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What’s New in Makeup Bags? New Spring Makeup Bags From MAC, Paul & Joe and Sonia Kashuk

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mac mia moretti makeup bag

New spring makeup bags from MAC, Sonia Kashuk and Paul & Joe

I’m pretending right now that these new makeup bags by MAC, Paul & Joe and Sonia Kashuk are filled with food, PMS tea and tiny little blue-eyed teacup kittens.

Because I’m hungry, and I don’t want to have to cook.

And I’m PMS-ing.

Yes, I know that’s TMI. But it’s true.

Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch IV ($40)

paul & joe cosmetic pouch

Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch IV ($40, coming April to Paul & Joe counters and

paul & joe cosmetic pouch

Fits a surprising amount of stuff…

The MAC Mia Moretti bags are actually part of a set. For $46 there are three — one Large, one Medium and one Small.

My favorite is the Paul & Joe bag because, hello! — ponies happily prancing in their special outfits.

When I finally get MY pony (which will be on my farm on The Big Island of Hawaii, where I intend to make handcrafted organic goat cheese), I’m gonna make it a special outfit. :)

MAC Mia Moretti Makeup Bags: Set of 3 in Large, Medium and Small ($46)

mac mia moretti makeup bag

Set of three MAC Mia Moretti Makeup Bags in Large, Medium and Small ($46, Large bag shown here)

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Salon Adventures! Smocks, Garret Markenson REVERIE and Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray

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garrett markenson reverie

OK, so…you know those smocks that you put on before you get your hair cut at a salon? Well, at the place where I get my hair done (Fox + Stone in Corte Madera, California), they hang them in a tiny private changing room, so that when you walk in, you take off your jacket (or your shirt, if you’re feeling so inclined), and put on your smock before you sit in the chair.

They’re just the regular ol’, basic smocks. You slip into them like a jacket and tie the front.

Anyway, when I walked into the salon today to get my bangs trimmed, I went into the little room, put on my smock, and then walked back out into the sitting area and sat down.

I was playing with my phone when I got that prickly feeling… You know the one, when you feel like somebody is intensely staring at you?

I looked up and there was this dude sitting in the corner looking at me, but he wasn’t, like, checking me out or anything. He was just staring and looked really, REALLY confused.

So, of course I had to stare back at him with my confrontational “What the heck are YOU staring at, homie?!” eyes. Then he said, quite loudly, “OHHHHH!” and stood up abruptly.

Turns out he’d put on his smock backwards, like a hospital gown! He realized it when he saw mine. :)

We both cracked up laughing. “Oh, don’t feel bad,” I told him. “You learn something new every day.”

In other news…I ran into some interesting products while I was there at the salon today, like this hair serum and leave-in treatment by Garret Markenson REVERIE.

garrett markenson reverie

Have you heard of this line?

They’re a niche luxury haircare brand based out of Cali. CAKE ($72, OMG) is their anti-aging growth serum, and MILK ($42) is a moisturizing, anti-frizz treatment. If you’re ever out here in the area, they sell the line at Fox + Stone (it’s also available from

garrett markenson reverie
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Pandas, Tony Moly and Fun Beauty Brands at Urban Outfitters

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tony moly

Tony Moly and more at Urban Outfitters

OK, a totally unexpected turn of beauty events happened at Urban Outfitters last night.

And I wasn’t even expecting to walk in the store because, well, not gonna lie…sometimes that store stresses me out.

My BFF Jen and I joke around about how we both walk through Urban Outfitters with an ol’ biddy scowl :( because we can’t handle seeing all of the high-waisted ’90s clothes coming back in style.


But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, I was craving my favorite tostada salad from Blue Barn last night, so El Hub and I drove down to the Corte Madera mall. After the salad, which I would totally eat again right now for lunch if I could, we popped into Urban Outfitters to peruse their weird books and cat stuff.

I have no idea when this happened, but their beauty section has gotten really interesting! They have a bunch of brands I’ve never seen anywhere else, like this cute Korean line called Tony Moly.

I mean, how could you NOT want to know what the panda on the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Makeup Eraser is saying??

I asked the gals on Instagram, and thanks to my friend Yeobocakes from Hawaii (SHOUT-OUT TO ALL THE LOCAL GIRLS ON OAHU!), I’m told that said panda is saying, “An essential for the panda who wants to be a polar bear.”

Of course! It makes perfect sense now…

I may or may not have done a little beauty hauling. :)

By the way, the nice gal at the register mentioned that if you have the Urban Outfitters app on your phone, you can scan it in the store and get 10% off beauty purchases right meow.

tony moly cacao cream

Tony Moly Cacao Hand Cream, $11

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Beignets and Iced Coffee Cravings

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Beignets and iced coffee


These are beignets. They’re fried fritters generously dusted with powdered sugar, and they are 100% pure awesome.

These particular ones are from The Hummingbird Cafe in Fairfax, California (also known as one of the greenest, most beautiful towns in Marin County).

Reluctantly, I shared them yesterday with El Hub.

LOL! :) I could’ve easily finished the whole plate myself. Each one was about the size of a small Pop-Tart.

Yeah, homegirl has a sweet tooth.

I washed them down with an iced chicory coffee.

Mmm, coffee and powdered sugar…

I can’t even look at these pics right now without salivating, for reals.

Beignets and iced coffee

Beignets and iced coffee

The Ikea Stockholm Sofa in Sandbaka Green… I Can Haz?

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I feel like I can’t/should never buy zee nice zings because of teh kitteh, but I want this green couch from Ikea so badly!

Unfortunately, it would take Tabs less than 2.5 seconds to put snags in the cushions with his claws. I can already hear the fabric ripping and feel the sweet, sweet pain…

This bright jewel green sofa is in the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

Yes, I read Better Homes and Gardens! :) My mom gets me a subscription every year as a gift, and I love it.

Anyway, this sofa is featured in an article about BHG’s color palette of the year (similar idea to Pantone’s Color of the Year, but for an entire palette of coordinating colors), where they talk about a vibrant palette of leafy jungle green, deep ocean blue, berry, gray and coral, and I’m totally feelin’ it.

I’m currently campaigning at home to paint our living room walls coral (and to get the green Ikea couch). Let’s see how long it takes for El Hub to get on board, haha!

I dunno… I guess I’m just tired of living that beige life, ya know? When we first moved into our condo five years ago, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the place, so I picked neutral colors for the walls and curtains, thinking that I’d switch out the beige when the inspiration struck.

Well, that time has finally come.

Get outta my dreams, and get into my living room, you green Ikea couch!

Ikea Green Stockholm Sofa

Better Homes and Gardens March 2015, A Bold Adventure!

Totally feelin’ this color palette…

Better Homes and Gardens March 2015, A Bold Adventure!

Better Homes and Gardens March 2015

Better Homes and Gardens, March 2015

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