New Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powders and Refillable Cases: The Look of Loose Powder From a Lovely Pressed Pan

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paul joe pressed face powder

The new $10 Paul & Joe Face refillable Powder Case (comes with a powder puff inside), and one of the new $33 Powder Refill pans

Cross my heart, criss-cut fries, grab a husky tabby’s thighs!

Wait — isn’t that how that rhyme goes? I can’t remember…


Never mind! 🙂 What I meant to say is that I SWEAR pressed and loose powders look completely different once I get them on my skin. I used to think they look alike, but after taking roughly a gazillion pics of my mug over the past few years, I’m convinced that my pores usually look smaller, and my makeup less obvious, in the pictures where I’m wearing loose powder instead of pressed. The loose powder works like Instagram’s Valencia filter to smooth and mellow everything out.

paul joe pressed face powder case

The Case with Powder Puff ($10)

paul joe pressed face powder open

The Case ($10) with one of six Pressed Powder Refills ($33 each)

For their new line of Pressed Face Powder Refills, which are $33 each and available in six shades, Paul & Joe shrunk the powder particles down to loose powder size. Then they added apricot and jojoba seed oils to the formula, along some other ingredients to actually absorb excess oil and prevent shine. The sheer coverage makes skin look smooth, soft and dewy.

paul joe pressed face powder swatch

Swatch of 06 Healthy Sand Beige (for reference, I’m a MAC NC42)

This powder almost completely eliminates shine on my combo dry/oily skin and turns my pores darned near invisible (ish). All that without leaving me looking like I’m wearing a three-layer cake. It really does look like I’m wearing loose powder!

paul joe pressed face powder

Wearing Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powder Refill in 06 Healthy Sand Beige

paul joe pressed face powder

Boxes for the Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powder Refill and Case

In terms of value, since the cases are sold separately, they work out to $43 for a case (which comes with a puff) and one of the six powder refills. The six shades include 01 Translucent (for all skin tones), 02 Lavender (to erase dullness and provide clarity), 03 Pink (to create a bright and youthful skin tone), 04 Natural Light Beige, 05 Natural Beige and 06 Healthy Sand Beige, and all of them have a strong orange flower scent.

I wear shade 06 Healthy Sand Beige, which has yellow undertones on my skin. You’ll find them all at online and at Paul & Joe counters starting this August.

PRICE: $33 for one of the six powder refills and $10 for a case
AVAILABILITY: Coming August to Paul & Joe counters and online
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B+ (naturally beautiful, sheer coverage, but they’re kind of expensive, and there’s a limited shade selection)

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  1. Kwmechelle says:

    Speaking of Paul & Joe, I saw that Urban Outfitters has a few products from this line on sale on their site. I’m assuming it’s from the P&J brand that you’re referencing here. Who knew?!

  2. India says:

    I think I would just buy the case and leave it on my vanity. It’s so pretty.
    India recently posted … Mini Ulta Haul

  3. Holly says:

    You’re killing me with all the Paul & Joe reviews; I’m craving all of them! My grandma used to use the loose Coty powder & I’m pretty sure she still has the iconic box on her bathroom counter. To me, loose powder & powder puffs evoke vintage silver screen bombshells; Bette Davis, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe. However, pressed powder compacts are more convienent to slip into your clutch!

  4. Again, super pretty packaging! I don’t think this is the powder for me though. But if I had money to spare I’d get it for the case alone.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Uriage Bariésun Brume SPF 20 + Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Anti-UV Mist SPF 30

  5. I really think there is a difference in my skin, too, depending on what product I wear. Loose powders look nicer, but they are so inconvenient to throw into your purse…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … My bad, your luck? – Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream and Giveaway

  6. gio says:

    Is it bad I want it just for the packaging? It looks so pretty!
    gio recently posted … Know Your Ingredients: Picea Excelsa Extract

  7. Kathy Smith-Woodcock says:

    I have never tried anything from this brand but your recent reviews are causing me to consider a purchase. Im in Canada so depends on costs as well as shipping can be ridiculous sometimes,

  8. Georgia says:

    and now I want this too! The Translucent sounds like what I’m looking for. I signed up for the Paul & Joe e-mails and got a confirmation in French!

  9. Anna says:

    Well, aren’t those adorable! A three layer cake, you are so funny!!! Absolutely beautiful picture 🙂

  10. Kim says:

    You’re right about the initial investment but the refills seem to be a decent value. And the finish is super-pretty on you. I don’t generally reach for powder so I’m glad that Paul & Joe didn’t “kitteh” this up and make it irresistible. 🙂

  11. Erin says:

    I’d love to see 02 in action! The finish on the one you have is great!
    Erin recently posted … Sunday Riley Luna

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