I’ve Got the Blues

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Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm from the Lancome Declaring Indigo fall collection, $23.50.


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  1. Now I’ve got the serious case of the blues. Every post you do on this collection makes me want to run to Lancome to wait for this to arrive. sigh….
    .-= Michelle (LipstickRules)’s last blog post… Bargain Beauty Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lipcolor =-.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Sooo moody and pretty – best Lancome collection in a long time, IMHO

  3. Crystal says:

    After your post yesterday about Indigo Paris, I ordered it online out of my sheer lust from your pictures. Now you have another tempting pic, but it’s the Declaring Indigo bear that I REALLY would like to get my hands on… like, soon!

    Do you know where I could get him?

  4. YadiQ says:

    that little toy is so cute !!i wish i could have her on my desk – i could threaten people with her lol

    i am soo loving this collection !

    they have a few gift with purchases too if you order online!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yadi,

      LOL, okay, I didn’t think to threaten anybody with the bear, but now that you’ve brought it up…

      I am LOVING this collection, too. Did you order anything? I gotta get that quad, GAH!

  5. Marina says:

    I was just wondering if you got the bear as a gift or you have to buy it?:)
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… New Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Interdit Gloss by Givenchy =-.

  6. Maggie says:

    I have to agree with Anastasia and Karen, this has to be the best Lancome collection in a while! The quads are so tempting/yummy!

    …Too bad I’m broke at the moment. 🙁
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… Review: Korres Pomegranate Makeup Wipes + Haul and More =-.

  7. Amanda says:

    This and the blue nailpolish you posted on the main page are so pretty! I love the cobalt blue tone they’ve got going on.

    And I just have to clarify my Team Sam comment from yesterday-love the Sam in the books-he is protrayed WAY differently in the TV show….more embellished. But Sam in the book is a great character. (but I do think the actor on True Blood is super cute too!)

  8. YadiQ says:

    i have been virtual shopping this collection since it released lol fill up the cart then tell myself i dont need it lol and walk away

    i am craving indigo charm quad and the virtuose mascara in royal gold – threatening people with toys is fun!!! its like talking in third person to drive people nuts try it – when el hub tells you do you really need another piece of makeup reply to him thru the bear lol he will think your so crazy he will forget that you had bought some more makeup lol

    i do this at work when people push me to the brink asking me to do more work – but i have to be “nice” i just tell them what i have to say through a toy lol so if i tell them NO or something negative they think i am just being quirky but i was really being honest lol

    drives my sales staff nuts!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yadi,

      HA HA HA! Okay, that sounds like something I’d TOTALLY do. I wish I could’ve gotten away with that when I worked in the legal field. If I had a dime for every time I wanted to threaten people that worked my nerves when I was there I’d be a rich woman.

      That Charm quad looks awesome. Did you see the eye look they did on the Lancome site with it? Frickin’ awesome!

  9. Marina says:

    thank you for reply!
    have a nice day, Karen:)
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… New Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Interdit Gloss by Givenchy =-.

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