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I saw this box of vegetarian lumpia (Filipino-style egg rolls) in the frozen foods section at Whole Foods last night. It’s rare to find Filipino food in a mainstream grocery; it’s even rarer to find a vegetarian dish because so many of the dishes are meat-based.

The first thought that went through my mind, of course, was my mom’s “vegetarian” lumpia, which always has chicken, haha! I think this one might actually be real deal vegetarian, though.



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  1. Oh yay, lumpia! I’m surprised it’s hard to find this in grocery stores! Here in Belgium lumpia is sold at every Asian restaurant (we have spring rolls, the Chinese version of lumpia. I’m not so sure the Vietnamese and the Thai all have the same though lol)! We also find frozen versions at the supermarket (though highly possibly not a vegetarian version. Vegetarianism isn’t big here). Good for you Karen! I hope it’s YUM 🙂
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  2. Chelsea says:

    wow! My neighbor up in northern Michigan always made these 🙂

  3. Trisha says:

    It sounds yummy. 🙂
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  4. Alyssa says:

    I can’t believe you found lumpia! I usually have to bribe my grandma to make me some, heh. And “vegetarian” isn’t a word in my granny’s vocabulary either. I’ll definitely check out my local Whole Foods to see if they sell them here in Texas.

  5. Evani says:

    It’s hard to find Filipino food in mainstream markets because EVERYONE cooks their Filipino food differently! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed by store bought lumpia, turon or even a simple adobo! Nobody makes it like our families… Haha anyways, maybe I’ll buy that for ALL my non-Filipino friends that demand lumpia all the time. They seem to think we make them all the time…

  6. Omg – will have to check my local Whole Foods for that. I just found a Filipino take-out restaurant not too far from home which is great when I need my ‘mama’s’ style of cooking. I’m addicted to kare kare 😉

  7. jen. says:

    Mmm! I was just thinking about lumpia last night (I saw a commercial for a Lumia phone, and I read it as “lumpia” of course).

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