Unsung Heroes: Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara

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Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara

I have a theory that if by some magical force we were all turned back into babies and allowed to go buck wild in a drugstore, I doubt that very many of us would go goo-goo, gaa-gaa over Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara based solely on its simple, unassuming tube.


I mean, just look at it. That’s some pretty basic packaging right there. No neon to speak of, vibrating brushes, fancy fonts or flashing lights.

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof MascaraBut man! — I gotta say, this $7 workhorse is quite a wonderful drugstore gem.

My reasons for having kept a tube of it in my makeup bag for the past few years (I literally never leave home without it) reads like an awesome laundry list (or an awesome list of awesomeness from Trader Joe’s).

First and foremost, it’s only seven bucks! And it’s carried in probably 5,000 drugstores nationwide.

I think those are two pretty great reasons, but Full ‘N Soft Waterproof also does all of the things I want a mascara to do — adding length and separation to my lashes while holding a curl, so that I look wide awake (even when I’m not).

What about raccoon eyes? you might ask.

Great question, but nope. None of that. Full ‘N Soft doesn’t flake, smudge or run, and one of the things I really like about it is how well it layers.

No bumps or clumps, just smooth, evenly coated lashes, which means I get control over how my lashes look.

When I want them to look natural, like for the beach, I just apply one or two layers for that feathery, separated look. Or when I’m craving something more dramatic, I’ll do three or four.


Either way, I think my results with this mascara are consistently great.

maybelline full n soft mascara waterproof before after

Bare lashes on top, and my lashes with three coats of Full ‘N Soft Waterproof Mascara on the bottom

Oh, yeah — the stuff’s also totally waterproof.

If it could, it would scoff at that freak rainstorm that wasn’t forecasted on the morning news, brush off that extra hour of surfing, and totally dismiss those last few minutes of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, when you may or may not have been tearing up a little at the thought of the series being over for good (um…not that I did that, nope, not at all). 🙂

The Unsung Heroes series, a long-running series here on Makeup and Beauty Blog, features some of my favorite permanent collection products from a variety of brands.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. MJ says:

    Ah! That’s the one I always use. 🙂 Love that stuff. ^^

  2. Ikya says:

    We don’t have this in India yet so I’m still using the Colossal Volume from Maybelline. I really really want this to launch here soon!!! Cause I’m getting bored of the one I’m using now!
    Ikya recently posted … Revlon Love Her Madly Review, NOTD

  3. Chris El says:

    How did I not know about this mascara?? Actually, how have I not tried this mascara considering how much of a Maybelline mascara fan I am?! Great Lash is my go-to mascara, but I will definitely look for this the next time I’m at a drugstore or Target.
    Chris El recently posted … FOTD with Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Plum Pink (+ swatches)

  4. Chris El says:

    How did I not know about this mascara?? Actually, how have I not tried this mascara considering how much of a Maybelline mascara fan I am?! Great Lash is my go-to mascara, but I will definitely look for this the next time I’m at a drugstore or Target.
    Chris El recently posted … FOTD with Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Plum Pink (+ swatches)

  5. Chris El says:

    How have I not tried this mascara considering how much of a Maybelline mascara fan I am?! Great Lash is my go-to mascara, but I will definitely look for this the next time I’m at a drugstore or Target.
    Chris El recently posted … FOTD with Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Plum Pink (+ swatches)

  6. Chris El says:

    I apologize for the triple comment. iPhone is not being cooperative with me right now.

  7. Julie says:

    Yes! This and Lancôme hypnose!

  8. Marla says:

    I have never seen this mascara. Have to take a lookie.

  9. Agata says:

    I have never tried this mascara but Maybelline The Falsies is one of my favorites, it’s a perfect mascara for a dramatic look. Have you tried it? It comes in a waterproof version too.

  10. Bethany says:

    Great mascara! I use it all the time too! Especially love the price tag since I replace my mascara every six weeks.

  11. Brittany k says:

    I have been using this stuff since highschool a million years ago. It’s definitely one of the best drug store mascaras out there.

  12. Jennifer Pham says:

    LOVE! No clumps, ever! And as you said, from natural to dramatic in one tube. What other mascara does that?

  13. CrystalCandy says:

    I only use waterproof mascaras because there is less water in them, so it hold a curl better. Kinda like you wouldn’t spray water on your freshly curled hair! I always go back to L’Oreal Voluminous, but next time I will try Full n Soft.
    CrystalCandy recently posted … Boutiques en ligne : Camera Ready Cosmetics

  14. This looks fabulous! I wish this was available in India!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Weight Loss Diaries Vol.11 : Foods I’ve been loving this week | Why Ghee is good for you

  15. Katherine G says:

    I just bought some Full N’ Soft today (just read this post just now, but have read other posts where you mention Full N’ Soft). It’s not waterproof, since waterproof mascara irritates my contacts, but I’m excited to try it. I look for anything that’s a DiorShow Blackout dupe because I don’t want to plunk down $25 on DiorShow (it used to be $20). I love Rimmel ScandalEyes, and love Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Waterproof. Neutrogena Healthy Volume in Waterproof is also a good waterproof one, doesn’t seem to irritate contacts or eyes like other waterproof mascaras can.

  16. April says:

    It’s my favorite mascara! I haven’t found any other kind that holds a curl like Full and Soft Waterproof.

  17. Your lashes look amazing! I love a good separating mascara. I’ve been loving Maybelline one by one lately.
    Krystle(Baking Beauty) recently posted … Wrry Free Skincare Review

  18. Solangel says:

    Ahh, this one’s an old favorite 😀 I should buy a new tube!

  19. Stef Smith says:

    I bought my first tube of this because Sarah Michelle Gellar did a commercial for it, and I was a BIG “Buffy” fan. BIG! It really does get the job done, no flaking!

  20. Eileen says:

    I’ll have to try that. I’ve never found a mascara I really liked.

  21. Karen, you are a mind reader! My holy grail waterproof mascara was Cover Girl’s Lash Blast, the one in the bright orange container. It adds volumes, length and best of all, holds the curl all day, for over 12 hours. It performs better than Make Up Forever’s waterproof Smokey Lash, at a third of the price! (I still LOVE the regular Smokey Lash as my every day mascara though – so much volume and absolutely no smudging.)

    Unfortunately, since I moved to the UK two months ago, I’ve been having troubles finding the Cover Girl brand so I’ve been playing with new ones like 17 but with only so so results.

    Maybelline is everywhere so I’ll have to give the Full and Soft a try!

  22. Jennifer L says:

    Off-post, off-topic (but still about make-up!), but I just wanted to say: I won your Burberry make-up giveaway a little while ago and I really lucked out! I FINALLY found my perfect concealer! I’ve been searching for years to find the right color and cover that stays on all day… it may be $40, but it’s worth it!

    So I just wanted to say thanks!!!

  23. I love waterproof mascara, and this looks like a great buy at $7! I have a special technique I use when applying mascara that makes them really voluminous without turning cakey and clumpy. I’ll have to pick this one up! I can’t wait to see if this mascara overperforms when I try my fancy method with it.

  24. Ive never come across this mascara in the drugstore -but now I’m eager to go on the hunt for it! Drugstore mascaras aren’t loved as much as they should be

  25. Chelsea says:

    I’ve never actually tried Full n Soft, in regular or waterproof. I’m curious now!

    I just picked up Le Volume de Chanel today… not sure how I feel about it yet.

  26. That is so pretty on you, Karen!!

  27. rena says:

    Karen I am so glad you featured this mascara, this is one of the best mascara ever and Maybelline Falsies is really good as well. No expensive mascara can compete with this, I swear to God

  28. Linnea says:

    I love this mascara, but it’s not available in Canada. It is very strange, because it seems like we have all other available mascaras from Maybelline..
    I bought a tube when I was in the States last, and its amazing, I wish I had picked up a few more!

  29. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love this mascara and I am so sad that it has been discontinued in Canada. For those of you who are in the same boat as me, call Maybelline and tell them you want it back and that it is the best mascara out there!!! If enough of us do this eventually they will listen and bring it back to Canada!!

  30. Mei says:

    I’m so happy to see Full n Soft made it to your Unsung Heroes list!! It is the only mascara I can count on!!!

  31. amanda says:

    hands down my fave mascara. It was always kinda hard to find in Canada, but I hadn’t realized it had been discontinued here – gaahhhhhh!

  32. Hmmm…loving these results! I think you may have directed me to my next drugstore purchase, Karen! Yeah baby! Thanks!

    Your 3 coats pic is quite impressive! I do think you have naturally cool lashes – they look like fake lashes where they are longer in the middle to open the eye!

  33. Nirmala says:

    Late to the party! Found this post when trying to find a source for Full & Soft in Canada, or shipping to Canada. As others mention, it’s discontinued here (booo), and so far I’ve only come across super-expensive resales ($60! For one tube! No thanks!).

    But I will co-sign on your claims! I started using Full & Soft when it first came out, then once it started disappearing from Canadian drugstores I tried many other mascaras (not just Maybelline products). As good as some of those mascara products were, none worked as well for me as F&S. For me it does exactly what it does for you.

    While in the States in July, I picked up a tube because I saw one and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it again. It’s only slightly crustier than I remember, but my lashes still feel relatively soft. More importantly, they look thicker and longer, and can even look like false lashes if I add a couple of coats. An unsung hero for sure.

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