The Spice Must Flow!

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Extra special nerdy sci-fi bonus points if you made the connection between the title of this post and the Hourglass Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Dune pictured above ($38).


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  1. Nope, I failed to make the association, BUT I REALLY WANT THIS DUO! Looks like one of those things that don’t look all that special, but I bet both shades have some interesting depth!
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  2. Nina says:

    Melange is the most important spice in the imaginary universe depicted in the movie Dune.


  3. Renata says:

    Beautiful! I will love even more if it makes my brown eyes turn blue.

    Besides, I love anti aging products 😀

  4. Rengirl says:

    Shai Hulud approves of this message.

  5. Hannah S. says:

    DUNE! 😀 I still gotta read those books

  6. Danii says:

    You control the spice, you control the UNIVERSE! God, I love Dune Cat. Those contacts were soooo very creepy

  7. Sophie says:

    I WANT THIS!!!!! Loved the Dune series.

  8. Marina says:

    Looks like they have a new brush now, this tiny brush is actually surprisingly great. I LOVE my Gypsy duo.
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  9. KSlone says:

    Dune! Sci-fi beauty nerds unite!

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