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Next Time You Go to the Cheesecake Factory for Lunch…

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Cheesecake Factory Grilled Salmon (2)

Remember this: the grilled salmon on the lunch menu at the Cheesecake Factory.


I remembered my mom-in-law mentioning it, so I ordered it the last time I was there, and it totally hit the spot.

The fish was cooked perfectly and lightly seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper. Simple, but delicious.

It also comes with mashed potatoes and broccoli, but I substituted the potatoes for white rice because fish plus rice equals one happy Karen. :)

You know a meal is good when the food comes out and everyone at the table immediately stops talking because they’re so busy chomping and scarfing it down, LOL! Seriously, you don’t mess with a Filipino girl getting down with some fish and rice. Best to just get out of the way until she’s done, for real.

Cheesecake Factory Grilled Salmon (3)

Cat Lady Socks

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Cat Lady Socks (2)


It’s too warm to wear these right now (I’ve been living in flip-flops and sandals), but when fall comes, I’m ready.

Fluffy Cats Crew Socks by Hot Sox, $6.

Cat Lady Socks (3)

Cat Lady Socks (4)

Messy Hair Don’t Care

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Messy Hair Don't Care Ten Sixty Sherman tank, $22, Nordstrom

Messy Hair Don’t Care Ten Sixty Sherman tank, $22, Nordstrom

It’s like the shirt understands me.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to do much with your mop except wash it (maybe) and let it do its thang.

That’s what I’ve been doing lately, and to quote JT, “I’m lovin’ it!”

Messy Hair Don't Care Ten Sixty Sherman tank, $22, Nordstrom

Is This Tomato Heaven?

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Romas and Cherry Tomatoes (2)

My tomato plants are having a moment!

Especially the romas and cherry tomatoes.

It’s like all of them suddenly ripened overnight. BOOM! I’ve got a bumper crop.

I just picked these, and I seriously cannot wait to eat them. :)

Romas and Cherry Tomatoes (3)

What should I do with them??

Only My Cat Understands Me

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Only My Cat Understands Me (2)

I feel this way sometimes…

OK, all the time.

A gift from my little brother.

Ha! He knows me so well.

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