A Cat Mom’s Intuition

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Hmm, I have a feeling that Tabs would not be down with kitty acupuncture.


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  1. Kerri K says:

    I love that you, like I, use the phrase “cat mom.” 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    my late confession…..Maggie gets accupuncture! It totally works-she has a chronic bad back. I was really skeptical to try but now I’m a believer.

  3. Stephie says:

    ahahaha. I can’t believe this exists.

  4. AnneMarieB says:

    awww… I so miss the Bay Area!
    We just don’t see these things on Oahu!

  5. In all seriousness – I know someone who does this for a living! Check out her website – http://www.pawcurious.com – good pet care tips!

  6. Marisol says:

    oh my… acupuncture? Ouch!

    Marisol´s last blog post..Sisterly Love

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