What Makes MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer an Industry Champ?

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Written by Sam

The director wants us to use the rain machine again, but it shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll just pick up an extra tube of that stuff I heard about from Sam.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer

Concealer is one of those products that makeup artists often quarrel over. Do you use it under or over foundation, with or without a corrector, only for dark under-eye circles, or do you use it for blemishes, too? And some people even question whether you need to use it at all, proposing that perhaps some can rely on a fantastic foundation instead.


Every makeup artist has a different opinion when it comes to concealer or a different technique, but one thing most of them agree on is this: MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover is an industry favorite, and tonight we’re going to explore why.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover ConcealerMAKE UP FOR EVER is one of the few professional level cosmetics lines available to the general public, thanks to Sephora and a handful of boutiques in New York and across Europe, and that means that all of us, professionals and enthusiasts alike, can pick up any of their products without presenting an industry card or a list of credentials.

But this isn’t a brand overview (we’ll save that for later). Let’s focus tonight on one of the company’s most beloved products, Full Cover Concealer ($30, available in 12 shades).

Starting with the packaging — gorgeous! Black borders with a see-through section in the middle so you can tell exactly how much product you have left? I like. And it comes in a squeezable plastic tube, which I prefer to other designs because it lets me get every last bit of product out without having to hack into the package. To apply, just unscrew the black cap to reveal the near-needle nose applicator.

Fortunately, the product inside the packaging is just as gorgeous as the packaging itself. Full Cover is silicone-based, and formulated without any oils, so it’s great for all skin types. Since silicone molecules are larger than pores, they don’t gunk up the works. That’s means the product is non-comedogenic, and perfect for acne-prone skin. The silicone also creates a sort of webbing, like a primer, that shouldn’t accentuate flakey patches, which also makes it suitable for dry skin.

There’s absolutely no fragrance to aggravate sensitive skin, either, and I can attest to it being A-OK for my oily and sensitive skin.

Like other silicone-based products, Full Cover doesn’t mind oil at all. I’ve yet to see it rub off, fade, or become mottled on my oil-slicked face. And when my eczema flares up, it works wonders at covering up the redness while not drawing any unwanted attention to the irritated areas.

Again, thanks to a silicone base, it’s also waterproof. Not water–resistant. In this case, we mean water-proof, and I’ve personally tested and seen this used in situations when other concealers ran or smudged. It’s lasted through crying and eye-dabbing with multiple tissues, and stayed put during downpours in which I was soaked from head to toe (including the time I wore pink underwear under my white linen pants…). It’s even retained its opacity after hours of swimming in the ocean, held on during allergy season despite a runny nose and tearing eyes, and stayed in place during and after hours of dancing, singing, and sweating on stage under glaring spotlights.

I think you get the idea, but just in case — this stuff is bangin’ in the longevity department.

MAKEUP UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer

And gee, does it work. Full Cover was designed to cover major skin imperfections with just a single layer. Acne marks? Gone. Port wine stains? Disappeared. Dark under-eye circles? Brightened. Even tattoos can be erased, though they may require a few more layers with a bit of powder in between. And because it hates to budge, it can even be used on the body, making it perfect for covering up that bruise you got on your leg while gardening.


The fully opaque coverage looks to me like real skin, and it only takes a tiny dot, easy to precisely dispense with the needle-tip applicator, to cover both under-eyes. Applied sparingly, it shouldn’t settle into lines or wrinkles, nor crease on even the oiliest eyelids, even after 12 hours of wear.

What many people do take issue with is the price, and that’s a valid point. $30 for a concealer? they’ll say. Some of us balk at spending that much on foundation, let alone something like a concealer of even more limited use.

But, if you’re interested in quality, I think it’s worth it. Imagine not having to reapply or touch-up midday, and then there’s also how little it takes to cover both under-eyes, and the same amount again to cover moderate discoloration on the rest of the face.

I use mine daily for both and still have about a quarter of the tube left after six months. Assuming that you only used it under your eyes, it could probably last at least a year, easily, and you wouldn’t need to change products if your skin became oilier in the summer or drier in the winter. And then if you faced an occasion in which you had to get wet, be it swimming, crying at a wedding, or blinking away watery eyes while skydiving, you’d be all set. Thanks again to the silicone base, it won’t even separate unless exposed to extreme heat, so no worries about it going bad any time soon.

If you’re wrestling over a decision between two popular concealers, let me finish with this: walk (or run) to your nearest MUFE boutique, get yourself shade matched, and never worry about rain, tears, oil, or flakes again.


Written by Sam

Sam is a 17-year-old, oddly tall guy whose love of all things skincare, makeup, and fashion started when he entered the modeling world at 14. Since then, he’s established himself as a freelance makeup artist in the theatre and fashion worlds, and started his own blog to preach the wonders of orange eyeshadow, Asian skincare, and designer fragrances to the masses.


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  1. Amber says:

    This stuff is awesome. I’ve been using it daily for a couple years and am only on my second tube — and I end up using it almost everywhere on days when I am feeling especially uneven. I even mixed it with my sunblock for about a month as an experiment. I bought my current tube right before I went on vacation last summer, as I was sure I was about to run out (I found I really couldn’t see how much was left), but I still got a couple months out of that old tube!

    My only complaint is that toward the end of the day it can accentuate some areas where the pores are larger — but pretty much everything does.
    Amber recently posted … Sephora steals and deals

  2. Kat says:

    So very true. I loooove this concealer. I’ve been using it every single day for the past 8 months and I swear I still have at least another years worth left and I have a lot to conceal! (I laugh…then cry). I have oily, acne prone skin and live right on the coast so the humidity is stupid crazy. The littlest dot does the trick. So the price is so worth it. It’s my forever go-to concealer. 🙂

  3. Courtney E says:

    How do you find the foundation? Is it as good of a product as their concealer?

  4. evo says:

    I need to pick this up. I was talking to a girl @ imats and she was in love with it. I didn’t get this then only because of the long wait @ the MUFE booth

  5. laksh says:

    Very well written, I gotta give this concealer a try next time!
    laksh recently posted … Review: Milani LIQUIF EYE Eyeliner Pencil

  6. Emily says:

    Wow thanks Sam. I have their cream concealer 5 palette, and although the coverage is nice, I find it just OK on my dry skin, maybe I should give this a whirl.

  7. Jess says:

    I’ve tried tons of concealer and this is indeed one of the longest lasting ones! The coverage it provides is also excellent. The only other concealer I prefer is Estee Lauder Double Wear because it goes on smoother and lasts even longer!

  8. Chris25 says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy this, I’m just waiting for my pro discount to kick in.

  9. Amy M. says:

    I wonder if this concealer would keep going through a hot pregame/football game/halftime show (marching band nerd ftw). I’m in need of a concealer than won’t budge during performing in hot, sweaty, and humid conditions…

  10. Inky says:

    it is worth every penny. This was my first MUFE purchase along with Mat Velvet+ foundation a couple of years ago and I bought a second one – I hardly ever repurchase cosmetics!

  11. Shannon D says:

    I think this was the first concealer I actually purchased after testing a few at different counters. I had an MUA at Sephora color match me and applied some to my blemishes. It looked amazing. I elft the store and looked at it again after a few hours and it still looked amazing. So I went back and purchased it a week later after i saw that I hadn’t had a breakout. I love this stuff. It was my first MUFE purchase and is my HG concealer. I don’t even think I need foundation after putting this one. I may add some MAC MSFN, but that’s it. It doesn’t move, it’s waterproof! I use two shades and they blend nicely. This will be a repurchase. I love it!

  12. katrina says:

    I have been using this for about 4 years and love it. I use it during the summer as my foundation since it is waterproof and seems to work well with oily skin too..
    Love the review, Thanks!

  13. vnssa906 says:

    Omg! I have been on the hunt for THE perfect concealer, and I think I may just havr found it!

    Pricey, but I def have to try it out at sephora! *straps on sneakers and runs! Lol

  14. trishaL says:

    You talked me into it 🙂 Sounds great and after trying everything from Clinique to Chanel and Dior I’m hoping this is the one for me!

  15. hema saklani says:

    this was my first MUFE purchase and i absolutely love it. i have this for about two years, and still have half left, worth the money cause you only need a tiny bit. i havnt used it under eyes, but it is fabulous for my malasma patches.

  16. Alison says:

    “that bruise you got on your leg while gardening” HAHA… how about partying 😉

  17. Sheena says:

    I’m not so crazy about my M.A.C concealer, so I will be giving this a try. Its a little pricier, but its all about quality for me!

  18. VictoriaJane says:

    To anyone who is even thinking about getting this – you won’t be disappointed – I am totally cheap when it comes to makeup, love reading about the expensive stuff but could never afford that much on an ongoing basis – but I have really dark spots from healed acne, undereye circles, melasma – & this stuff just wipes my face clean – no marks left! Truly truly amazing stuff. Try it in sephora & see. I figure I’ve easily spent $30 on ineffective concealers before I found this.

  19. nitnot says:

    I have been researching concealers, and popped into MAC, MUFE and a couple other boutiques for a look. I was leaning into MAC studio finish because of the amount and price.

    Then I remember that ALL MAC foundation I’ve ever had the misfortune to try has been awful, and that my favorite foundie is currently MUFE HD (I have no idea why it lasts on me and not you, Sam, while I have about the nastiest oily face in the world and it stays on from 7 AM til clubbing session, and I live in a tropical country). One bottle of MUFE, despite the price, lasts me 6 day week, 2 pumps everyday for 6 months. So I’m gonna bite the bullet and pick up the Full Cover Concealer.

    In other news, does anyone have a recommendation for matte foundation (liquid or compact form) for oily skin?

  20. Ping says:

    I also want to express my love for this concealer. It’s the best concealer I’ve ever used, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve used many, many different brands. XD I have it in shade #4 which is slightly too dark for me, but that is the lightest shade they’ve got in my country. 🙁 However, it blends out really well so the shade doesn’t look too dark on. Guess I’ll try to snag a lighter shade when I travel overseas later this year. ^_^

  21. Elle says:

    I just have to say that I loved that you admitted to wearing pink underwear under white linen pants. Hilarious. I’ll have to check this one out. I’m on a MAC Pro Longwear kick right now and I am happy with it, but this looks pretty sweet too.

  22. Poorva says:

    Hey, just dropped in and saw your review !! We do not have Make up forever in our country yet . I am NW 43.5 , will you be able to suggest a full cover concealer for my color so that i can order it online,I’ll be thankful!

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