chanel summer 2015 coquelicot

Chanel Summer 2015: Le Vernis Nail Colour in Coquelicot and a Fun Color Combination to Try

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chanel summer 2015 coquelicot

Chanel Summer 2015: The new Le Vernis Nail Colour in Coquelicot ($27)

I know, there’s a LOT of color up in this mix, AND I LURVES IT!

That’s two coats of the new $27 limited edition Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Coquelicot (which I think means “poppy”) on my paws. It’s a warm, creamy bright red from Chanel’s Summer 2015 Collection Méditerranée, available right meow.


I’m wearing it with reddish coral shorts and a pinkish coral top, and why it has taken me so long to figure out that red goes with coral, I have no idea.

Maybe it’s because I usually think to wear just one bold statement color instead of two? I dunno… At any rate, apparently, red and coral together are the business, and they totally work. Try it sometime!

chanel summer 2015 coquelicot

chanel summer 2015 coquelicot

I’m also wearing…

  • ShortsLoft
  • Top — I know you can’t really see it in these pics…but I got it from Loft, also known as my new favorite store that isn’t HomeGoods
  • PurseCharming Charlie
  • NailsChanel

P.S. Happy hump day, by the way. How’s it going today?


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  1. Agata says:

    Love the red&coral combination. These shorts look really cute! I love all the side buttons. And that purse? I’d love to see it in its full glory! I am a crossbody bag addict!

    Happy Hump Day! I’m typing from a hair salon getting my hair done!
    Agata recently posted … Ulta is my Indulgence

    • Karen says:

      I hope you had fun at the salon! What did you do with your hair?

      • Agata says:

        It was relaxing. I got my eyebrows waxed and the girl who was doing it said my eyebrows are beautiful and well maintained 🙂

        As far as the hair, I got a trim and I did highlights, a bit lighter than last time. You can also see it on my Instagram, lol.
        Agata recently posted … Ulta is my Indulgence

        • Karen says:

          What a nice compliment! You’re very brave. For some reason handing the power over to somebody else freaks me out…

          I just popped over and saw your new color. It looks amazing! I love the lighter highlights. They make your eyes pop!

          • Agata says:

            I get my waxed every 3-4 months at the salon and I have never had any problems.Probably because my eyebrows are in a good shape, I just maintain them in the meantime myself.

            And thank you for the compliment, I keep staring in the mirror because I like the new color so much, it feels summer perfect!
            Agata recently posted … Ulta is my Indulgence

  2. Lulle says:

    Oh wow, I ADORE the shorts! I almost bought a very similar pair on Modcloth but the color of these is more coral and less orange. Lurv! Would you say they run true to size? I might just buy them like right meow!
    Lulle recently posted … 10 Mother’s Day French Beauty gifts for all budgets!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lulle,

      I’ve found that LOFT regular sizing runs crazy big on me. They are totally out of control in terms of their vanity sizing! Their petites run pretty true to size depending on the cut.

      I’d suggest going to the store first, or getting two sizes and returning the one that doesn’t fit.

  3. Pavithra says:

    I thought it was Friday when I woke up this morning 🙁 Ah well, on the bright side, it does look and feel like Spring outside today.
    I recognize this top from your Urban Decay Afterglow blush/gloss post – is it the same one? I thought your entire look in that post was so feminine and pretty, totally something I’d go for :).
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I’m loving the whole ton-sur-ton, the colors are so pretty! Those shorts are really nice.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Babyliss Twist Secret (with how-to video)

  5. tirurit says:

    I went to the store today wanting to get a personal look at this collection and it was not there! In fact, the staff were getting the update on the products as it will be two weeks until launch here. However, they showed me the nailpolishes that they had tried on themselves and they looked stunning!
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  6. Stacey says:

    Would definitely like to see more of that purse. I love Charming Charlie! Most of the purses I currently have are from there.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stacey,

      This is my first purse from that store. How have yours held up?

      I’ll try to do an outfit post with it soon…

      • Stacey says:

        So far they have held up nicely. I also have a pair of sandals from them that I’ve been pretty happy with.

        • Karen says:

          Good to know. I hope that this coral purse will last through the summer. A pop of color is always a good thing!

          Hope you’re having a good night so far. El Hub and I just finished dinner (it was warm enough to eat outside on our deck) and now I’m getting ready to watch a cheesy movie.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Karen! I had something earlier today that I was like “I should ask Karen about this!” And now I… am so unsure what it was.

    I watched one of those Youtube videos you linked the other day from the Chanel mascara post. I’ve vaguely heard about this “hooded eyes” thing (you’d think a MUA might have told me about it a while back), and was really confused as to what it was. Now I have a better idea of why my mascara and eyeliner always end up on the top of my lid, huh! While I appreciated some of the Dos and Don’ts for hooded lids, especially the techniques, I have to say I am never gonna follow a hard and fast rule – like no shimmer?? Are you crazy???? (I know you’ll agree!)

    So now it makes more sense why learning how to do pretty eyeshadow is REALLY HARD. Small lid + hooded eyes. What do I do?! (no need to answer that)

    Is eye shape a thing that people who make tutorials take into account? That could be really helpful to those of us who… do not understand makeup but want to play with the pretty colors!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I think it does comes into account with some makeup tutorials on youtube. There’s TONS of tutorials on hooded eyes, even by artists who don’t have them. I’ve also seen tutorials for mature eyes, deep set eyes, etc. There seem to be lots of contradictory information, though, so you have to use a lot of trial and error to find what works for your eye shape.

      I’m with you on the “hard and fast” rules. I think you should try everything and wear what makes you feel good!

  8. Jules says:

    Coquelicot does indeed mean poppy! Nicely done – and that nail polish looks amazing on you.

  9. Rachel R. says:

    I love the colors! You know I’m a fan of coral. It’s a great color on you.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, I know you love your corals, Rachel! Try it with red soon. It’s so fun!

      I hope you had a nice day. Mine was crazy busy. I spent most of it behind the camera. Now I’m going to do some cleaning (fun!).

      • Rachel R. says:

        Oh, I’ll definitely try it with red.

        I hope you’re evening has been relaxing at least. My day was fine, thanks.

  10. Lorraine says:

    I love! Loft is my fave, too. I wish the store near me was still open. This red is so nice, and very different from all the many Chanel red lacquers. I thought I would go for Mediterrane or Terrana, but when I finally saw them in person, Coquelicot was the stunner of the collection. Looks SO good on you!

  11. So summery I love it! Also, I’m am in love with the hem of that top!

  12. Holly says:

    Poppies have always have been one of my favorite flowers; that’s a fantastic shade for summer, especially with the coral. I had a good day overall; my nieces behaved beautifully & the sun’s out & I had some lovely wonton soup for a (very) late lunch. Good luck with your cleaning!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Holly,

      The poppies are blooming all over Northern California right now. Ours are more orange than red though.

      Wonton soup sounds delicious! Did you make it yourself or did you and your nieces go out for lunch?

      The cleaning is still moving along. The shelves came in today and now El Hub and I are about to put them together. 🙂

      • Holly says:

        There’s a little Chinese joint in town & the front half is a sports bar but they have the best wonton soup & hot’n’sour soup. I’d love to make my on at home & that may be my fall project, to stock my freezer with various soups. I didn’t take the nieces this time; they had peanut butter sandwiches at home!

        • Karen says:

          I love hot ‘n’ sour soup, especially on a cold day. Would you believe I never tried it until I left for college? In my family we always ordered egg flower soup (my dad is very picky and not an adventurous eater, so we ended up eating what he liked to eat).

          Speaking of soup, I recently made a pea soup that was pretty good! I took pictures of it and will put up a post soon.

          If you have any easy and yummy soup recipes please share them. I’m always looking for good ones. 🙂

          Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  13. Fancie says:

    Me likey! This red looks great on you and the shorts are super cute too. I also would like to see more of the bag. From the peeks I could see, it looks chic and convenient. And the color is beautiful!
    Fancie recently posted … Too Faced Melted Metallic Jelly Lipstick Review

  14. Kim says:

    Super cute color combo! I never think to mix any shade of red with another. Then again, I really only wear shades of black to being with! 🙂 One of my boys is famous for always wearing red/maroon, red/orange, maroon/orange. He insists that they all “match”. Whatever makes you happy, dude. HAHA!

  15. These shorts look really lovely.
    I am still debating whether I will go get more shorts for summer or if I will stop wearing them so much now that I am 36…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Sometimes I am afraid of myself – Sheet masks

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