Neutrogena Body Oil, Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser and Rainbath Shower Gel

Cat Lady Lounging and Post-Surf Bath and Body Treats

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The cat lady robe!

Who’s that cat lady?

A conversation Cindy and I had the other day:

CINDY: Remember those crazy cat people I lived with for a semester?


ME: No. What makes you say they were crazy cat people?

CINDY: Well, they just had SO MANY CATS.

ME: How many?

CINDY: Three.

ME: Three cats is still perfectly acceptable.


CINDY: Three cats is a lot of cats!

ME: No way, man! But that third cat is the gateway cat, for sure. That’s the cat that opens the door to those crazy high numbers of cats, like 17. But if you don’t cross over to that fourth cat, you’re still safe.

LOL! Yes, I’ve given this a lot of thought, said the crazy cat lady in her cat-print robe…

Goofing off in my cat lady robe

This robe earns the “Tabs the Cat Style Stamp of Approval”

The boutique-y hotel we’ve been staying at in La Jolla, the Hotel La Jolla, has a pretty funky style. Instead of regular white plush terry robes in the room, they have robes with fun animal prints! Of course I chose the cheetah for my post-surf shower lounging.

The cat lady robe

After a long day of paddling, falling and flopping around awkwardly on a surfboard, there’s nothing like a long, hot shower and a cheetah-print robe…

I brought some of my favorite drugstore bath and body products on this trip, including Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser.

My combination oily/dry/indecisive skin loves the stuff. It removes whatever kind of makeup I’m wearing without me having to use too be a beauty bodybuilder, and it never leaves my skin feeling dry, tight or like it’s covered by a film.


Also from Neutrogena, their Rainbath Shower and Bath Gel, is one of my old-school favorites. I’ve been using it since college, and it was one of my biggest indulgences. It’s only $7.99 now, sometimes less on sale, and it was probably even less back then.

I like it because it gets my skin squeaky clean and doesn’t leave a residue behind. I can also use it as a shave gel, which is nice, and it doesn’t clog up my razor.

It’s humid out here being so close to the ocean, and the last thing I want is to feel a heavy, sticky moisturizer on the backs of my knees. That’s where Neutrogena Body Oil comes in. A light sesame moisturizer, it sinks in fast but doesn’t feel greasy. I mostly use it on my arms and legs.

Neutrogena Body Oil, Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser and Rainbath Shower Gel

Yay for drugstore bath and beauty treats and animal-print robes! 🙂


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  1. Laure says:

    O_O You’ve just described what I’ve always thought! Three is within limits but that third one is definitely the gateway cat. I feel like when you have 4, you’ll always say “what’s one more?” and then you end up with 20 cats.

    I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. My dad was a-okay with the 2 dogs, even going as far as initiating the adopting of them. The cats, however… He’s not a fan. My mom had to insist on the oldest one we have(currently). (We’ve had a cat before) And then we found one that had been abandonned and that my mom and sister wanted to adopt. My dad refused and the only way we could keep it is if my sister promised to take him with her once she married. (She’s getting married in October 2014, so it’ll be hard saying goodbye… He’s such a sweetie)

  2. Laure says:

    That bathrobe is soooo stylish. ♥

  3. Carla says:

    Are you at a Kimpton hotel? I totally rocked the animal print bathrobes when we stayed at the one in Seattle 😀 We also loved the pet goldfish they lent us. Such a great idea.

  4. Chelsea says:

    My cousin Lynn has 6! Definite cat-lady status.

    I think cat lady can be a state of mind rather than just based on a number of cats. My friend Lisa has two, but is definitely cat-lady.

  5. Lulle says:

    3 cats is perfectly fine! It’s like a little family of felines 🙂
    I’ve been thinking of getting a 2nd cat for a while, but I’m still not sure Ernesto would be happy about that. He’s kind of an exclusive kitty! On the other hand there are so many kitties in shelters waiting for a loving home… it’s a hard decision and I haven’t figured out what to do yet.
    Lulle recently posted … Sephora + Pantone Universe Light Storm Liquid Shadow: a game of light and colors

    • Laure says:

      It’s something you should definitely be careful with… We have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Our cat Féline came first and then within a 6 month interval, we got our two dogs (our eldest was a puppy when we got him). Féline always got along great with Izzo (our eldest dog) until he got too big… Not so much with our youngest dog, but there wasn’t a very big issue.
      It wasn’t until we got Nabuti (our second cat) that Féline started having health issues. The stress would cause her to bathe too much and all the licking and hair pulling caused significant hair loss. The back of her body was completely hairless and she was always very anxious. It didn’t pass with time so we went to the vet. Now she has to take a half pill every day against anxiety but she’s doing a lot better.

      So you should definitely try to find out if your cat responds well to change and other animals. It’s also really important to make sure your cat gets along with the specific cat you’re looking to adopt. (we couldn’t do anything about Nabuti, seeing as he had been a stray and no one would take him) Every animal is different and sometimes animals have a problem with a specific other animal for no recognizable reason.
      Some pets get along when they’re little and end up fighting as adults and some get along their whole life. Animals are complicated…

      Sorry for the rant!

  6. Holly says:

    3rd cat is a “gateway cat.” LOL!!

  7. Jane says:

    Oh, good. I’m not crazy yet. I only have two cats. . .lol

  8. Gowthami says:

    Neutrogena products sounds great … I should try body oil soon.. 🙂
    Gowthami recently posted … Review: Fab India Vitamin E De-Pigmentation Cream

  9. The fourth is definitely the gateway cat…and that’s a dangerous game to play. It can be a fine line between cat lover and cat lady! Neutrogena products are great, but I steer clear of body oils – I prefer lotions.

  10. Kim says:

    That cheetah robe is a totally fun touch. Way to go, Hotel La Jolla. 🙂

    We are definitely crazy cat people (having 3 cats) but I think it also depends on the size of the home. Three cats might be a little much for a studio apartment, where you’d be constantly tripping over them. I’m going to say people are safe with the “one cat per floor” rule. HAHA!

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