Essence Multi-Colour Blush: Fashionista

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Essence Multi-Colour Blush in Fashionista, $2.49. Available now at Ulta stores and also online.


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  1. karo says:

    Oh NO!!!
    I live in Germany and this is “our” produkt!
    So bad…really bad…
    I don´t like Essence.
    it´s cheap and the quality is so bad.

  2. Camikatze says:

    i m from germany too ^^ it’s a brand especially for younger girls, so i dont really think that the quality is bad. i mean the pigmentation is obviously sheer, so that younger girls wont over do their make up (which is a good thing) 🙂 i m a high end user, but still think that essence (which targets beginners in make up) is totally appropriate for their target market AND for the prices 🙂

  3. Trisha says:

    Essence is German? I had no idea…
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  4. Claudenka says:

    they’re super cheap but i do love their brow gel and brow powder duos 🙂 nail polishes are terrible- they come off after one day
    never tried such inexpensive powders though..i’m always afraid of lack of pigmentation but you never know 🙂

  5. Alice says:

    We have Essence in Italy too… And I like some stuff! I bought a buch of stuff to leave at the office (don’t want to abandon my precious makeup there!), the basics, like powder, blush, a mascara, a quad of eyeshadows, and an eyepencil. Quality varies a lot but the automatic eyepencil are GREAT! Pigmented, long lasting, and quite soft too!

    I also have some nail polishes, they’re fun cause they have lots of bright colours and they’re incredibly cheap, so if you like changing a lot that won’t break the bank 😀

  6. Irene says:

    i have several things from essence, some love, some not so much. i loooove nailpolishes, great colours, great coverage (a lot of the colour&go range are one coaters!!). eyeshadows in quad: only have one, and lacks pigmentation. mono eyeshadows: they are ok (not your butter-textured cargo eyeshadows, but for the price…doesnt hurt!). i like the blackmania gloss pencil, its sooooo creamy, and works in the waterline (similar to my black chanel eye khol pencil, but not as longlasting). i also have the 3 colour concealer, but i find it too thick, i dont like it… i like their lipglosses, the ones from the nude collection smell soooo good! and are not sticky at all, they are really comfortable to wear.

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