MAC Costa Riche

The Hunt for MAC Costa Riche…

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MAC Costa Riche

You’re mine, Costa Riche! MINE! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaa!

The hunt is finally over.

It only took repeated trips to three different counters and stalking the MAC website for weeks. Heck, I couldn’t even find it at the MAC Pro Store in SF, but now, finally, Costa Riche is mine, and it’s glorious!

MAC Costa Riche and Teddy swatches

Swatches of Costa Riche and Teddy on my NC42 skin

Oh, sure, it might be a little weird to get this jazzed about a brown liner (so boring, right?), but this one is — oh, boy — really beautiful. It’s a little like a less shimmery MAC Teddy Eye Kohl, and more golden brown than reddish bronzy brown.

Natural with a karate kick!


After scouring every MAC counter in my area to no avail, I was finally able to order it from a counter at the Nordstrom in Corte Madera. The associates offered to have it shipped to the store, yay! 🙂

If you feel that most black eyeliners are too harsh for you, you might love Costa Riche.

My water lines have been extra sensitive lately (no idea why), and the only things I’ve been able to wear on them have been the MAC Eye Kohls.

I’m so glad I found Costa Riche (I fell in love with it after swatching it at a counter, but they didn’t have it in stock), and now I just hope it doesn’t get discontinued.

MAC Costa Riche


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  1. CrystalCandy says:

    Awww no, brown eye makeup is never boring to me! I own the MUFE matte brown Aqua Eyes, and really like it but on the waterline it morph into a reddish brown, which isn’t what I want. Does this one do that too or it is the same shade on the waterline than on the lids?
    CrystalCandy recently posted … Ombres à paupières Expert Wear de Maybelline (Lavender Smokes, Natural Smokes, Blue Blazes et Seashell)

  2. Rachel P says:

    Ok, not to be weird, but my eyes have also been totally over-sensitive recently!! There’s no explaining it, I mean, it’s been freezing cold for weeks so I don’t blame the weather, and I haven’t put any new products around my eyes in awhile? Who knows! But AWESOME product rec… hopefully I’ll be able to track beautiful Costa Riche down!

  3. Appu says:

    I love Teddy..its my favorite brown liner for the lashlines. MAC Kohls don’t bother my waterline, but Teddy does. I’m wondering if I got a defective one because I’ve never seen anyone complain! Costa Riche is gorgeous too…must check if its available online!! 🙂

  4. musical says:


    But, i wuvz Teddy! That subtle shimmer… oh that shimmer!

  5. hanna says:

    I love both of these browns. So pretty.
    hanna recently posted … Christmas Play With Big Hair

  6. Vanessa says:

    I would love to see a look with this liner 🙂

  7. zonaira says:

    How about swatches of your mac eye khols? Would love some recommendations …:-)

  8. karen these beautiful pencil! loved the teddy! is a brown that I like to use

    Ja’ll see if this available in Sephora, I buy all the indications glad!

    I love you! ah you must be tired of hearing it is more true

    A huge and fluffy to you Tabbys of the most famous cat and chick I know kiss!
    thatiane gomes recently posted … A Coleção escolar 2014 MH está incrível!

  9. Kris says:

    Funny, I used to own Costa Riche, but I gave it away because it was too orange-toned on me and made me look like I had been crying. I have very dark eyes and hair, but my skin tone is a couple of shades lighter and cooler than Karen’s. In MAC eye khol, Blooz is my favorite. It really brightens my eyes.

  10. Natalie says:

    This eyeliner is such a pretty shade! I love MAC eye liners, they are so pretty and the formula is really solid. I’m glad you found it!
    Natalie recently posted … Dior 5 Colors Palette in 754 Rosy Tan

  11. Lupi says:

    I LOVE (♥♥♥!) brown eyeliner. Liquid, gel, pencil, it doesn’t matter. It’s pretty much my go-to eyeliner colour.
    Lupi recently posted … Foggy Night

  12. fancie says:

    This is a pretty shade of brown! Wonder how it’ll work as a lip liner
    fancie recently posted … Spa Day with GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

  13. Lancy says:

    I am loving the brown shade 🙂 Lovely swatches!
    Lancy recently posted … MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil – Ingredients and Preparation

  14. Lisha says:

    that is one pretty shade <3 would love to see how it looks on u 🙂
    Lisha recently posted … L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique Review, Swatches & Pictures

  15. Chris25 says:

    Brown liner is never boring. It’s the one thing that keeps your look in place. 🙂
    Chris25 recently posted … Quick Review: Darling Girl Cosmetics- Dipping My Toe In

  16. Amy says:

    Karen! First of all, Costa Riche looks beautiful.
    Second of all, I just went to the MAC counter and got my shade matched since I was due for some foundation. With your love of MAC I figured I’d give it a shot (I’ve only used their eyeliner). Turns out I’m a NW13 (read: white as snow) and I got the Studio Fix foundation. I really like the finish. It’s more yellowy than I’m used to, but I like it so far. We shall see if it breaks me out…

  17. Kim says:

    It’s gorgeous! How do you think it compares to UD Whiskey? That’s my favorite brown for everyday (I really like Bourbon, too, but sometimes the gold flecks irritate my eyes when I wear it all day).

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