Jordana Cosmetics Lip Out Loud Super Shiny Gloss

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Have you tried Jordana’s Lip Out Loud Super Shiny Glosses ($1.99 each)?


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  1. Laura S. says:

    Yup! I’ve tried three: FYI (babydoll pink), BTW (basically completely sheer, but coral in the tube), and TTYL (light pink with gold shimmer). TTYL is a great color, while BTW was pretty ho-hum for me. The smell’s a little wonky, but I deal. 🙂

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Second from left, are you a duochrome? haha I’m playing the dating game <3

  3. Kristen says:

    I have 3 of them

    XOXO – pretty red tint, looks amazing over a red lipstick. Like Jordana Holiday red 🙂
    FYI – pretty pink
    BTW – like Laura said looks coral in the tube, but pretty sheer, but makes any lipstick shine

    I like these for the prices especially if you just want to give a l/s a nice shine

  4. Mary Beth says:

    I have yet to try any of these colors, but I have tried other Jordana glosses….and, I love these $1.99 miracles!! I’m wearing Incolor by Jordana Pretty Shine Luxury Gloss in Gorgeous today, and it is an AMAZING red.

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