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Sausalito, Teacup Kitties and Sightseeing With a Friend

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You probably already knew this…but the Internet? Kind of amazing sometimes!

I mean, not only can you buy shoes with the push of a few buttons and have them delivered to you from thousands of miles away (shoe miracles), but you can meet and get to know people from all over the world.

Today I real life met Steph, who lives clear across the country, but since she was going to be out this way, we made a date to connect.

Steph and I have been chatting online in the comments here on the blog and Instagram off and on for at least five or six years, and I finally got the chance to hang out with her in person today.

Hi, Steph! :)


We walked around Sausalito for a bit, which is a cute town on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge, and did some sightseeing and window shopping at one of my favorite stores, the Sausalito Ferry Co. They sell all kinds of cheeky toys and snarky cards and magnets and things like the teacup kitties in that pic at the top.

It was such a nice day! And it was a real pleasure finally meeting you in actual person, Steph. :)

Meet Elsa the Tortie…

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Otherwise known as my side-cat, or “my cat on the side.” She wants to keep our relationship on the down-low… I’d rather go public with it and make it a full-time thing, but Tabs has a strong opinion on that subject. (He just says, “No.”)

Elsa lives right around the corner from me. She’s a tiny thing, only about five pounds, who eats treats out of my hand and serenades me with meows. When I visit her, I get head butts, purrs and slow blinks — the crazy cat lady holy trinity.

Dogs in a Truck

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I’ve never seen, nor do I want to see, Snakes on a Plane.

But if there were a movie called Dogs in a Truck, I’d be all over that! :)

I met these two cuties today. They were just chillin’ in a truck outside my condo.

The blonde was totally feeling me and gave me tail wags and lovie eyes for days, but the redhead? Not so much. She was too busy guarding the truck.

Apparently, truck guarding is very serious work.

The King Blanket Costco Haul: A Blanket Fit for a King

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Going to Costco to get just one thing is like trying to limit yourself to just one potato chip.


I went to Costco the other night for one thing — one thing! Apples. That’s all I wanted. In and out.

My friend Marisol had mentioned that there were Honeycrisps there, which I LOVE, and you know how I’ve been on that apples and Babybel cheese kick…

So yeah, my plan was to head straight for the produce section, grab the apples, find the shortest line and boom, get out.

Two hours later…

Yup. In my defense, I had to check out the beauty section. I mean, it was kind of like research, and I did spot a few interesting things…

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Just Cats

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You know you’ve reached the crazy cat lady point of no return when you walk into a store, see a bone china mug with an orange tabby on it wearing a strand of pearls and posing in a bed of purple and yellow flowers, and you grab it without a moment’s hesitation because YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT LIKE RIGHT NOW.

I found this Just Cats mug by Roy Kirkham at HomeGoods last weekend (during the same visit when I found the apple coring doohickey) for $6.

I did some searching online, and apparently it’s part of a set of mugs, each with a different painting of cats and flowers, and it seems like they’re discontinued, which is a huge bummer, because who wouldn’t want a full set of bone china mugs covered in cats and flowers?! :)

Just Cats Roy Kirkham (2)

Just Cats Roy Kirkham (4)

Just Cats Roy Kirkham (5)

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