Urban Decay Summer 2015: The Eyeshadow Primer Potions Get New Outfits

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urban decay summer 2015

Urban Decay Summer 2015: The Eyeshadow Primer Potions ($20-24)

Shakin’ my head, man, because…repackaging. In theory, I don’t mind it, as long as the product itself, assuming I like it, which I do in this case, doesn’t change, and the new packaging improves upon something or makes the whole experience better, as in NOT harder to use.

What I’m not crazy about is new packaging, when the new package contains less product, especially when the price stays the same, OR actually goes up.


It’s been happening a lot over the past few years, like with the Tarte LipSurgences and Tarte Cheek Stains, or the Benefit Boxed Blushes…and now it’s happening at Urban Decay.

Their newly repackaged Eyeshadow Primer Potion tubes, which are being released with the new Summer 2015 Collection, are slightly smaller than the previous versions (0.33-ounce tubes now, versus what had been 0.37 ounces).

It’s a very, very small difference in size, and the prices remain the same, thankfully — $20 for the Original, Eden, Minor Sin and Enigma Primer Potions, and $24 for the Anti-Aging one — but still.

I’m all for streamlining and lightening one’s load, but seriously, what’s up with that?

Anywho. #rantover πŸ™‚

urban decay eyeshadow primer

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions, $20-24 each

UD’s eyeshadow primers are designed to be worn under powder and cream shadows for more vibrant color and longer wear time, and that hasn’t changed. Neither have the formulas, really, but we do get a new one, Enigma (available now), and a slightly reworked Sin (now called Minor Sin), while the others — Original, Eden and Anti-Aging — are carryovers updated with the new packaging. Original formula dries down invisibly, while Eden, Minor Sin and Greed are shades that can also be worn as shadows or highlighters.

Regarding the packaging, UD kept the squeeze tube but removed the needlepoint applicator, replacing it with a doe-foot bedazzled with a bejeweled cap.

Ooh, fancy…

urban decay eyeshadow primer swatches

From the left: Original, Eden, Minor Sin and Anti-Aging

I like the new doe-foot. I actually prefer it to the old needlepoint because I can cover a lot of space with it on my lids quickly, not that it took a ton of time with the needlepoint tip. I think the doe-foot’s just a little faster. Minor thing though.

Overall, I like UD’s Primer Potions. In the grand scheme of eyeshadow primers, I’d say that they’re smarter than your average bear. When I use them, my shadows last on average about eight hours, depending on the shadows. The colors also stay fresh for most of that time, and are also fairly easy to blend…although not as easy to blend as they are when I wear NARS Pro-Prime… Now that stuff is no joke. I’m planning to go to Sephora to stock up on, like, five tubes with my VIB Rouge Discount.

I do like UD’s primers, but generally they don’t make me want to twirl on a hilltop with my arms out or anything.


One more thing — I’ve noticed that UD’s primers tend to work better for me when I use less. When I use too much, sometimes my shadows will settle into my fine lines about midday through the day, and/or look patchy.

The newly repackaged Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions are available now online and coming to Urban Decay counters April 15.

Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite eyeshadow primer out there? Have you ever tried NARS Pro-Prime?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ashley says:

    Nars pro-prime is the best! You got me hooked on it Karen!

  2. Rachel R. says:

    I haven’t tried the NARS primer. My favorite so far is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I do like the UD Primer Potions, though. I really like Enigma, but I don’t think the doe-foot applicator is necessary. I still end up having to blend it out with my fingers.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      You must! It’s one of those things that will change your makeup life. πŸ™‚

      Happy Thursday to you! What’s the plan for today?

      • Rachel R. says:

        I’ll have to see if I can get a sample of it.

        Happy Thursday. No appointments today. Been catching up on some housework, and going to pick up prescriptions. Not too exciting, but sometimes that’s good. I hope you’re having a nice day.

  3. I actually quite like the current packaging. I don’t need an applicator. And yeah, what’s up with the smaller size, dude? Not cool πŸ™ Luckily the new packaging is not a lot smaller… but still.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Zoya Delight Collection & Zoya Naturel Satins Collection

  4. Maddie says:

    Nars Pro-Prime is my go-to primer (mainly because Urban Decay is unavailable in Japan!) It keeps my eyeshadow on for over 12 hours, I can’t see me trying anything else.

  5. yelena says:

    Thank you for your review and lovely swatches, I have been wanting to get a new primer potion. I’ve only ever tried Eden way back when it just came out…may I make a teeny suggestion (and request)…I think it would be neat to also see the swatches blended out next to each other so we can compare the finishes on all the primers(matte,shimmery,etc) πŸ˜€

    Just a suggestion for your already awesome blog!

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  6. Tiffany says:

    I love the LORAC Behind the Scenes eye primer, I’m on my second tube!

  7. Tatiana says:

    Since I have reddish eye lids, I prefer a primer with a bit of a tint to cancel that out. I sort of like the Laura Mercier one for all the different colors it’s available in. On days when I’m less red the NARS Pro Prime really rocks. Otherwise, I’ve been using Smashbox’s primer lately. I like the UD primers too, but if I accidentally use too much, I find they make my lids too sticky and harder for me to blend my shadows evenly.
    I always hope for days with less red on my lids, because the NARS Pro Prime really rocks. I just wish it had a bit of a tint.

  8. These UD primers are on my wishlist mainly because of their packaging.. I havent tried many but NYX HD primer does a good job for me! πŸ™‚
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  9. Pamela Gard says:

    Have never tried it but would love to.

  10. Pamela Gard says:

    any primer, concealer for Medium to Dark Skin.(combination)

  11. Katherine M says:

    Back several years ago, UD used to have doe foot applicators on their eye primers. I only know this because I’ve been using Sin for that long…and I am not a huge fan of the needlepoint applicator because it’s harder to get the primer out. I like NYX’s HD primer because it’s the 4 dollar version of UD in Original, and has the same type of packaging the original UD primers came in. It also works well, almost as well as UD or NARS Pro Prime. NYX has a shadow base that you really have to prep your lids with a light dusting of powder so that the base will stick. Not as good as the actual HD primer. But glad to see that UD is back to the doe foot applicator when I need more primer πŸ™‚

  12. Majick says:

    I really like Smashbox lid primer too because of the tint. At the moment I’m using anything that makes it into my hand first. LOL HEck, some days I’ve been so harried that I forgot to use it at all – of course in the day BEFORE primers (yes, there was such a time my little sistahs) that you just used your foundation on your lids. I still do this with what’s left on my brush from the CC cream if I’m in a hurry. My shadows seem to stay a long time.

  13. Michelle C. says:

    I’ve been using theBalm’s Put A Lid On It, which is a huge .4 oz and I got on sale for 50% off.

    It’s very similar to the TooFaced primer which I prefer to the Urban Decay formula.

  14. Chelsea says:

    NARS Pro Prime for life! I’ve tried others but nothing works as well.

  15. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Karen! In your opinion, did they change the color of sin much? It’s now called minor sin, and I loved the uber-shimmery sin before. I hadn’t picked it up yet because I’m still trucking through my Too Faced champagne eye shadow primer, but I’ll be bummed if they toned it down. I liked it super metallic, ha!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ashleigh,

      They changed it quite a bit. It’s much sheerer and less sparkly. It probably won’t be blingy enough for you if you like metallics.

      • Ashleigh says:

        Oh no, that’s a bummer to hear. Thanks for the input. I’ll have to run around to see if I can find any leftover stock in my area. πŸ™

        • Karen says:

          You’re welcome. Good luck, I hope you find some backups! Maybe start by calling the stores around your area and then asking for them to put it on hold for you? That way you don’t have to waste the time/gas driving around.

  16. Trude says:

    I’ve started noticing the blending issue with primer potion, after seeing a beauty vlogger mention it. I can’t remember the last time I did my makeup without UD’s primer (except for the time I tried Shadow Insurance instead), so I always thought it was me not being good at blending or something! I’m seriously considering Nars’ because of your reviews, or maybe just going with Mac’s Painterly paint pot?
    Trude recently posted … April Desktop Background

    • Karen says:

      Hi Trude,

      Both NARS Pro Prime and Painterly are great. Painterly can be a little tricky though. You’ll want to buff a very thin layer on the lids, because I’ve noticed that if I apply too much my eyeshadow creases halfway through the day. Also, it’s important to get that layer very even. If there are any spots where there’s more product, then Painterly will grab onto whatever you layer on top and make those spots brighter and more intense. Does that make sense? I’ve actually layered Painterly on top of NARS and it’s great! Kind of hardcore but it’ll last forever and a day, just as long as you get Painterly down nice and even.

  17. GLORIA says:

    Hi Karen! Seems like NARS eye primer is your favorite?? I am definitely going to try it! I like UD’s. I think it helps to keep my eyelid try and shadow stays in place. But I also found it’s not super easy to blend cuz it is so dry. Hmmm, when is Sephora’s sale this year??

    • Karen says:

      Hey Gloria,

      Yes, the NARS one is my fave! I did a post on it a while back. Here it is! NARS Unsung Heroes: Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

      I got a card in the mail for Sephora VIB Rouge, and it says that the sale starts on April 12 and runs until April 21.

      • Gloria says:

        Hi Karen! I just searched, I am VIB so it comes later than VIB Rouge. I hope they still have the stuff I wanted… Am now putting goodies in the cart!!!
        btw, do you remember I asked you if Tom Ford sable smoke would work for me? (NC25) I really like the formula but it made me sick-looking. sad sad.

        • Karen says:

          Hi Gloria,

          Yes, I remember! I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. Did you end up finding another color?

          • Gloria says:

            I was literally there for 30min just trying other color cuz I want to get one for my birthday. I like Spanish Pink and Indian Rose, but my friend like me wearing Casablanca… which is similar to Colin in lips and boys, which I own…. So I didn’t get anything. I think next time I’ll just go without her. hahahaha

            I am searching review about Marc Jacobs Beauty Line, have you done a review before? I could remember. I tried genius gel and like the formula and finish. But very confused with color matching… Wanna hear some thoughts from you.

            I am thinking to get estee lauder double wear, ysl ink blab blah, and marc jacobs. yay~

          • Karen says:

            I love for Spanish Pink. That one’s a beauty!

            Ya know, I haven’t tried much from Marc Jacobs. I just always get distracted by everything else at Sephora. LOL I did try the mascara a while back and liked it. I also tried the Kiss Pops and thought they were OK, although some gals have issues with it going on patchy.

  18. Lisa says:

    I loooove the NARS eyeshadow primer, it’s the best! I only use it on special occasions though, because it costs a pretty penny and I still have 2 Lorac primers from their Unzipped & Pro palettes. Never tried the UD Primer Potion, and probably never will, since it received mixed reviews πŸ™‚

  19. Fancie says:

    I’ve always loved UD’s primer potion and was looking forward to snagging a new tube until I read this. Now I need to try the NARS one lol. Everyone raves about it and swears it’s so much better. Guess that’s another item on my list lol
    Fancie recently posted … On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

  20. Twyla says:

    Hi Karen! Ooo, they put the applicator back! I’m glad that they gave a nod to the old packaging because I really super didn’t like the squeeze tubes for everyday home use (on the go, well, you know, you deal). I haven’t tried Nars Pro-prime but I will have to now! Thanks. πŸ™‚

  21. marlene says:


    I’m reading you from MΓ©xico.

    I’ve tried the UD primers (those samples from naked palette) and Too faced candeligh, I really like it. Today one of my super friend told me that se buy the nars primer, i’m starting to think that i have to buy it too. Thanks for yours reviews.

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