Do You Ever Like Mascara Because of the Packaging?

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I totally do…

(Eyeko Magic Mascara, $15)


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  1. amy says:

    I get suck into packaging all the time but I try hard to resist and to consider product quality trumping over packaging. The Eyeko mascara looks very cute and very Japanese. Is it Japanese? I have never heard of this brand before.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Shimmery Purple MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Devil May Care, MAC Greasepaint Sticks V and Black =-.

  2. Citrine says:

    Me too…I remember a few years ago my friend and I were at Sephora and she was picking out mascara. I was going “Pick the Anna Sui,the tube is so cute!” allover her…

    Anyway, she ended up buying that Anna Sui mascara but she gave it to me in the end because she doesn’t even wear (not even play with) makeup…It turns out to be my favorite mascara of all time! Anyway, I think Anna Sui just released their 3rd generation of mascara and the tube is super pretty! (Of course I got it.)
    .-= Citrine’s last blog post… Too Faced Gives me Starry Eyes =-.

  3. Marce says:

    I second that. Though I haven’t seen any fancy shmancy decorated mascaras here…only Rimmel’s glam eyes volume is sorta pretty, cos of the gold detail 😀
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics – Swatches #2 =-.

  4. bomi says:

    i def. always choose by packaging.
    i buy it by how it looks and hope that it turns out w/ a good formula.
    i used to have this mascara in a plain navy tube. it was my first mascara and i remember bejeweling the thing hahaha

  5. I partly bought YSL Faux Cils because it was pretty and gold…
    .-= Michelle (Lipstick Rules)’s last blog post… Ins and Outs – my first! =-.

  6. Rae says:

    Ahh, pretty!! I cannot wait for this review =D
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… I can haz… answers? =-.

  7. Christy says:

    Yes, that’s why I bought last year’s MAC Couture compact, just so pretty! The powder inside is ok, but it’s so tiny.
    .-= Christy’s last blog post… More MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! =-.

  8. shely lee says:

    Yesss! Coz personally I think the packaging gives us the first impression. If it’s pretty, I tend to assume that the product itself should be pretty good too.
    .-= shely lee’s last blog post… What’s new? =-.

  9. Christy says:

    ^Well, that’s not mascara, but I do buy lots of stuff just for the packaging. 😉
    .-= Christy’s last blog post… More MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! =-.

  10. Citrine says:

    Oops…Actually sephora never carried Anna Sui, it was Victoria’s Secret, which was right next door to Sephora in that mall we went (and they discontinued the line the very same summer my friend got her mascara) , maybe American don’t like those dark princess packaging…Anyway, I love that Anna Sui make their mascara smell like roses…

    NARS mascara smells pretty nice as well, but it looks way too natural: zero clumps (no matter how many layers), zero length, zero volume…

  11. Vanessa says:

    OMG yes! Sometimes I fantasize about buying all the pretty tubes and just put them up for display LOL.

  12. MakeupVixen says:

    Looks nice but no I wouldn’t buy it. I’m so stuck on Dior Show and if I want some bling to it then I will add it myself

  13. Claudia says:

    It depends. The Eyeko mascara is very pretty, although I have seen tubes that are just downright cheesy (L’Oreal Telescopic, anyone?)! Mascara is not something that I carry around with me, and I don’t necessarily like to display it on a table, so the packaging is not that important (to me). Lipgloss and flat objects though are a different story!

  14. Marce says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll probably buy it this week. I have to throw out a couple of my mascaras and I have to replace them! Two mascara’s aren’t enough! LOL As soon as I give it a go, I’ll let you know about it 😀
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… Tagged! – Part Cinq, Six, Sept, Huit =-.

  15. Sarah says:

    Oh yes! That goes for all makeup, if the packaging is pretty, I’m more likely to purchase it.
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… Amazingly Strange Handmade Dolls, Puppets & Sculpture =-.

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