New AERIN Waterlily Sun and Iris Meadow Eau de Parfum: File These Two Fragrances Under “BFF Holiday Gift Ideas”

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I like both of these new Eau De Parfums by AERIN because neither one smells like it should have sparkly hot pink glitter floating around inside the bottle or like it would be part of a three-piece set that includes a My Little Pony and a sheet of rainbow stickers.


Iris Meadow and Waterlily Sun do not smell like something Britney Spears might’ve sprayed on the backs of her knees while running around barefoot at a gas station in 2007. (Still lovin’ ya Brit-Brit! Keep on keepin’ on, girl.)

Basically, if you like scents that smell like something someone who totally has her sh*t together and always remembers to change the cat litter would wear (scents that don’t evoke notes of cupcakes or unicorns), give these two new scents a sniff. Both have “best friend holiday gift potential” written all over ’em.


Waterlily Sun has notes of waterlily (well…yeah), Sicilian bergamot, jasmine and musk, while Iris Meadow has notes of Mandarin, blackcurrant, iris, jasmine and cedar. Both are dewy and woodsy and fresh, and $110 for a 50-ml. bottle of Eau de Parfum. Give them a sniff one of these days you pass by an AERIN counter. They’re also available online.

P.S. What do you think about AERIN’s makeup? I think they’re a good brand for subtle pretty… Expensive, though.

New for fall, their Rose Lip Balm ($30), AERIN Weekday Palette ($70), Cool Gel Eyeliner in Essential Black ($28) and Lipgloss Gloss in Weekday ($30), all new, all available now at AERIN counters and online.


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  1. Anastasia says:

    Iris Meadow definitely sounds intriguing, I’ll have to sniff it if I pass by the counter. I haven’t tried any of Aerin makeup yet, heard it’s sort of like EL but for young people. I like EL anyway, their Mad Men LE collection was the bomb!
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  2. Both sound fantastic and just what you need to feel ladylike and sophisticated! I would love to try out Waterlily Sun.
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  3. Kim says:

    I’ve never see Aerin makeup but the collection in your pic looks pretty. 🙂 Iris Meadow sounds delish – I definitely like mandarin and am not usually fond of musk. That said, sometimes things smell completely different than I’d expect!

  4. Both sounds lovely! And I love how fresh the bottles look. Very clean. Breezy. Elegant.
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  5. Alice Ann says:

    So glad you posted on these, I love all of the other Aerin scents (I have a sample set and love each one). I’ll have to swing by Saks and check these out. Her lipsticks are really good, too!

  6. Fancie says:

    Sounds like really lovely scents!
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  7. GlamKitty says:

    Ooh, so glad you reviewed these! Iris Meadow definitely has me intrigued (especially since it’s my fave flower)… 🙂

  8. Chelsea says:

    I’m really curious! I’m looking for a new fragrance and these sound very sophisticated, but I usually don’t end up liking things that sound sophisticated LOL

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