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An Afternoon in Yountville

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youngville gourds

Before this cold totally took me out last weekend and put me on the train to Sniffles-ville (achoo!), I squeezed in one fun afternoon with my in-laws while they were visiting. We drove up to the Napa County town of Yountville in Wine Country to have dinner at one of my mom-in-law’s favorite places to eat. It was for her birthday, so it was kind of a special treat. The place is called Bistro Jeanty, and they serve fancy French comfort food (pricey but delicious). She’s all about their beef stew.

We had some time before our reservation, so we walked around Yountville a bit, and that’s when I bumped into these interesting pumpkins and this HUGE zucchini.

No, seriously, the thing was half my size!

youtville gourds k

Because it was about 100 degrees that day, I got a very sour, lemony Italian tonic water from the deli in the Napa Style store. I, of course, loved it (pregnancy does funny things to your taste buds, I swear), but El Hub said it was just about the absolute worst thing he’d ever tasted…

la nostra acqua tonic

Right across the street from the Napa Style style is a place called Bouchon Bakery, which I always try to visit when we go to Yountville because I love their macarons.

There’s almost always a line out the door, but because this was a slow Thursday afternoon, I walked right in and straight to the maracons. I got four — pistachio, hazelnut, fig and salted caramel, my favorite macaron flavor in the world.


Honestly, I don’t even know why I bother with the others. I should just cut the B.S. next time and get an entire box of the salted caramels.

After I got my cookies, it was time for dinner! My father-in-law and I ordered the scallops with pasta, while El Hub and my mom-in-law got the beef stew…

beef stew

Not shown: the massive amount of bread and butter we also had.

scallops and pasta

All and all, it was a great afternoon!

And now, of course, I’m craving more of those macarons…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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Your Nephew Says Meow

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He spent the better part of the day yesterday relaxing at the spa (also known as the bathroom sink), and if it weren’t for the irresistible allure of the Feline Greenies bag shaking, he probably would have stayed there all day.


He goes batsh*t cray for those things! If he had his way, he’d eat the whole Value-Size bag in one sitting.


Tabs must have had a case of the kitty Mondays yesterday, because he didn’t do a lot of kitty modeling, but he did find time to strike a pose or two…



Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Saw a video yesterday and thought you might like it. It stars Tresor, one of the six MAC MACnificent Me collection winners.

One of the things that touched me was when he said, “Don’t let go of your hope because it really is the most powerful thing you have.”

What a wonderful lesson. :) I hope that’s something I can teach Baby Girl someday.

Speaking of MAC and magnificence, the MAC MACnificent Me collection is available now online if you’re interested (here’s my review from a few days ago). Have you tried to chase anything down?


Current Nail Polish Situation: MAC Blog This and Simply Swinging

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mac macnificent me simply swinging

It’s gonna be a purple paw weekend! I’m wearing two of the polishes from the new MAC MACnificent Me! collection, which arrives online September 21 on the MAC website and at stores and counters October 1 through November 12.

mac macnificent me blog this simply swinging

The lighter purple is called Simply Swinging, and the darker one is Blog This! — a name that I totally love. :) I’m wearing two layers of each.

mac macnificent me simply swinging blog this

With MAC nail polishes, I find that I really need to wear them with a base and top coat; otherwise, they’re chip city within a day.

I used Sally Hansen’s Green Tea Bamboo as the base coat with OPI’s Top Coat on top, and so far, so good! I’ve only had the mani two days, but I haven’t seen a chip yet.

Oh! — if you’re wondering, the bag is by Sonia Kashuk.

What’s your mani situation heading into this weekend? Are you sporting freshly painted paws today? Lacquer-loving minds want to know. :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


A Sunny September Day in San Francisco

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It’s not often when you can visit SF and walk around in a dress, sweater and sandals and NOT be cold, although it does happen…and when it does, it’s usually in September or October. Sometimes it’s hard to predict Karl the Fog (that’s what they call it) and our unpredictable Bay Area microclimates.

But my trip to SF yesterday went well! Thank you very much for the maternity clothes recommendations. I found some pretty good prospects at H&M, and I’m keeping a list of the ideas you gave me in my cat lady day planner. I’ll show you what I found yesterday in a little while, but I have a couple other things I have to do first.

In the meantime, San Francisco says hello. :)





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