Tomatoes and Lemon Cucumbers (2)

The First Epic Taste of Summer

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Tomatoes and Lemon Cucumbers (3)

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat a sad, half-@ssed store-bought tomato ever again.


I’m ruined for tomatoes.

Simply ruined.

OMG, the ones growing in my deck garden are finally starting to ripen, and let me tell you — biting into one is like instant food ecstasy. The flavor is so intense that my eyes roll back in my head when I bite one, no joke!


I’ve yet to try those lemon cucumbers yet, but I will.

OH, I will… πŸ™‚

How’s your summer garden coming?

Tomatoes and Lemon Cucumbers (1)

Tomatoes and Lemon Cucumbers (4)


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  1. Christine says:

    Mmmn tomatoes. If your yield is big enough I highly recommend this recipe:

    My sweet peas dried out. WTH guys you were all happy and dandy last year πŸ™ However my experiment this season, basil, is happy. My calamansi tree has revived, too. Hope I get to those fragrant flowers soon.

  2. Divya says:

    For most of my life, I have had our home grown vegetables! Now living on my own in a big city deprives me of such luxuries! How I miss those! 😐
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  3. Wait wait wait. What are those yellow vegetables? It might just be the 2AM talking, but… did you just say “lemon cucumbers”??! o.o
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Neutrogena summer sunscreen roundup & mini reviews

  4. Alex N says:

    Rae: Yep! It’s an heirloom variety! It’s been around since the 1800s, and it’s been regaining some ground in the last decade or so due to the upswing in interest in heirloom varieties!

    Karen: Aren’t they the best!? Apparently you can freeze them just fine, so if you get a bumper crop you can save that summer bounty! I only just found out about this. I’ve been growing heirlooms for five years, and I could kick myself. I currently have seventeen heirloom or open-pollinated tomato plants at the moment — and the first tomato is ripening up! I’ve been enjoying cherry tomatoes left and right for the last week now, but they hardly count. They’re always first.

    I like mine sprinkled with fancy finishing salts – either Himalayan pink or gray fleur de sel πŸ˜€

  5. ReneeP says:

    Oh gosh, I feel this way about my home grown tomatoes, parsley, onions…. I swear. I am trying to get the time to learn how to preserve them as a paste or something. I just don’t have the time! I always think about how much more nutrition there must be with all that extra flavor…

  6. Erin says:

    I eat as summery as I can all the time. This is mostly in the form of Caprese salad. I did just try Jackfruit for the first time!
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  7. Alison M says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous! Our garden burned out πŸ™ It warmed up enough for us to plant on time, but then the freezing temperatures returned for a few weeks. We barely experienced spring, a couple of tomatoes and the growth of our carrots and it is so blazing hot everything burned out. It was fun while it lasted though and there’s always the fall season to look forward to. Enjoy your tomatoes!
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  8. Shannon says:

    lawdy, girly, tomatoes are my FAVORITE. Have been ever since I was tiny. My parents always used to grow cherry tomatoes, and man, do I miss eating them fresh from the garden. *le sigh!*
    My great uncle knew where that ish was AT, though. Once, when I was little, we took him with us once on a road trip to eastern Washington (where he grew up) and he made us stop at a grocery store to get some pepper and salt so he could eat his road-stand tomatoes correctly! Just a fresh tomato with a little seasoning. Haha πŸ™‚ I’ll still eat tomatoes like that, when they’re SUPAH fresh. Just love it.

  9. Kim says:

    Oooooh, congrats on the garden tomatoes! My favorite summer food. πŸ™‚ I’m just getting some flowers on my plants now and one needs better drainage (same issue as yours with the yellowing leaves). I’m interested to hear how you like the pink Himalayan salt – I’ve only had it on chocolate covered caramels, but have been meaning to get some. I’ve never heard of lemon cukes – I hope they’re awesome!

  10. Claudia says:

    The tomatoes look beautiful, I would feel envy if it were not for my brothers friend who gives me a few when I visit. My favorite way to eat them was still warm from the sun and sliced in large wedges with salt and lime juice on them.

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