NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss

30 Days of NARS: Misbehave Lip Gloss, Day 12

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NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss

NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss, $26

It’s just so easy to Misbehave…

You know, Misbehave? — one of the 30 recently reformulated Lip Glosses from NARS?


Don’t be surprised if you start feeling a little naughty with this sheer cherry red with golden shimmer on your lips. I mean, that name — it’s just an invitation to start trouble.

Um…not that I’d know anything about that.


Nope. 🙂

You can find Misbehave misbehaving now with its 29 siblings in the NARS Lip Gloss line.

NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss

NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss swatch

NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss lip swatch

The 30 Days of NARS series features a different NARS Lip Gloss every day


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  1. buckycatt says:

    Ooo I’ve been waiting all day to see which color it would be & u did not disappoint!

  2. Vineetha says:

    Pretty shade! Just wish the shimmer was finer though!
    Vineetha recently posted … Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Black Tea & Blackberry Review

  3. Erin says:

    As Mal would say, “I aim to misbehave”
    Erin recently posted … Sephora Trip Part 2: Skincare and Fragrance

  4. Sylirael says:

    This is cute in a ‘ruby slippers for your lips’ kind of way 🙂 I wish it was a bit more opaque, but I’m probably splitting hairs 😛
    Sylirael recently posted … Beauty and the Geek – The Rogue Look in a Makeup Collaboration

  5. Divya says:

    Shimmer Fest coming through!
    Divya recently posted … 7 Days and 7 Pouts

  6. Cindy says:

    That colors is so pretty and sparkly, gorgeous for a deeper color during the day

    Cindy’s Little Black Book

  7. This particular shade didnt applealed to me.. i like red to be matte and pigmented and shimmer free..though u look lovely with this 😀
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Doubts Discussion: Where to buy Hair Curlers

  8. Jen says:

    What is your favorite?

  9. Lena says:

    i did not find any of the previous ones interesting, but this one i can be behind!
    Lena recently posted … Review and Swatches: Kanebo Media Blush OR-1

  10. Cheryl L. says:

    Oh YEAH! I want Misbehave! The only thing is, I have to try it on first, due to my extremely fair skin! I don’t want to look like a trollop! 😉

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