Nest Lemongrass & Ginger Reed Diffuser

Stinky Boys and Coping Mechanisms: The Nest Lemongrass & Ginger Reed Diffuser and Diptyque Figuier Hourglass Diffuser

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Nest Lemongrass & Ginger Reed Diffuser

Nest Lemongrass & Ginger Reed Diffuser

I live with two boys, and both of them are stinky (granted, one of them is a cat).

As our condo isn’t very big, there are times when the boy funk permeates every surface and hangs in the air like a poison fog. Out of sheer desperation, I’ve developed a number of coping mechanisms and tools to help me deal with it.


First, I open windows on opposite sides of the house (for cross ventilation) and light candles from Bath & Body Works. I also keep a couple of room fresheners in my office, which is right next to Tabs’ throne room (aka the bathroom where Tabs keeps his litter box), at all times.

Right now the air fresheners are summery to match the season. One is the Nest Lemongrass Ginger Reed Diffuser ($38) up at the top, which I keep on my windowsill, where it fills the room with a sparkly, summery ginger lemon scent.

And then on my desk I keep the Figuier Hourglass Diffuser by Diptyque.

Diptyque Figuier Hourglass Diffuser

Diptyque Figuier Hourglass Diffuser

A sturdy hourglass-shaped bottle filled with scented oil, it has a plastic diffuser in the center.

Diptyque Figuier Hourglass Diffuser

Each time you turn the hourglass over, some of the oil drips down into the diffuser, and the scent fills the room for about 20 minutes.

Got this as a gift, and I loooove the scent (like going for a walk in the woods early on a spring morning and snacking on figs) but it’s obnoxiously expensive ($150!).

I’m currently on the prowl for a less pricey option…


Diptyque Figuier Hourglass Diffuser

If you’re interested, both are available now at Neiman Marcus stores and

P.S. Hi, babe. How are you doing tonight? I hope you’re doing something fun. I’m just taking it easy on the couch in front of the TV because I don’t feel extra great. My lower back is killing me (I think it’s cramps).

Dr. Tabs is taking pretty good care of me…

Actually, no he’s not. He doesn’t have a lot of patience for patients, LOL! He’s like, “I know you’re not feeling great, but where’s my damn gravy, woman!?”


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  1. Musical says:

    Hey girlie, hope you feel better soon!

    And $150 IS expennnnsiveeee!

  2. Neapolitanmimi says:

    I feel ya! I recently tried Poo-pouri (yes it’s a real thing!) and THAT STUFF IS AMAZING! Not only is it amazing for its obvious purpose but just spraying it onto the toilet water (per the instructions, it’s not something you spray in the air) makes the entire bathroom smell great. Plus they have some other things like sneaker spray, diaper spray and something else for funky man sweat that I can’t remember. They did also have spray for pets but I’m not sure if it was to spray on the pet or on the litterbox. I tell everyone I know about this stuff because it really does get rid of the funk so that you can enjoy your diptyque instead of using it to drown stench!

  3. I hope your back pain/cramps go away soon, Karen 🙁 As for these diffuser, I’m going to see if I can find them around here! I could use these for the bathroom >.>
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  4. Iris says:

    Feel better soon!

  5. Dee says:

    I saw something like this here in Canada for around 75$ and they told me that it would only work for a few hours. How long does the refill that comes with this actually last for? I’m probably contributing to global warming but I haven’t found anything as effective as room sprays to get rid of “the funk that permeates every surface and hangs in the air like a poison” as you so eloquently put it lol 🙁
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  6. Sylirael says:

    LOL at ‘boy funk’! The wizard’s not too bad for that actually (magic, perhaps?), but I definitely know what you mean! Hope you’re feeling better with your back 🙂
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  7. Kim says:

    What a bummer – I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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