Unsung Makeup Heroes: Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Fantasme

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Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Fantasme ($36)

Party ready in less than 30 seconds! Wearing Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Fantasme ($36)


Why did I just picture Penelope Cruz saying that, like from one of those Nespresso commercials?



Are we really almost at the end of November? I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only a week away, but it reminds me that now is the time for holiday makeup.

There’s Thanksgiving next week, and then a couple get-togethers around Christmas, so I’m trying to think of ways to look dressed up that don’t require a lot of effort, like by using products I can layer on top of whatever other makeup I may have started the day wearing.

Say “happy holidays!” to Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Fantasme. This sheer, glittery white cream wunderkind ($36) makes getting party-ready looks as easy as three pats of a finger.

Well…three or four.

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Fantasme

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Fantasme ($36)

Wait — don’t walk away just because I said glitter! This is Chanel glitter, so it’s classy and refined (think: expensive chandelier), and it’s precisely the kind of glitter I imagine Choupette the cat leaves in her wake when she prances around her mansion. πŸ™‚

Fantasme is one of those deceptively fantastic pieces… It pretends to be boring and nondescript in swatches, but it turns into a concert violinist on lids.

The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite permanent collection products from a variety of bodacious beauty brands.

What I like to do is pat Fantasme in the inner corners of my lids with a finger.

Sure, you could use a brush, but I like using my fingers because it seems to cut down on the fallout…not that there’s very much of it anyway.

I just pat on top of whatever eye makeup I happen to be wearing. Doesn’t matter what colors or kind of look it is, either. Fantasme cranks it up.

Here I’m wearing it on top of teals and blues from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette


Chanel Fantasme Swatch

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Fantasme ($36)

Here I patted Fantasme into the inner half of my lids with a finger

It literally takes less than 30 seconds. Seriously, the quickest party eye look ever.

Fantasme is available now in the Chanel permanent line, dazzling and glowing at Chanel counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    That’s a lot of shimmer but you know I am fine with that, lol! I love holiday makeup!
    Agata recently posted … Wedding Hair and Makeup

  2. Estefania says:

    Love! I recently bought Envol and I tend to use it the same way. Pat it on top of a look to really push it over the edge πŸ™‚

    Btw, I just placed a very exciting Charlotte Tilbury order on Beautylish! Have you tried any of her stuff?

  3. MonicaP says:

    Pretty! Like snow flakes for the lids πŸ˜‰

    MonicaP recently posted … How to dress for cold mornings and warm afternoons

  4. Marisa says:

    Always making everything look so GOOD, Karen!

  5. Fancie says:

    This is so pretty! And that’s a good idea using it with other shadows too. Love it!
    Fancie recently posted … MAC x Giambattista Valli Collection for Summer 2015

  6. Alison M says:

    So beautiful. Very classy-but-I-still-know-how-to-have-fun.
    Alison M recently posted … The Best Tip for Filling Eyebrows

  7. Stephanie says:

    Look at that SHIMMER! And look at that HAIR! You look great, how do I look as fabulous? πŸ˜‰

  8. Rachel R. says:

    Oh, I do love sparklies! That looks gorgeous.

  9. Katherine T. says:

    Wow, your eyes look great! You’re right, from looking at the swatch, it looks kind of scary glittery frosty, but once you layer on top of another shadow, it looks great. I like how it can transform an existing shadow, and the shine looks multi-dimensional

  10. I love cream shadows because they are so easy and convenient!
    But even though the holidays are just around the corner, I am in the market for matte everyday cream shadows. Sadly, they are nowhere to be found.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … One Lovely Blog Award

  11. Kim says:

    It’s beautiful – there’s no doubt about it! πŸ™‚ I know this is holiday but I like how it gives your pic a summery feel. That could also be your tank but, whatevs. HAHA! Oh, and Happy Friday! Did you watch Mockingjay yet? One of our local theaters is doing a marathon with all 3 and the Hubs was like “who would want to sit through that?”. Um, who wouldn’t?! πŸ™‚

  12. What a glamorous eye look, I love it! This would be so pretty for Christmas or NY’s eve!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Wardrobe, Stylist, Ready to Wear & Boho Chic

  13. Erin says:

    Dang, that does up the sparkle game but it doesn’t look like it’s a different product used on top. I agree that this is an amazing NYE look.
    Erin recently posted … Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Pink Ruby Review

  14. Kwmechelle says:

    Beautiful! Gaw, I’d never have thought to do that with this shadow or any other. Now my wheels are turning! Me thinks it’s a stunning look for NYE (or any day of the week if you’re like me πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I love how this type of makeup is an everyday thing for you. Go bold or go home!

      Honestly this is probably the fastest way I know to do a “going out” look. Add a little glitter and it’s all good, right?

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