Le Métier de Beauté Golden Sun Palette

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The Le Métier de Beauté Golden Sun Palette ($36), a limited edition gift with a purchase of $150 in Le Métier de Beauté products. Available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman Le Métier de Beauté counters, while supplies last.

le metier de beaute golden sun



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  1. Karen, you are EVIL girl! I’ve been saving for all the fab Nordstrom Exclusives and then you go and post this! How could you?? LOL
    .-= Cindy (Prime Beauty)’s last blog post… Laura Mercier Mascara Winner! =-.

  2. Maggie says:

    It looks so pretty! Love the shades, especially that pink.
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… OMG. There’s a palette named after me! =-.

  3. Liz says:

    only at counters, not online?

  4. Joy says:

    Not a gift if you have to pay.

  5. Avianna says:

    holla @ Joy. also: seems like kind of a bizarre looking palette — it looks like that big pan might be a highlighter, and is that a dove-grey cream eyeshadow? Seems like a weird mix holiday and summer colours that didn’t don’t quite hit the right notes.

  6. summzo says:

    aviana- i think its a lip balm? honestly i agree, this palette is a little wierd..some toasty summery bronzes, hot pink (?) a bland clear lip balm and a ginormous highlighter…

  7. Michele DiCola says:

    I have cover girl with those colors.

  8. Diane K. says:

    I have used Le Metier de Beaute make up, particularly their eyeliners, and I have to say, it is incredibly beautiful, highly pigmented make up that makes application easy with equally high marks in texture(feels like silk), wearability, etc. I have always used only high end make ups but this line makes everything else seem so so. The only problem is their excessively high price. This company is Bergdorf’s own line so one would expect it to be more expensive than the rest. However, althoughI love their eyeliners, at $42 for one pencil, three (3), yes that’s three (3) times more than MAC per pencil, purchasing even one pencil is a RARE luxury. Just like any other company geared toward the rich, so too is Le Metier de Beaute. And I think it’s a shame because if their prices were comparable to even Dior or Yve St. Laurent, also expensive but more affordable than Le Metier, so many more people would have the opportunity to purchase and enjoy this beauty wonder.

    Lastly, just because their make up is so expensive and not accessible to the masses, including me, seems to me that anyone who made statements comparing it to cover girl or imply that the line is no big deal, is clearly based on some form of jealousy for not being able to afford to purchase this make up for if they had tried it, they never would have made those statements. I hate that I can’t afford to purchase all their wonderful products, but to say it’s anything but top shelf is simply incorrect.

  9. Lisa says:

    Late to the party here, but thought I’d add some explanation here. First, I ADORE le Metier. I can promise you that if while you may have some Cover Girl that looks similar in the pan, I seriously doubt it looks the same upon application or performs as well. I got this palette as a GWP and it is very usable. I would have happily paid $36 for it!
    This palette is a bit wonky looking, but it is meant to allow you to mix the colors and create different looks. The “bland” lip balm is actually one of le Metier’s coolest products- Magic Lustre Cream. It is a mixing medium that turns powders into creams for use as liner, cream shadow, blush, lipstain, etc. I’ll admit I would have rather had a hot orange instead of a hot pink and a more golden tone for lightening than the white powder included, but you can start to understand the colors when the idea is that everything is to be mixed.
    Le Metier offers some really wonderful, unique products. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them. They miss the mark on things occasionally b/c I think they sometimes take the “you can mix it!” concept too far, but overall, I have been utterly thrilled w/the products I have tried.

  10. Rosemary says:

    OMG! I am now the owner of two of their Kaleidoscope pallets, and I won’t send them back – even though $95 is a LOT for four shadows.
    This is the most wonderful and surprising collection of shadows that I have ever used. The colors are totally unique on application (at least in my experience), and the application is soft and easy.
    Yes, they are way too expensive. However, the product is indescribably awesome.
    I don’t work for any of the three stores or companies that sell this brand, and if there is any question, I am more than happy for Karen to contact me to verify this in some way.
    Summary: Expensive, gorgeous product…and it is kind to my 42 year old eyelids.

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