Benefit Prrrowl

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Benefit Prrrowl iridescent mascara topcoat and shimmering lip gloss, $28.

benefit prrrowl review


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  1. marisol says:

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago & returned it. The gloss has huge chunks of blue glitter which is not appealing and the mascara color is barely visible. For as expensive as it is, IMO it didn’t deliver.

  2. Elvira says:

    Why in the world would they combine mascara with lip gloss? What was benefit thinking. After 3 months I have to toss mascara but lip gloss can last longer…and honestly I don’t see why the two need to be combined. This is just a silly product.
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  3. Melissa W. says:

    $28 is a little pricey for this. If it were slightly cheaper I’d probably get it in a second. I like the idea of this and it would be fun to keep in my purse makeup bag.
    Melissa W. recently posted … New- Benefit Her Name Was Glowla

  4. Trisha says:

    I’ve heard some good things about this. And Tabs seems to like it, so that’s a good recommendation. But I agree with Melissa W. $28 is a lot, especially for something like this.

  5. Kirstie says:

    I was personally waiting for the blog reviews to come out on this product before buying it! So I look forward to your review, Karen! (And yes, we do value your opinion so never feel like what you are doing is pointless! =)

  6. Beatrice says:

    OO! Can’t wait for the review of this! I saw it at my local benefit counter but was hesitant to buy it. Can’t wait!! 🙂
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  7. amy says:

    Ohhh the shimmery mascara is lovely looking.
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