Blue Ribbon Tabby

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Accessories make the tabby cat.


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  1. Arianne says:

    Oh, how handsome is Tabs!
    .-= Arianne’s last blog post… Getting Rid of Stuff. =-.

  2. awwwww cute! i can’t put anything on cha cha or it will be destroyed by his little chompers. chomp chomp chomp!
    .-= ines, felix and kitten (the office kitties)’s last blog post… Dior Creme de Gloss – Holy Grail Lip Gloss? =-.

  3. YadiQ says:

    what a handsome boy !

    i think that blue is totally his color!

  4. Laurie says:

    He’s the cutest kitty! I can see how his modeling career just took off:)

  5. Alexzandra says:

    Aww, Tabs is too cute!
    .-= Alexzandra’s last blog post… Kevyn Aucoin’s The Expert Lip Tint =-.

  6. Kate & Zena says:

    :giggle: I was wondering when you were going to take out the satin ribbon for Tabs.

    Hm, maybe I should put a ribbon on Zena today.

  7. Honestly I don’t even know how you got that thing tied on him so nicely. If I tried that with Sammy, that ribbon would have been shredded to bits, he loves any hanging shoe-lacey type object. He will even dig at my sweatpants if they have strings on them to try and get to ’em! 🙂
    .-= Vampy Varnish’s last blog post… Fing’rs Edge Artificial Nails =-.

  8. Vanessa H says:

    That is the prettiest blue!

  9. Redhead says:


  10. Lori says:

    You KNOW that would be an ordinary blue ribbon without the Tabbers! We say the Tabby makes the ribbon! ; )

  11. Alexandra says:

    Awww bless he looks so cute 🙂
    No way would Gannet leave a ribbon on her lol.

  12. cloudburst says:

    What a sweetie, although his expression is perhaps not the sweetest!

  13. Rachel says:

    How cute!

  14. Kate says:

    Oh, I love this picture of Tabs! Blue satin sashes must be one of his “favorite things”.

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