bobbi brown black pearl shimmer lip gloss

No Idea Where It Went

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bobbi brown black pearl shimmer lip gloss

Added to the many mysteries of the universe: where the last letter of this tube of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Black Pearl ($23, from the new Caviar & Oyster collection) went.

bobbi brown black pearl shimmer lip gloss


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  1. Sunny says:

    LOL this is hilarious!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Karen! I hope you’ll have a great time with your family 🙂
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  2. Marla says:

    Ha! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Iren says:

    At first I actually thought that was a new brow product from Bobbi Brown and I got really excited!

  4. Mojito says:

    Actually… have you tried to use it on your BROWS? 🙂

  5. Liz says:

    That’s funny. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Angela Hall says:

    lol… maybe its like Willie Wonkas golden ticket and you will a trip to the Bobbi Brown mfg facility !!!

  7. Chelsea says:

    I suspect Tabs stole the N!

  8. Diane says:

    It may sound crazy, but I bet someone would pay good money for that on eBay as a collector’s item…some folks really like to collect misprints of different things. Go figure.

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