the country. Can’t believe I’ve missed him so much, but. Anyway, I am going to go back to snuggling Miss Pepper, and I think you and Tabs should get some time together too!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Tabs does the same thing. He lays on my desk, right in front of the keyboard, and drapes his hefty paws over my left wrist. Most of the time it works out for me, LOL. How long have you and Miss Pepper been together? And how old is your son? I hope he enjoyed his trip.

  42. Haley says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you so much for responding. And thank you for what you said, that means the world to me and the offer is extended to you.

    I’m keeping myself busy with work, I can barely afford my place with just my income so working extra shifts has become a necessity. I read and use beauty blogs/specktra to keep my mind occupied.

    I actually do have a pet! I wouldn’t be able to get through this without him. He’s a mini dachshund named Moose, he’s like my child! Keeps me in a routine and is always making me laugh.

    I hope you feel better today.


    • Karen says:

      Hi Haley,

      I’m glad Moose is there to keep you company. Everything’s better with an animal companion by your side. πŸ™‚ How long have you had him? Tabs and I have been BFFs for eight years now.

      Also, is your place big enough to rent out? Maybe taking on a roommate would make it easier on you.

      Things on this end aren’t bad today. I haven’t cried (knock on wood) and have generally felt pretty calm. So it’s a really good day, I guess.

      Hope your having a nice weekend so far. I can’t believe tomorrow is Sunday already!

  43. Nell says:

    Karen: I’m sending huge hugs your way. Keep the faith, sistah. You have hundreds of cool women-folk readers wishing you happiness, peace, and laughter. Thanks for sharing your feelings; it helps to know I’m not the only emotional mess out there. Makes me feel more normal to know you go through all of that cr*p, too. Exercise and sunshine help me, along with reading your blog and watching my fav beauty YouTubers. Gets me out of my self a bit. Okay, here’s what I’ve got for ya: Master’s favorite food is what? Chip or no chip? Our Masters (three) only go outside when with us, in a fenced in back yard, a few times per week,for romping time. But I think they need chips – just in case. My version of ElHub doesn’t agree. He feels they are not outdoor cats, so no need. Harumph. Master sleep on foot of bed, on pillow, or in another room? That’s all. Hugs to Tabs, feel better soon! Nell

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nell,

      Thank you, you are so sweet and funny. You totally made me laugh!

      Tabs loves wet food with gravy. HE IS ALL ABOUT THE GRAVY. On Thanksgiving last year, I gave him a huge chunk of turkey (his favorite type of meat) and then piled the gravy on top. He ate all the gravy and left the turkey, LOL. I’m not sure what chips are…do you mean treats?

      As for where he sleeps, everything in this condo is his bed, apparently. At night, depending on how he’s feeling, he’ll either sleep in the hallway just outside my bedroom (so he can supervise) or on the floor next to the bed. If he’s feeling affectionate, then it’s the foot of the bed. But that’s rare.

      Where do you cats sleep? Do they all get along? What are their names?

  44. Tatiana says:

    Sorry you haven’t been feeling yourself. When I read how you felt, I thought, “Dang, this girl is pregnant!” Cuz that’s the way I felt at the beginning of my pregnancies. Sorry to hear that you are not. Hugs to you.

    Thank you for this wonderful, crazy blog. You give me more lemmings than a girl ought to have. πŸ˜‰ And Tabs is just the most handsome cat model ever! My girl kitties are just so jealous of him!

    Love the animal photos. That one dog is quite the super model! Love the horse pics, too. Then again, I’m known as a crazy horse lady.

    Hope you’re feeling yourself again soon. Take the time you need to feel better. Hugs

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      Thank you, sweet friend. I’ll take those hugs and give you some in return. πŸ™‚

      I’m feeling much more calm and a lot better today. Things are looking up, for sure.

      Umm…I kind of love that you’re known as a crazy horse lady. Do you have a horse?! I’ve ALWAYS wanted one. And how many kitties do you have?

      • Tatiana says:

        So glad to hear you are feeling better. πŸ™‚
        Did Tabs snuggle up to you and purr? No matter what ails me, I always feel better when one of my kitties does that.
        Sometimes I just want to drive up to the North Bay and go shopping at Sephora with you.
        I have two girl kitties. One dressed in a tuxedo and one all black. And yes, I have a horse. I think even if I didn’t, people would still think I was a crazy horse lady because I love them that much.

  45. Stacey says:

    Karen, I look forward to your posts in my email every day. I love how you show how makeup looks on you, as well as swatches. You’re so dang thorough! You are so silly and, well, normal, that you put a big smile on my face. πŸ™‚ Love the doggie pictures above, but of course, Tabs is a handsome beast!

    Others have suggested these things, too, but just to reiterate,
    1) Go to your doctor (GP). Tell him/her what’s going on. Get some bloodtests done. You might have something wonky going on physically. For example, I was in my early 30s when I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. That can affect mood, energy, physical changes (like aches), etc. Just go to the doc and make sure nothing is going on funny in your bod.

    2) Consider talking to a therapist. I’ve used one for several years. Even though I’m way better emotionally now, I still go to her once a month as a “checkup.” It’s nice to ramble on to someone who isn’t in my life and isn’t afraid to give me an honest perspective!

    3) If it comes to it, don’t avoid medication for mental stuff, if it’s suggested to you. I put that off and put that off (“Oh! If I take medication, then I’m REALLY crazy!), but it’s honestly been the best thing for me. I feel naturally in a better, more optimistic view (I grew up in an abusive environment. Until the medication, I thought pessimism was just how I worked). You might have to go through a few before you find the right one (oh, side effects. Thankfully, all I have is sweating now. But I live in the South. That’s normal! LOL), but you will more than likely find one that works.

    Many hugs to you this holiday weekend!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stacey,

      Thank you so much for this note. I’m glad you enjoy the blog…it makes me feel like my crazy @ss ramblings aren’t for nothin’. So thank you, seriously. πŸ™‚ And thank you for all of these suggestions. I know there’s definitely room for me to be more proactive about taking care of myself.

      I hope that you’re having a nice holiday weekend so far. What have you been up to in the South?

  46. April says:

    Meditating help keep me feeling balanced and there are good free resources for this. UCLA has a mindfulness center and they have guided meditations called the Weekly Podcast at the Hammer that you can access here http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=107 or iTunes. They just had one about dealing with difficult emotions. The Headspace and Calm apps are also really good. Thinking of one thing I am grateful for everyday also helps.

  47. Angela G. says:

    Hiya Karen!
    I’m glad to hear that you’re doing a lot better today. Girl, that bronzing pic of RyGo had me rolling.. LOL

    I’m a plus sized gal with full cheeks so the whole bronzing thing intimidates me too. I just end up feeling scared that I’m gonna end up looking like Elvis (not young Elvis, but the old Elvis when he had those full sideburns). You know what I mean?

    On a different note, can you recommend any heavy duty, won’t budge mascara? I’m currently using Revlon’s Color Stay Overtime Mascara, but the humidity & heat here in Texas leaves me looking like a raccoon within hours.

    In regards to the chapped lips, I feel ya on that note. I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm and those EOS egg looking things. I haven’t tried either one.

    Hugs from Houston! <3

    • Karen says:

      Hiya Angela,

      I *wish* RyGos would let me put bronzer on him. That would be, like, the best youtube makeup video EVERRRRRRR.

      I think I know what you mean about bronzer being intimidating. For the longest time I was afraid of it too, but I’m telling you — once you hit on the right one (it really depends on the undertones of your skin, since some bronzers are more pink and others more of a warm orangey/yellow), and you figure out a technique that works for you, it can completely transform your look. If you need help finding one let me know.

      OK, as for mascara, would you like to stay within the Revlon/drugstore range? Let me know your budget and I’ll make a list for you. Also, do you want waterproof?

  48. Celi says:

    Hi Karen! Is it weird to feel close to someone that you have never even met? You have touched so many hearts! You have lifted our hearts up and been our escape in our times of need. I hope that in some small way that the love from all of us lifts you up too. You have a community of sista’s out here sending hugs!

    I mean I have been religiously checking your site daily for years and years now. Everyone morning and every night I check your site to see what you have been up to. I of course love the posts about makeup, being a makeup fanatic myself, but also the posts about food and Tabs! Oh TABS! So many times I have wanted to just reach though and squeeze him! He looks just like my Abby but more masculine of course. I have 5 cats! Four are ours, one is a foster. My bf and I have had up to 9 at one time! We have taken in batches of tiny kittens and raised them and found then furr-ever homes. It is truly bitter sweet. We’ve spent so much time loving and raising these little loving furr balls with their own distinct personalities and then when it is time for them to leave us we cry our eyes out for each and every one. I feel like animals can embody the best of us, faith trust and love. If I had the space and money I am very afraid that I would probably have 25 cats, lol, EEK!


    • Karen says:

      Hi Celi,

      You are so sweet and this was so kind. Thank you! I’m feeling the love from you and from the gals who read MBB, and it’s definitely helping me feel better. Today was actually pretty good (I didn’t cry at all).

      And I don’t think it’s weird to feel close to someone you’ve never met. Just because it’s a connection over a keyboard doesn’t mean it’s any less real, you know? The internet is kind of amazing that way, I guess.

      So, don’t tell Tabs, but I’m super jelly of your cat situation. You are totally living the cat lady dream! How did you end up with four!? And what are they like?

      • Celi says:

        Hi Karen!

        So here is my crazy cat lady story…I should first say that I grew up with all kinds of animals. If it was lost, I brought it home. But while I was in college I had to forgo having any pets because of the crazy amount due for a pet deposit and it never failed that I had a roommate that was allergic to cats. So when I graduated from college about 8 years ago and moved into my own place the first thing that I did was march myself down to the shelter to rescue a furr baby. And as is usually the case, the shelter was filled with animals waiting to be taken home and that’s when I saw her. She was a little fluffy ball, maybe six weeks old. She was in a little cage all by herself. And I thought, “that’s it, no more looking”. She was a beautiful long hair tortoiseshell with blue baby eyes. SO I took her out of her cage and she went to town hissing and biting. But I thought “awwww, with just some positive reinforcement and lots of love we can fix this”. (More on this in a sec.)

        So we went home and she was sassy and funny but I was working all day and I felt horrible that she was all alone all day. So when she was about a year I decided it was time that she had a friend to play with and love. So back I went to the shelter with my bf who went to a pin full of kittens and pointed to a diluted calico and said “that one”. So “that one”, Callie, came home to meet cat #1, Sadie. That was a big mistake, or so I thought at the time. Sadie went ballistic. Hissing and stalking our new kitten for about 5 months. I felt like such a horrible cat mom! What had I done?!? I felt that I had ruined both their lives. The little one Callie, wanted so badly to find security with Sadie but Sadie wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. Their one sided fights were awful and often left me in tears. But a friend of mine who fostered cats told me just to push through. That it was my home and that it would settle around month 5. And it did but around the year mark again I knew that Callie was lonely and sad and she needed someone to be there during the day while I was at work because cat number one, Sadie, couldn’t have possibly cared less about her. So off we went to the shelter yet again to find a friend for cat #2. We found cat #3 at the same shelter as one and two. She is just what Callie needed. We named her Tracy. That was over 6 years ago and they are inseparable.

        The forth, Abby, is a short haired tabby and could be Tabs’ sister. My bf and I are in real estate and from time to time we get calls that someone has abandoned their pets after they move out. This is what happened to Abby. She was left in a house for three days without food or water. Not even the toilet was left up. When we got the call, we rushed over to the house only to find her hiding in the only piece of furniture they left behind. An old poop and pee stained recliner they discarded just like her. She came out after a few minutes of coaxing. She was wounded at the base of her back, by the start of her tail. She was thirsty and scared. As per our standard operating procedure, we went off to the vet to have her tested for any communicable diseases (FIV/FeLV), checked for a microchip, checked for being spayed and then treated for her wound. She spent the next three weeks in quarantine recovering. She is a beautiful and gentle spirit. She looks like a tabby popcorn ball and is a notorious food thief. We have had close to two dozens cats that we have personally rehabbed and rehomed but Abby grabbed hold of my bf’s heart (and mine too)and so I think that she is here to stay. So that makes four!…

        The fifth is a stray that went to a friends house and instead of going to the shelter she came here. We are convinced she is someone’s baby. She was so clean and sweet but we haven’t been able to find her owner. We posted flyers all over (shelter, vet’s offices, neighborhood) and have a craigslist ad up but nothing. We had her scanned for a microchip but no luck. We have had her going on 2 months.

        So this is my crazy cat life. We are surrounded by cat trees and cat toys. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on limited ingredient cat food because said mentioned princesses have sensitive tummies. And once when we walked out of PetSmart with a new LAAAAAARGE litter box a lady asked us just what kind of animal we had. LOL, like maybe we had pet lions at home!…But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

        Lots and lots of love from Texas!

        And on a side note, I know that this was a very personal post but I think that is why we all are drawn to MBB in the first place. We are here for you. We aren’t going anywhere. :~)

        • Celi says:

          OMG THAT WAS A NOVEL! SORRY!!!!!

          • Karen says:

            Oh gosh, don’t apologize! I really, REALLY enjoyed reading this! I love it when cat ladies love their cats JUST SO DANG MUCH, because I feel the same way about my Tabby baby.

            I have considered getting him a companion but am absolutely terrified of the consequences. Tabs is so sweet with “his” humans, but when it comes to other cats, he’s not having it.

            When he sees another cat through the window he gets all fired up and upset. Oh! And once, when I went out for a walk and pet one of the neighbor’s cats, he smelled her scent on my fingers and freaked out. He got all puffy and angry and was convinced that there was another kitty on the premises, and he spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find her.

            So yeah…we’re a one cat household. For now, at least. πŸ˜‰

            If you want to, send me pics of your cats! I would love to see them.

  49. Tania G says:

    Hi Karen, I am sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I hope sharing your struggles with us helps you a bit. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see 2 pink lines yet. It might still be too early to tell. sometimes one or 2 days might make a difference. Best wishes and hope you will be feeling better in no time!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tania,

      Thank you. Today was a little better than yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow will be even better. I hope that you are having a nice weekend so far. What have you been up to?

  50. Haley says:

    Hi Karen,

    Moose has been with me for almost 8 months, he’s 10 months old as of the 3Rd. It hasn’t been too long but we have such a deep connection! Animals help so much, I always enjoy reading your tidbits about Tabs on here. What a cutie he is!

    Sadly my place is quite small and a one bedroom, it was perfect for the two of us, but I wouldn’t want someone sharing a room with me. I know life will work itself out, but it’s hard. Going day by day.

    I’m glad today is proving to be better for you! It’s very difficult having the ups and downs, not really knowing how you feel that day.

    My weekend starts tomorrow! I work retail so it’s always crazy. Enjoy your Saturday and tell Tabs “hi” from me and Moose!

    • Karen says:

      Aww, so he’s still a puppy! That is one of the best times with a dog. I’m a crazy cat lady now but grew up with some wonderful dogs…puppyhood is so fun, and so, so joyful. Enjoy every second of it.

      Well… even though you can’t take on a roommate, at least Moose if your roommate for now. Maybe you can charge him rent? (Kidding!) I joke all the time about Tabs being a freeloader. πŸ™‚

      Have fun on your weekend. What are your plans? Hope you do something fun that makes you happy. Purrs from Tabs to you both!

  51. Kaylyn says:

    Hi Karen, I have been a long time reader but this my first comment! I’m so glad you’re feeling better but you take the time you need for yourself, I promise we aren’t going anywhere. As women, we all understand what is like to go through disappointments and deal with the emotional backlash. We have different stories of course but pain is pain. I for example am a recently turned 30 year old single woman. By 30 I was suppose to be married and have a baby or one on the way. That’s how I planned my life out anyway lol. In my late 20s my friends were getting married and now they are having babies and I am happy for them of course but it stings sometimes because my time hasn’t come yet and the older I get, the more worried I get that it’s not going to happen for me. BUT I have a good career and education and a wonderfully supportive family that I love dearly and that’s more than some can say. So when the disappoints come I try to cling to my blessings and eventually we move on! I wish you all the best and thank you so much for all the work you do. You are a beautiful woman inside and out!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kaylyn,

      Happy belated 30th. πŸ™‚ I think it’s very common to feel lots of emotions when you turn 30, so you’re definitely not alone. I went through some growing pains during that stage of my life, and I know a lot of people who experienced the same thing. You have all these mental pictures of where you wanted to be in your mind, and when that doesn’t line up with where you’re actually at, it can hurt sometimes.

      You’re right — you have to hold onto the good things as tightly as you can, and to focus on them. I think I will make that my goal for the week.

      I hope that you had a lovely weekend. What did you do? I just got back from lunch with my brother and a qucik trip to the beach with El Hub.

  52. Haley says:

    Yes he’s still a baby! Such a sweetheart. He is my first dog, we had family dogs growing up but there is that special connection when you are the sole provider! He is 7 pounds, but was only 3.5 when I got him, so I feel he has grown so quickly! I can’t imagine you as anything other than a Tabs lady!

    Ha! Moose is a little freeloader, he always ends up eating most of my food, mysteriously…

    I’m going to spend some time with my family, I haven’t done that much since I moved out about 2 years ago. I’m 20 now, so it’s definitely needed during this difficult time! The reason this break is so hard is that I was with him since my freshman year of high school, and we met in 8th grade. So insane to think it’s all over. Definitely need some recouping time!

    Have a great Sunday! Relax and take time for yourself (as much as Tabs will let you!)

    • Karen says:

      Oh, he was so tiny when you got him! Awww. I bet you took a TON of pics. πŸ™‚ Is your phone full of them? I have way too many Tabs pics on mine, LOL.

      Hope you had fun with your family today. I spent some time with mine, too — had lunch with my brother and then went to the beach for a little bit with El Hub afterwards.

      And I know that you already know this, but it never hurts to hear it again…you are going to get through this. You are going to get through this. YOU ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS. Seriously, though. That’s a big chunk of your life to spend with someone, and it’s during a time when you are growing so much.

      It’s going to be hard for a while — maybe a long while — so you have to brace yourself. But you will eventually learn to re-live your life without him, make new patterns, and make new memories. I know you can do it. πŸ™‚

  53. Katy says:

    My best friend and I both struggle with anxiety. Most days that we don’t HAVE to leave the house, we just sit on Skype or the internet and communicate with each other all day. It’s helpful to have that other person there who feels like you and isn’t pressuring you to get out and do things. We’ve both been medicated for it, but she’s terrible about taking hers even though it really seems to help, and I just went off mine because it wasn’t helping much anymore. My friends like to joke that I have a “super liver” because after I take any sort of prescription meds for a few months, they stop being effective.

    Exercise sometimes helps me, but I find the biggest thing that makes me get going is a shower. Something about getting clean and dressed for the day forces me to get out the door. I went to all this trouble, might as well be worth it, I guess!

    I hope Tabs helps you through these times. I know my Trixie helps me. She’s pretty sure head butts cure all ails and doesn’t care that they can actually just irritate a headache!

    I can tell from all the comments on your posts that you have a great community behind you, so just know we’re here for you, hoping you’re doing well. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katy,

      Thank you for this note, and for reminding me about the old “getting ready for the day” trick. I work from home and it’s easy for me to get caught up in an endless cycle of stretchy pants; I have to remember that when I feel put together that it really helps get me going and out and about.

      Also, Tabs has been very helpful for the past few days. He’s been attentive and affectionate, so that’s been a comfort. Yay for cats! πŸ™‚

      How long have you and your kitty Trixie been together? Is she your only kitty cat?

      • Katy says:

        I adopted Trixie in November of last year. I moved into an apartment on my own for graduate school last August and was distraught not having a pet (except my fish). My family always had dogs (Westies, to be specific) when I was growing up, so the apartment felt empty without a furry friend. I’d cat-sat for friends and neighbors, but I’d never had my own cat. I was stalking the petfinder website for months debating whether to get a cat or not because of the cost, but it was the best decision I ever made! Trixie was found last July, so I saw her every time I went to the site. There was another cat that seemed like a better match for me based on the descriptions, but when I met Trixie, I knew we’d get along well. We definitely do. She’s an 8-year-old, so she’s pretty chill just sleeping on the couch while I do my homework. It works out well.

        The friend I mentioned before has 2 cats (a 1-year-old kitten and a 9-year-old). Most of our conversations revolve around our cats, and we really only use webcams when there’s a cat in the picture. πŸ™‚ Crazy cat ladies in the making!

  54. Sylirael says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, Karen πŸ™‚ Sometimes everything just mounts up, and it gets really hard to deal with it – especially when there’s both mental and physical sh*t going on! When you described your physcial issues I have to admit I was all OMGPREGNANT?!, so I’m sorry to hear that that’s not the explanation for your discomfort (and doubly sorry if you’ve been trying for it with no luck yet).

    So you get lots of hugs all the way from New Zealand, and best wishes for whatever you’re trying to work towards, even if that’s just getting out of bed in the morning, LOL! I love anything you post, but I want you to be happy in your work, so just do what you want to when you’re ready, OK? Promise me!

    Sylirael recently posted … Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! Electric Magic, Epic Loot and Beautiful Journeys!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you for the hugs! πŸ™‚ Sending you the same back. I hope that you had a nice weekend. What did you do?

      • Sylirael says:

        It was a bit of a mixed bag for me too – we had an awesome family get together to celebrate several birthdays that have happened recently (yay!) but some beloved older family members aren’t doing so well any more health-wise, and it’s really hard to see (boo πŸ™ ). Still, much fun was had by all, and it’s always great to get everyone together!

  55. Nina says:

    Hey Karen! I hope you’re better today! I’m not really best at comforting someone but I just wanted to say that you’re a beautiful and smart person and you will get through this. I think I know what it feels like (you know, had my own versions of it) and just like you said, the important thing is to remember it will pass eventually. Reading your blog always makes me feel better when I’m down because it’s like I got a friend here, so as one of your readers I hope I can make you feel the same, too! Lots of love and have a fantastic day!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you, Nina. I definitely feel the friendship coming through from the other side of the keyboard. Thank you for your kindness and for reminding me to just “keep on keeping on.” Today was even better than yesterday. I went to the beach for a bit and I met my brother for lunch, so things are looking up. I think it’s going to be a good week.

      How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

  56. Dee says:

    So sorry to hear Karen. I hope you feel back to your cheery best asap!! Your posts have been pretty regular despite how you’ve been feeling. Kudos to you!! Glad you had some fun at the carnival! Take care!
    Dee recently posted … Are you all that I’d hoped you be Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Nubile?

  57. C says:

    I had all the stuff you describe and took 3 tests that were negative but I tried a different brand and it was positive. So weird and discouraging but now I am 6 months along so maybe it’s something like that.

    Either way I love your blog and your writing voice so please take a break if you need it.

  58. Efrain says:

    Well you’re not alone about feeling awful these days, I think I’m living in a roller coaster of emotions I’m up, I’m down and the environment doesn’t help me.

    From what I’ve scanned over the comments you wanted to get pregnant, don’t worry it’ll happen more earlier that you think and MBB will be full of your pregnant life (and your baby will have many internet aunts and uncles).

    Summer will become better for both I’m sure.

    In other topics:

    1) I’m lusting for blush, but my head still says me to buy skincare and/or foundation or concealer because in the long way they’re better. My birth day is soon and I’m going to indulge in any of them by myself. Any suggestions?

    2) My sister is becoming a teenager and you know that it’s a hard time, any advice to help her?

    3)I’m sorry for not commenting before, but ultimately I’m late for everything.

    I send you a lot of hugs for make you feel better, also think of kittens.
    Efrain recently posted … Los imprescindibles en belleza cuando falta tiempo

  59. Aracely says:

    Hi Karen:
    This is a follow up to your question. Yes, I have been through therapy before and it was really helpful. I think it would have been more helpful to me if I was ready to open up about things that I was too afraid to discuss.
    I actually am a therapist now. Karma has worked her magic and given me clients that Are afraid to open up!

  60. Kim says:

    Karen, I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well. It’s hard enough to feel physically bad but when you’re struggling mentally as well, it’s no wonder you haven’t been in the mood to blog or get out and about. I hope you’ll be feeling better soon. I’m sending you virtual hugs and good vibes!!! πŸ™‚

  61. Adriana RP says:

    Hi Karen,
    I totally understand how you feel… I am in a similar “spirit”.
    It is interesting that more people feel like this, because for a while I thought that it was me… Well, it is not that I like know that more people are having this “time”… is just because I don’t feel “alone” on this anymore.
    Really wish that you, me and everyone feel better soon!

  62. Christie says:

    Hi Karen,

    I know I’m late to the comment party, but thank you for sharing your personal life with all of us, even though it isn’t the *fun* parts of life.

    I actually just moved to Larkspur 4 days ago with my husband, from Southern CA, and I am feeling a little homesick. Seeing all of your pictures from the fair was wonderful because we were just too busy unpacking to go check it out! But also, thank you for sharing your feelings because it helped me to realize that even though I am a little homesick, there are other people out there that aren’t feeling their best either, and it is OKAY to not be at your best. We are humans after all, right? πŸ™‚

    I’ve been a follower for a long time and didn’t realize you lived up here, so that makes me happy too! I hope you are smiling on this Monday morning. That’s possible, right?

    Hugs from my cat and me,


  63. Tulipthecat says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling so well. Sorry I’m so late on my post but it’s easier to type with a real keyboard than with the one on the iphone/ipad. I had similar struggles before and I talked to my doctor and she prescribed me a mild antidepressant and it’s worked wonders along side an increase in exercise. Right now I’m totally into kickboxing. I used to have random episodes of crying and bouts of anxiousness. I hope that you feel better soon and I’ve been enjoying your blogs for years. Your blog is the first blog I started following.

    Take care!


  64. Rachel P. says:

    Hi Karen! I know you posted this a few days ago, but I just got to read it and wanted to drop a line. It was great to read through some of the above comments and check out your super-supportive following, which I am so proud to be a part of. MBB is a truly special place and we care about you, Karen!

    I’m glad you’ve been seeking solace in comfort things, whether it’s food, taking little breaks from blogging, watching the parade, having a cry, and wearing only stretchy pants for days. When you need it, you need it, you know? It really gave me pangs to read about the non-pregnancy happening. I know great things are in store for you and El Hub (despite not knowing you personally), and if/whenever you become pregnant, you will be the most bomb momma ever!

    And I don’t care how patchy, crusty, or undesirable your lip swatches are, I will still treasure them forever!! You were totally rocking that new NARS pencil from the recent Night Caller collection post! And you have no idea how many times I’ve pinned your swatches to my Pinterest beauty board, and then refer back to them as I mine through my (extensive, unrealistic, frequently updated) makeup wishlists, deciding what to add to my collection next!

    It is always a bit sad for me to see one of my beauty gurus feeling down and out, just because you are so adored and I never want you to forget it! But I also understand that when you’re feeling low, sometimes you just gotta feel low for a little while. I think I can tell you are feeling good again, based on that super hilarious RyGos-phone-convo post with the NARS pencil. Anyhow, I’ll quit before this comment turns into a letter, but I’m sending good feelings your way, Karen! From Michigan to the Bay Area!

  65. Natalie says:

    We all go through tough periods, but just know that this will not last. I hope you know how much joy you bring to all of us beauty junkies out here! I look at other blogs, but yours is definetly the most fun and interesting in my humble opinion. You rock. ***internet hugs*** xoxo

  66. Martina says:

    Hi Karen,
    I read this post when you put it online but didn’t have the time to write a comment. I read a few blogs but this is actually the first time ever that I am writing a comment in response to a blog post.
    I really love your blog (especially your style of writing) and the way you seem to tackle life head-on,. I think it’s admirable.
    I hope you are feeling better by now. Everyone has tough times or really bad days but I really respect you for putting your feelings and situation out there and talking so openly about it. ( I know how it is to feel perfectly horrid, for whatever reason, and I always tend to curl up at home and not letting anyone close. ) Kudos!

    Greetings from about halfway round the world and wishing you all the best,

  67. Anna says:

    Hi, Karen. I am a longtime reader and fan. I am going through a rough time in my life as well, and I wanted to let you know how much your blog means to me. I visit your blog every day, throughout the day, and your posts never fail to brighten my world. In between those funny, creative posts, there are posts like these where you articulate the struggles that so many of us share. Thank you for keeping it real… You give readers permission to say, “Hey, this is hard. I don’t have the answers. I don’t know how to fix it. I just need to get through each day until it’s not so hard anymore.” You are not “just” a beauty blogger, but a friend and role model for so many. I am hoping the days and weeks get better. I have to believe they will for me. We will get through this, Karen. ((Hugs))

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