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Makeup Shopping Update: Amore Pacific, MAC, Estee Lauder and Formula X for Sephora

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amore pacific cusion compact

Because friends always share their beauty finds (to help each other figure out what’s hot and what’s not), here are a few things I picked up last weekend…


Amore Pacific Control Cushion Compact in 208 ($60)
I’ve been dying to try a cushion compact foundation ever since I saw makeup artist and Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes use one to blend concealer. This one even comes with a refill compact, so it’s like getting two foundations for the price of one. I wore it for the first time yesterday, and the coverage was sheer and lightweight and looked natural and absolutely lovely! I picked up shade 208, which is the darkest one available. Sadly, the shade range is very limited (boo), and 208 is a little peachier than I’d like. So I love the coverage, but I’m still on the fence about this particular shade for me… I’m gonna keep wearing it around the house for a couple more days to see how I eventually feel about it.


Estee Lauder Little Black Primer ($24)
A restock. I just can’t live without this lash primer.

MAC Pencil Sharpener ($10)
Totally not exciting at all, but I got this to use with the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, because I can’t seem to find any other non-MAC sharpeners that work well with them.

Formula X for Sephora Nail Color in Blazing ($10.50)
This deep, opalescent burgundy masquerades as a dark purple from some angles. I fell for the color, but I’m not impressed by the wear time. After two days wearing it with a base and top coat, I’m seeing tiny little chips at the tips of my nails. This one’s a possible return…

Have you picked up any new products lately? Any good stuff I should know about?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. JCarbonel says:

    I recently picked up the MAC 135 Flat Powder Brush. I noticed a HUGE difference in my makeup when I started pressing my face powder into my face instead of swirling it everywhere. I don’t look powdery AT ALL. This new mac brush forces me to keep using this technique because I can’t swirl with this flat brush. I’m in loveeee. It was kinda pricey, but i think totally worth it

  2. Agata says:

    I got a new mascara from Maybelline-the Push Up one and a brow gel from Maybelline as I ran out of my ABH Brow Wiz. I also got a new eyeshadow palette from Ulta from revolution Makeup, I can’t wait to see how the shades perform!

    I think i want to try that Estee Lauder primer!
    Agata recently posted … The shades of fall at your fingertips

  3. Jessica says:

    I like that polish color…too bad about the wear time.
    Jessica recently posted … Mad ACEO: Birthday

  4. Nicole says:

    Hi Karen, Thanks for the tip off on that lash primer. I love lash primers! I go back and forth between Dior’s and LancΓ΄me’s. I wasn’t sure on the Lauder one. I’ll have to try it out when it runs dry or I just decide to buy a second :)! Just wondering have you used the Lauder with any of the colored mascaras that are rolling out? I just got sucked into buying the two Tom Ford “tips” mascaras! I like using colored mascaras over the white to help them pop. I usually just apply on my lower lashes not really the tips. Another thing I bought this weekend is Sunday Riley’s Flora oil. Absolutely amazing for us dry skinned peoples! On the Amore Pacific cushion makeup, I tried it a while back and I couldn’t get into it. I think I had the middle shade and it was off for my skin too. BTW, I love, love, love that LP dry shampoo! Thanks for the rec on that so much! πŸ™‚

  5. Kelly says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the estee lauder primer but haven’t gotten the chance to pick it up yet. I should check out the mac pencil sharpeners because the one I have now makes all my lip pencil’s break.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I just ordered the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I used to use the oil-free one back in 2010 – 2011 and I remember liking it, and I definitely need a base with more moisture this time of year, even with more hydrating skincare. Nordie’s was price matching 10% off too!

    I need to go buy a nail polish for my Halloween costume – I’m being a fairy, and my wings are peachy and shimmery, so I’d like something light and shimmery for my nails.

  7. Shannon says:

    I recently picked up the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. The brush on that thing is CRAZY but I think I like it! I have to apply it a little differently than I normally would.. I can’t really do the wiggle-when-applying thing, which is weird; and since the brush has wings on one end of the brush, I have to flip my wrist when applying to my left eye. But I’m getting used to it. The formula was super wet/gloppy when I first started using it, but it’s mellowed out a bit and I think it will hit its sweet spot in a week or so.

  8. Ashleigh says:

    A good cushion compact is next on my foundation hunt. I tried out the samples of the Laneige one in Target (they’re owned by Amore Pacific), and I loved the feel and look of them but they only had four colors, none of which matched me. πŸ™ PS that’s the only time I’ve ever seen foundation samples at Target that you can take home with you and test at your leisure, pretty cool!
    I think I might be able to find a color match in the Lancome line, so I was going to test them out next time I’m at a Sephora.

    My only haul recently was the Bite Beauty remix lip tin! Love it πŸ™‚ I also snagged that Bite Beauty October LE shade 250 point kit, and I think that color is beautiful for fall.

  9. dorit says:

    Karen, I got the Little Black Primer recently and I think I’m missing something. It’s fab for making my mascara waterproof, but it doesn’t do anything else for me! Like, nothing! I can’t even tell that I’m using a primer! (I love the new EL Lip Potions though. Got two recently and they’re fab!)
    dorit recently posted … Holiday Makeup Collections: The lazy girl’s roundup

  10. Jane says:

    So my guys got me a gift card from Ulta for my birthday and I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and the double-ended brush. I then treated myself to Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. I am loving that butter!!! I am also excited about the many cool looks with the eye palette. I just need to hone up on my brush skills. I still need a few more brushes, but I am now an Ulta Rewards card carrier. What a cool store.

  11. Tatiana says:

    Haven’t gotten anything new yet, but was planning on hitting the Tom Ford counter this afternoon. I can’t live without the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer. I love the color of Formula X in Blazing, but I’m with you, it just doesn’t last on me. If I recall correctly, Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book once did a post on making the Formula X colors last.

  12. Same here, I don’t think I ever can or would want to live without the EL Little Black Primer anymore! It is just sooooo good. Haven’t had to replace mine yet, but I will have to soon. Six month rule ‘n all…
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | LUSH Nightwing Shower Jelly, LUSH Yog Nog Soap + LUSH Magic Wand

  13. Kalli says:

    I finally picked up UD’s Matte Revolution lipstick in 1993 yesterday! It’s probably a bit too brown for my skintone but I’m loving it. I’m wearing it today with the smoky eye tutorial you posted about the other day! I have that Naked Smoky palette but I’ve barely used it since I got it and that was a good excuse to bust it out.

    I also recently ordered the Morphe 35O palette. It was about $20 before shipping and it’s all warm orangey and brown tones. Similar to the Lime Crime Venus palette, but without the ethical guilt (too many horror stores re: their site’s security and product ingredient lists). It finally shipped out today, so I’m supposed to have it by Thursday.
    Kalli recently posted … 90s Grunge Inspired

  14. Corinne says:

    Hi Karen!
    Love this post, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s experienced chipped nails with the Formula X polishes. Also, the cushion compact has been on my radar as well! Think I’ll have to give it a go now πŸ™‚

    xx, Corinne

  15. anusha says:

    Hiii karen.. i did a lot of binge shopping for fall. . πŸ™‚ the cute holiday kits looked so irresistible!
    I bought the benefit real sexy mascara for the first time.. i always use the maybelline one but just wanted to try a new one and see what all the raves r about.
    I also got the cute lorac pocket pro palette. .
    And finally the burberry mini beauty was totally an impulse buy.. i bought it to try the brand and for the packaging. . πŸ˜‰ although i can never wear that military red lipstick as nothing more than a stain and the contour powder may not show up on me.. boo hoo!

  16. Trude says:

    I’ve been on a bit of a binge lately – since I started a new training routine I’m holding off on clothes until my weight evens out, so makeup it is! πŸ˜‰ I’m especially loving the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, it does amazing things for my skin, bare faced or under makeup! But it’s not cheap so I’ve been wearing it more on the weekends or whenever I know there’ll be photos taken. I got a deluxe sample of Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day styling treatment and really love it – does great things even if I just let my hair air dry after the gym! I also picked up Stila’s Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Amethyst – love the color, but I’ve gotten better pencils at the drugstore. I got a free Laura Geller sampler with my Ulta order and really love the baked eyeshadow duo, great formula and pigmentation.

  17. I really want to try the Cushion Compact. So many brands are coming out with something similar so I would love to try it to see how I like it!
    A Little Dose of Makeup recently posted … Top Tuesday | My 9 Most Repurchased Products

  18. denise S says:

    I’m going to try the black EL lash primer soon, although I’ve never really liked the white one by EL that much.Since you recommend it so highly I’ll give it a try. At Nordstroms I picked up the Laura Mercier caviar eye pencil set. And recently got the Becca Afterglow cheek palette I ordered from Ulta. I really like both sets because they small sized and I rarely use up any products. Holiday day sets are a good way to sample.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Denise,

      How funny, I’m wearing the BECCA Afterglow palette today. πŸ™‚ I hope that the EL lash primer works out for ya; it’s my holy grail and I love it!

  19. Stephanie says:

    I went a little crazy at Sephora;
    Tatcha Cleansing oil
    Nars primer
    MUFE Smoothing primer
    UD Naked concealer (I love MAC pro-longwear but I hate the packaging, it dispenses way too much and you can’t get the stuff left at the bottom without destroying the bottle. I wish MAC would change the packing)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stephanie! Ooh, did ya get the MUFE Smoothing Primer in the dark gray tube? It’s THE BEST. And I’m with you re: Pro Longwear. It was my fave years but I couldn’t deal with the tube. If you like UD Naked you might also like Sephora’s Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer. Very similar to UD Naked and available in TONS of shades. I’m using it right now and loving it.

      • Stephanie says:

        I used the UD Naked concealer this morning and so far I really like it, I’ll have to grab a tube of Sephora’s Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, the price is right! I LOVE the MUFE Smoothing Primer, this is my third tube of it. I got a deluxe sample of NARS Radiance primer and I like it better than anything else I’ve tried so far. I’m a little scared of the damage I’ll be doing during the Sephora sale this year. I always tell myself it’s only 20%, don’t get carried away. And then I do anyway

        • Karen says:

          I think you’ll like it! I can get full coverage with it and the finish is lovely. Ooh, what’s on your Sephora list?

          • Stephanie says:

            I keep putting things in my Sephora basket and taking them out. I’m thinking of Nars eyeshadow primer (BEST primer I’ve ever used), YSL Touche Eclat pen, Sunday Riley Luna oil and maybe some foundation? So many choices.

  20. MonicaP says:

    I think I’m the only one who doesn’t dig that EL Little Black primer. I just don’t like layering my mascaras I think.

    I do use the EL primer on my lower lashes though .. works great, but I won’t re-purchase.

    MonicaP recently posted … Blissmo Box No. 2 – Snack Attack!

  21. Ruchita says:

    Having the right sharpener makes a difference! I’ve had ones that aren’t sharp enough and just chip away at the wood and don’t really sharpen. I haven’t bought anything new lately, but now I’m curious about the lash primer!

    • Karen says:

      It’s the little things, really! I put off buying the MAC one for long because I figured I could use other brands, but no matter what I use those darn Pro Longwears will not cooperate.

      Hope that the kitties have had a barf-free day. So far so good on this end, although I did find a spot of kitty poop (TABS!!!) on my blanket last night. Ahh, the trials and tribulations of being a CCL. πŸ™‚

      • Ruchita says:

        Yes, luckily it was barf free. πŸ™‚ I was going to ask you if you ever had to deal with cat poop issues. Mingy is usually the culprit in our house. Sometimes I have to wipe his bum and a couple of times, I’ve had to cut away some fur. He hates it with a passion and makes the worst noises! Luckily the girls are pretty tidy. πŸ™‚

        • Karen says:

          Ya know, Tabs never had any poop issues until he officially hit senior kitty status. I think it might be related to his decreased flexibility? Or it could just be straight up laziness. I’m preparing myself for the time when I’ll have to wipe his bum. I know he’s not going to like it but he’ll just have to deal.

          How do you cut his fur?! I can’t believe he stays still enough for that!

          • Ruchita says:

            It’s a two person job! My husband holds him in his arms on his back and I try to hold his tail down and trim as quickly as possible. He hates it so bad and I feel awful, but he get treats afterwards. Mingy just has a big frame and like you mentioned, a flexibility issue. πŸ™‚

  22. Kwmechelle says:

    Does stocking my cart online at Sephora count? I’m only restocking my NARS concealer & my Dr Dennis Gross eye serum. Right now, I’m lemming after a liquid matte lippie from Coloured Raine. Heard of them? They’re an Indie brand that’s all the rave on the ‘tube & social media right now. I realllllllly want Soul. It’s such a non-conventional shade that I “think” I can pull off. I’ve seen a few girls that I follow who are my complexion rocking it & they look fab. I’m also eyeing the Stila liquid lippie set & the Sephora eyeliner set. Both are limited edition just in time for the holidays. Seriously hoping I can get my paws on them πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Yes I have! I haven’t tried them yet. Who do you follow on YouTube?

      • Kwmechelle says:

        Oh, dear. I follow so many until it’s become my prime time. Let’s see. I follow you, theycallme_mo, jackieaina, lizlizlive, vintageortacky, Wayne Goss, beauty by jj, ambrosia malbrough, bellesa Africa, Emily Noel83, c key, my natural sistas, Coloured beautiful, askProy, that Igbo chick, destiny godley, Chary Jay, pixiwoo, makeup geek, iknowlee, beautybylee- whew! Geez, no wonder I have a “slight” makeup addiction πŸ˜‚

        • Karen says:

          I have someone you might like who’s not on your list — Jackie Aina. She used to go by Makeup Game on Point but that’s no longer her handle. She’s beautiful and funny and every time I watch one of her videos I learn something new. Check her out!

          Thanks for your list. Now I have new people to watch, yay!

          • Kwmechelle says:

            Yep, she’s on my list. She can do NO wrong in my book. Her makeup game is so strong & she seems so genuine. She’s how I learned about the cover girl queen collection bronzer. Love that we both watch the same ‘tuber & didn’t even know it. Feel like I learn so much from her πŸ™‚

  23. Kwmechelle says:

    Totes forgot I bought the Lorac Pro Matte palette a few weeks back. I really do like it. The mattes are rich enough to show up on me & since the pallets & shadows are so small, I might actually use the entire thing up!

  24. Erin says:

    I really like Amore Pacific face creams and their enzyme powder exfoliator.
    Erin recently posted … Best Bite Rewind

  25. Jennifer says:

    Two new things in my makeup bag, one that will probably go back, MUFE’s moisturizing primer. When I wear it underneath the Ultra HD Foundation, I feel like I’m one big disco ball of shine.
    And I got Bon Bon lip creme by Too Faced. I love the bright color but it doesn’t have any wear time. I’m re-applying all day.

    I’ve got to try a lash primer
    Jennifer recently posted … Your Guide to Halloween Treats + Tricks

  26. Thebes says:

    Hey Karen! First time poster, long time admirer of your blog!

    I gotta say, cushion compacts are so darn convenient, its really a shame we don’t get them in as many colors as there should be. I really liked the Amore Pacific CC compact but I too found it a bit of a miss match.

    Lancome released a cushion compact a couple of months ago and its quite nice! Not as much coverage as Amore Pacific, but they come in 10 shades in the US! Its very light and moisturizing. I’d rate it over the other one for the shade range alone.

    Recently I stocked up on some skincare, I really have too much makeup! Cultbeauty have Pixi’s new skincare range in stock, so I got the new Mud Cleanser and Glow Pads, which are facial peel pads with 20% glycolic acid in them. I know they’re not available in the US, but I have a feeling they are going to be very popular once they get there!

  27. I recently picked up the Formula X kit including nail primer, base and top coat, and I am pretty excited to see how it works. Agatha loves it if I remember correctly.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … In for a surprise – Garnier Fructis 3 minute hair mask for curly hair

  28. Melissa says:

    Oh no Karen, you’re getting chips in the polish?!?! I’ve totally been recommending this line to people (including you), but I know my sister had a problem with one of her polishes chipping as well. I’m not sure if it’s just certain shades or what. Other colors she’s tried have great wear time, so that might be it. Give it another try with the base and top coat, that might help. Or yes, return it for a different shade…I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it works out for you.

  29. Sissi says:

    The foundation intrigued me but it does not seem to wow you! Too expensive to give a try!
    Sissi recently posted … Makeup Starter Kit – Drugstore & High End ($76 vs $333)

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