L'Oreal Nail Color in The Statement Piece

As It Is With Holiday Decorations, When It Comes to Nails, It’s All About The Statement Piece: L’Oreal Nail Color in The Statement Piece

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L'Oreal Nail Color in The Statement Piece

My nails and I are totes feeling the holiday spirit now.


That’s what happens when you spend the weekend watching yule log television and listening to Christmas music. 🙂

Candy canes and gingerbread cookies for everyone (including the cats)!

Feeling festive, I swapped the green Sally Hansen Dive In polish I had been wearing for golden glittery The Statement Piece ($6.99), one of nine shades in L’Oreal’s new limited edition Gold Dust Colour Riche collection of textured nail polishes.

L'Oreal Nail Color in The Statement Piece

It’s a gritty, glittery yellow gold with flecks of silver glitter swimming throughout — very shimmery and sparkly, and a fun shade to wear if you’re into the whole textured nail trend.

If Zoya’s Tomoko and OPI’s It’s Frosty Outside Liquid Sand (from the Mariah Carey holiday collection) got together and had a love child…it would look like The Statement Piece. Or to put it another way, picture Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy Glitter Eyeliner in nail polish form.


Thanks to the wide brush, painting with it goes quickly. Two swipes completely cover one nail, and I can even get away with a single coat (although, per usual, I’m wearing two for this swatch).

L'Oreal Nail Color in The Statement Piece

Two layers of The Statement Piece

I think textured polishes, especially ones with lots of glitter, are great for people who are tough on their nails. They wear extremely well and are generally pretty resistant to chipping.

That said, I can already tell that this one’s going to be a pain in the butt to remove.

Oh, well… I guess that’s the tradeoff for something this sturdy.

I haven’t been able to find The Statement Piece online, so you might want to keep an eye out for it at the drugstore. Oh, and while you’re there, would you mind picking up some Temptations Treats for Tabs? He’s running low… 🙂


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  1. Trisa says:

    Ohhhh! I want this so much! I love how much coverage it seems to have. When I saw the bottle, I assumed it was going to be sheer. Lovely surprise!
    Trisa recently posted … For the Holidays: Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Angel Wings

  2. Cindy says:

    I love glitter nails. I tried the new formula X by sephora and they have not only only great colors but also great texture.

  3. Chaitra says:

    I have this one! It is really so beautiful! Perfect festive nail color! 🙂
    Chaitra recently posted … Turning Heads, here comes the Bombshell!

  4. natalie says:

    This polish looks so cool! I want to give it a shot, my polish always chips quickly, if these stick around longer I’ll have to give them a shot.
    natalie recently posted … Chanel 5 Colors Palette (Ombres Matelassees) in Charming has Charmed my Heart

    • Karen says:

      Hi Natalie,

      Textured polishes are great if you need nail color that lasts a long time. And if the grit gives you the heebie jeebies, you can always pop a top coat. 🙂

      Mine chip like crazy too, and so I’m always looking for polishes that last a long time. Have you ever tried the Sally Hansen Triple Shines? They’ve got amazing staying power!

  5. hanna says:

    That color looks so pretty on you.
    hanna recently posted … I’m Really Sorry Big Hair

  6. Chelsea says:

    Love this color! My fingertips and toes are nearly always a reddish shade (maybe my heart condition? don’t know) and nail polish just emphasizes that, but I love looking at glitter polish on other ladies and gents!

  7. Gowthami says:

    Just perfect for the festive times, ^_^
    Gowthami recently posted … Avon Winter Makeup Tips by Neha Khanna

  8. Danielle says:

    Love this shade! It really does look great for Christmas!
    Danielle recently posted … Best Blushes to Compliment Red Lips

  9. Felis says:

    The thing for these gritty Kitty Litter Glitters is peel-off base coat. I can’t do major glitter without it anymore!

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