Best Seat in the House

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Tabs has a knack for stealing the TV remote and the sunniest spot on the couch.


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  1. YadiQ says:

    i love tabs – he makes me wanna squish him

    jazmine is kinda fidgety and likes to meow a lot when i grab her lol

    my sister says i am like elmira from the animaniacs

  2. Glosslizard says:

    Those are the skills of a professional kitty, clearly Tabs is no amateur!

  3. Kate & Zena says:

    Tabs does that too? Ugh, Zena loves to steal the best space on the coach and lie on the remote control. She even channel surfs!

  4. Michelle says:

    Aaaw cute pic! Mystery likes to sleep on the top back part of the couch while we’re watching movies. We’ll be minding our own business and we’ll feel something on the back of our heads and when we turn around we see a big ‘ol orange butt lol 🙂

  5. Ali says:

    love this pic! Tabs has such cute furry paws lol

  6. Nicole says:

    My two year old son loves looking at pictures of Tabs! I’m glad I found your blog because he lets me get my beauty fix, while he gets to look at a kitty! 🙂

  7. Solé says:

    Aw, I wish I could get a kitten so badly (and Tabs isn’t helping!) but my apartment complex doesn’t allow pets. It’s a very small place anyway so even if it did, the poor kitty would be jonesing for the outdoors and I don’t like doing the inside/outside thing with cats. Also my hubby is allergic but that’s only a secondary reason. Heh. So for now I’ll just enjoy your photos of Tabs the wonderkitty.

  8. cloudburst says:

    Do you know how old Tabs is?

  9. Sarah says:

    OMG, YadiQ, your post could have come directly out of my mouth. I was just thinking how I want to put Tabs’ entire head in my mouth; but in a loving way.
    And I have been referred to as that Loonytoon forever now!!
    “…I want to squeeze him and love him and smooch him ALLL OVER!!”

  10. cloudburst says:

    He certainly looks like an old man here…but in a cute way!

  11. Kate says:

    This is such a sweet photo of Tabs. He looks so happy and content. Love his heart collar. You’re so lucky to have such an adorable kitty. 🙂

  12. Alexandra says:

    Awwwww tabs is just adorable 🙂
    Gannet likes to sit on the remote,then she gives me filthy looks when i poke around trying to find it lol

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