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Wear Chanel Pirate nail polish on Talk Like a Pirate Day this year (September 19). Aye, matey?

From the Couleurs Culte De Chanel collection, available now online.


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  1. Aye matey was litterally my first thought when I saw the name of that polish, haha :-) Great pirates think alike, arrrrrr.
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  2. Chelsea says:

    Pretty color!

  3. indoorkitty says:

    Oooh, this is a sheer Bardot-red, right? It’s coming up as coral on my computer screen. *starts to tinker with color settings*

    Can’t wait to see it on you!!!

  4. Monica P says:

    Nice color, odd name .. lol.

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  5. Icaria says:

    OMG How come I don’t have that one yet? *scratches head* 😀
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  6. i especially love the name of this nail polish, i have to admit :) thanks for sharing!

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